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A broken face. Framed by hair that seemed a dull gray colour. Far to grey for such a young face. Slowly, the child reached out to touch the face, just to see if it was real or not. All the while expecting her hand to slide through nothing. Expecting this to be an image appearing due to excitment or tiredness. A familer image though ... really familer.

Her fingers connected with something solid. The skin felt so soft, even with the blood and dirt covering it. This was real, this person was real. Real and injuired. Still shockingly familer, but that didn't matter right now. She turned her head to shout for Cloud. Or Tifa. But the words never left her lips.

The hand against the face suddenly found itself in a vice like grip. She spun back around, trying to jerk her hand free. The injuired person didn't let go. Instead, the larger hand tightened its grip. A harsh croak tore its way from the lips.


The familer name caused her eyes to widen. Had she heard that somewhere...

And then she noticed the eyes. Eyes she could never mistake. The same eyes as the man who had hurt Tifa. The same eyes as the man who'd changed Denzel. But this face was different. This was a different man. But one... who'd helped. Who'd helped do all those things. And he had her in his grasp. He had her trapped.

Doing the only thing she could think of, she threw her head back and screamed.


She raced through the streets. God that girl chose the most inappropriate times to disappear. And now, when everyone was busy and happy... why now? God Marlene, why now?And also... that girl could really disappear. There was no sign of her dark hair, or or little frame. No sign of the damn girl!

Sighing, she slumped back against a wall, thinking. Where would Marlene go? Why would she just leave like that? She was still thinking of an answer to those questions when Cloud pulled up. She raised her head hopefully, only to be met with somber eyes. He hadn't found her.

She opened her mouth to ask Cloud the questions she'd been thinking of, hoping that he could come up with a better answer, when a terrified scream cut through the air. Her heart nearly stopped.



The man winched at the sound of her scream, his eyes sliding closed. She felt the grip on her hand slacken and she yanked back. The man didn't stop her, merely let his hand fall back onto the ground. Terrified, she scurried backwards, almost under the wheels of a bike.

Screaming again, she whirled around. And instantly her heart slowed down. Cloud and Tifa jumped of the machine. The older women wrapped her in a hug.

Cloud, on the other hand, moved to the body against the wall. Like she had, he reached out to the face. Unlike her, he gripped the chin and pulled the face up, turning it to the left and then to the right.

"How did he survive?" The blonde man hissed. She couldn't provide an answer, so she jumped around the question with on of her own.

"What are we going to do with him?" Tifa raised her head as well, her dark eyes burning into the back of Cloud's head. The man appeared deep in thought, still holding onto the smaller man's face.

"I don't want to hurt a helpless person. Tifa, we have a spare bed don't we?"

Marlene felt her eyes widen and she glanced again at the man. At his broken face. She suddenly realised what Cloud was saying. She couldn't even imagine leaving him out here. She swung her gaze back to Tifa.

And smiled when the older women nodded.

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