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Broken: Chapter seven

When you look at the world as it is, it really becomes scary. When you see people as they really are, when you see their coldness, their lies, it actualy starts to hurt. In that sense, I guess I'm better off not being human ... I'm just a person. I'm just Yazoo!

These people, all crowded around me in this tiny room. They scare me. I'm terrified because I know they're lying, and I don't know what they're going to do. It's ... really scary. Loz used to tell me that it was going to be okay. That no matter what they did, it would be okay, because he was here for me now and he wouldn't let anything bad happen ever again.

Loz. Big, crybaby Loz, who could kill with his bare hands if he really wanted too, but couldn't tell you the answer to something basic like two plus two. ... Come to think of it ... I can't either ... but it's not really the same thing.

It made me feel so safe, that he was here. He promised he would protect me and Kadaj ... and I never wanted anything bad to happen to either him or Kadaj, so when Kadaj told us to 'buy him some time', it was always about protecting the other.

Big Brother doesn't understand that. He doesn't know anything. Like that little brown-haired boy who calls me 'it' and glares. Or that woman, who tells lies on instict, just to calm me down. Like they always did. They don't understand, because they're human and humans lie and hurt and experiment. Humans make things. They make things and then hurt what they make. Humans want to understand, and when they can't, they lash out. They try to control with drugs and lies and hurt.

And they scare me. They made me wrong. They made me wrong and they hated me for it. Loz and Kadaj were made right ... but humans couldn't control them, couldn't understand them, so they hurt them. Loz still told me it was alright. Loz said he'd protect me. Kadaj told me it was okay. Kadaj made plans. They protected me from the lies and the hurts and they got me away from the experiments.

And big brother killed them. He brought me back to them ... and they all still lie.


Tifa looked up from the pot she was cooking at. The clone ... Yazoo ... had drawn his knees up under his chin and was sitting as silent and cold as a marble statue. The whirling, shrieking devil was gone, as was the the terrified ... child ... of just a few moments ago.

She was looking at the cold, strangely and strikingly beautiful being that Cloud had discribed when they had fought.

And yet, she could still feel that something was wrong. Terror doesn't abate as fast as that.


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