Before reading, it should probably be specified that this is a mix-up between timelines; though they're technically living in feudal Japan, they still have modern technology. Kind of makes things more interesting, to say the least :) Anyway, everyone knows that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru don't get along. But what if interference from their dad can change that? (And yes, of course in reality, Inutaisho is dead, but his presence is vital to this story). With all of that said, read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the show's characters.

Final Straw

"Inuyasha, what the hell are you doing? You wave the Tetsusaiga around like a Neanderthal. It is obvious that you do not deserve to wield such a weapon."

Inuyasha snorted at his brother. "Like you can use it? Tetsusaiga can only be used by those who have human blood in them, which, may I remind you dear brother, you don't have!"

Sesshomaru's patience with him snapped and he lunged towards Inuyasha, hand ready with his poison claws. At that precise moment though, their father stepped in between them. Inutaisho held up his hands and a small energy wave pushed Sesshomaru back twenty feet.

"Father, this is between me and Inuyasha," he snarled.

His father raised an eyebrow at him as if to say, "Oh, really?" but turned his back on him and headed back inside the palace, motioning over his shoulder for them to follow. Inuyasha fell into step beside him, and only out of respect did Sesshomaru go too, keeping a few paces behind them.

Later that night, as everyone was getting ready for bed, Inutaisho heard his sons arguing again.

"Sesshomaru, you don't need a whole tube of toothpaste!"

"Have you ever wondered how my teeth stay so white? It's important that I keep my mouth sparkling at all times for the ladies."

He heard Inuyasha growl in frustration. "Who gives a damn about them?"

"I give a damn about them. Of course you wouldn't know what it's like to be a celebrity. I mean, who wants a half-breed?"

"Kagome, that's who!"

Sesshomaru snorted. "Like she's somebody."

Their bickering went on for a while longer. Inutaisho turned away from the base of the staircase where he'd been listening. Tomorrow, they're going to get a rude awakening.

Sesshomaru woke up very early the next morning, intending to go force one of the cooks to give him an extra breakfast before he started his training. Being the son of the Lord of the West had its advantages; they couldn't tell him no to anything.

He slipped his feet over the side of the bed and instead of them hitting the floor, his entire weight was thrown forward and he fell to the ground. Hm, guess I'm not so graceful this morning. He went to go check himself in the mirror on his dresser, but found that it had decided to grow over night.

Must still be in a dream; dressers don't grow. Stifling a yawn, he headed back to his bed, but it too seemed to have grown. "What the hell is going on?" he wondered out loud to himself, but suddenly clapped a hand over his mouth. Whose voice was that, sounding so childish? He rushed back to his dresser, and after pushing a chair from his desk over, he climbed up and examined himself.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" he screamed, losing all the composure he once had. He now looked about six in human years. "Oh my Kami, oh my Kami, oh my Kami!" He panted, fanning his hands in front of him really fast. "What the hell's happened?"

At that moment, he heard another scream coming from Inuyasha's room, but before he could get to his door to go see what had happened, he came bursting into the room, completely in tears and looking like a four year old. "Se-sess-sesshomaru! I'm little!" he cried. He ran over to his brother, hopping up on the chair and hugging him, tears and snot smearing on his kimono.

Sesshomaru pulled back and examined his brother. Inuyasha's ears seemed a little too big for his head and were flat against his head, eyes wide and soulful, making him look like he'd lost his best friend. Now he really does looks like a dog, he thought.

"Okay Inuyasha, we have to get control of ourselves." The childish voice that came from him didn't sound convincing or controlled. He hopped off the chair and headed to the stairs. If anyone can tell us what's happened, it's Father. He got to the stairs and stopped. Each step seemed like a million miles down. He gulped. Oh no! My old childhood fear has returned! I never was able to get down the stairs. But yet, I always ended up at the bottom. How?

He took a cautious step forward, putting a foot down on the step in front of him, and smiled to himself when he was fully on the step, unharmed. Well, that was easy. Now, just to do it a few more times and—

He took another step and instead stepped on his tail, causing him to fall the rest of the way down. "Ow...ouch...ompf...that's gonna leave a mark...damn that hurt..." He landed on the bottom of the staircase, rolling and hitting a table in the hall way. His weight caused a vase on the table to fall over. "Nooooooo!" Sesshomaru screamed.

Everything seemed to slow down into a frame by frame motion. The vase wobbled. It tipped over. It rolled off the table. Sesshomaru screamed again, more high pitched this time. He dived for the lamp. He felt a tug on his tail. The lamp misses his fingers by mere centimeters. Then... CRASH!

"Ooooh! Father's gonna get you for breaking that vase!" Sesshomaru got off the floor to be met by a grinning Inuyasha. "Let's see how he reacts when he sees what his 'perfect' son's done. Daaaaaad!"

The other's eyes opened wide with fear. "No, Inuyasha, don't tell on me!"

"Why shouldn't I? You never missed a chance to tell on me!"

Sesshomaru tried to think of a time that he'd told on Inuyasha. A thousand cases came to his mind. Okay, new approach. When have I not told on him? He knew without really trying that there weren't any. Inuyasha was right, he'd always told on him at the first sign of a chance to see him get in trouble.

Inutaisho came walking at a leisurely pace, talking on a cell phone. "Yeah Bill, tell them I want a reservation at the Olive Garden. No, I don't want bread sticks, I'll order when I get there! Yes, fine, I'll take the soup and salad deal, damn! No I don't want my main meal being shrimp fettuccini; I'm allergic to shell fish." He noticed a pulling on his pants leg and looked down to see a very excited Inuyasha.

"Yeah, hold on a moment Bill." He put his hand over the mouth piece. "Well, it worked! How are you two feeling?" Inutaisho asked them.

"How the hell do you think we feel? I went to bed as a twenty year-old and woke up as a six!" Sesshomaru spat.

His father stared at him a moment, and then said, "Sesshomaru, your speech is a little grown for your age. I think you need a time out."

Inuyasha's eyes opened even wider, if possible, to the hopefulness of finally seeing Sesshomaru in trouble. "Oh, and dad, he also broke that vase right there. See?" He pointed to the vase. "He did that!"

Inutaisho looked at the broken vase and sighed before simply saying, "Inuyasha, quit being a snitch." He turned back down the hall, talking once again on his cell phone. Inuyasha's ears dropped against his head again, and watched degradingly as a smirking Sesshomaru strutted past with an "I never get in trouble" smile on his face.

But Father had said he had to do time out. How come he just forgot about that so easily? He gave up on trying to solve the impossible mystery and followed Sesshomaru to the kitchen for breakfast.