Secret Love

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Years past since the battle ended with the goblin nations. And the Guardians of Night were finally vanquished. I finally was accepted as a Freeglader after the years of being alone. Magda and myself had grown fond of each other and shared many a night under the stars. But still I felt something was missing. That's until I finally saw Rook again.

I walked along the lakes shore, my matt of brown hair blowing in the wind. I wasn't looking down. I didn't need to anymore since I was pardoned of all my accusations and without thought I tripped. I fell to my knees and heard a loud moan. I looked and gave a smile.

"Rook Barkwater!" I exclaimed.

The young teen looked up and smiled. "Why if it isn't Xanth Falintine. Long time no see."

We embraced each other in a hug and I blushed a deep red. His body felt warm against mine and he smelled of roasted woodalmonds and fire smoke. What was this feeling? It couldn't be love. Rook wouldn't lean that way. We broke apart and smiled at each other. I finally got a good look at him. He had grown so much and had built up a bit as well. The colour soon drained from my face as I looked at myself. Still the thin, pale teen I was before and always will be.

"Xanth what's wrong? You look like you've seen a muglump," Rook said and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Nothing Rook." I gave a smile and stood up. I held my hand out to help Rook and he grasped it. I then pulled him to his feet. He was a bit shorter then I was. We stared into each other's eyes in silence. Then…

"ROOK! OH ROOK!" Someone called.

We turn to see Magda running towards us. Rook grinned and ran to greet her and I followed slowly behind. I watched them embrace and saw Magda give Rook a peck on the cheek. I gave a silent sigh and kept silent.

"How have you been?" Magda asked.

"I can't complain. What about you?" He said.

"I'm good thanks." Magda smiled and took my hand and we began to walk to New Undertown.

I stayed silent as Rook told us stories from the Freeglade Lancers. We opened the doors to the new Bloodoak Tavern. The noised soon dimmed and everyone's attention was on us. There was a wave of cheers and everyone came up to greet Rook. He smiled and noticed Tem in the corner. He made his way through the crowd and smiled at the old skypirate. I kept my eyes on him. Both of them embraced and sat down. They began to talk and I watched his lips. My tunic began to get tight and I couldn't breath well. My body began to heat up.

"You okay?" Magda asked.

"Yeah. Just a bit hot let's go outside."

Magda nodded and we made our way out. Right then I knew something…I loved Rook. But, I knew it could never be. My love for him would have to be buried deep within me.


AN: This is my first slash fic. I hope you all like it.