Title: Innocence Lost

Characters: Iori

Word count: 297

Written for digimondrabbles contest, "Lost"


Innocent (adj.) –

Innocence, Iori has always been told, is the one thing you cannot gain back once you've lost it.


1. Not experienced or worldly; naive.

Iori is one of those poor little boys who have been prematurely forced to realize that life isn't fair, won't ever be fair. His father is dead, and he won't ever come back. Later, he will look back on this and think: Well maybe you can't get innocence back once you've lost it, but you can't get life back either.


2. Uncorrupted by evil, malice, or wrongdoing; sinless.

Killing is something Iori never thought he would do. Kendo is fighting, but not hurting – it's fake, fake, and the real feeling of murder is something he won't ever be able to erase, scrub away, not ever. His wrongdoing, his evil, his sin has sunk into him, under his skin, and he's almost positive he reeks of it.


3. Not apparently harmful; benign.

The worst thing is the fact that Iori feels something of a weapon. He is here to give Armadimon the power to evolve, to save the Digital World, to beat (harm, eliminate, kill) the bad guys. He wants to think of it as simple and straight forward, but one of the (many) things the Digital World has taken from him is his black-and-white view of the world.


4. Lacking, deprived, or devoid of something.

Iori wishes he'd never murdered, wishes he could have his father back, wishes he didn't know just how bad the world can be.

However, he can't possibly wish away Armadimon, his relationships with the other Chosen, the love he's received. In that sense, the Digital World has made him rich.


Losing his innocence isn't the worst thing that's ever happened to him.