Chapter Six--This is It

Fujin plopped the pizza and stared at it for several long minutes before looking up and noticing Selphie watching her with red cheeks. It was then she abandoned the pizza for Selphie's lips, kissing the girl into breathless oblivion. It wasn't very clear to Fujin how one persons lips could taste so sweet or be so soft but she soon forgot about that as Selphie's small moan settled in the pit of her stomach, making something inside her quake with desire. Pulling away from the brunette, Fujin let her lips trail down the pale neck, loving the mewls that left the shorter girls throat. Somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered what kinds of sounds the girl would make if she went a little farther.

Pale hands carefully lifted Selphie's shirt over her head and Fujin was slightly surprised to find no nervousness in her green eyes, only lust and want. Smiling, she leaned forward, capturing those impossibly sweet lips once again as Selphie bolstered her own bravery, her smalls fingers tugging at the buttons on Fujin's shirt. It wasn't long before Fujin felt the cool air of the room hit her skin, making her shiver as Selphie's hands slid up her back and to the clasp on her bra. A startled gasp was heard as the garment was undone and lips found the supple flesh, licking and sucking experimentally, the brunette enjoying Fujin's pleased sighs and moans. Selphie had always been mesmeized by Fujin's alabaster skin; it always looked so perfectly smooth and flawless and now, with her upclose view of Fujin's toned stomach and ample breasts, she found it was as flawless as she'd once believed. However, her lips had no time for such musings as they took a pink, pert nipple, Selphie's teasing tongue flicking the nub quickly, then swirling around it slowly, making Fujin hiss and arch off the floor.

The brunette teased the other breast in much the same fashion but then her lips began a trail down Fujin tummy and the silverette stopped her, pushing on to her back and covering the smaller body with her own, kissing the girl fiercly, grinding into her with enough force and passion to make the girl see stars as her core began to ache and pulse. And quite suddenly, Selphie found herself free of her skirt and her underwear tossed aside without regard as Fujin begun a downward decent. Ruby orbs meet green as she traveled ever farther down and Selphie bit her lip, trembling with anticipation. She was quite unprepared, however, for those cool fingers on her clit or the way Fujin rubbed it in knowing circles, making the SeeD buck her hips forward, eager for more. Spreading her legs, Selphie pleaded with her body; each thrust of her hips begging Fujin to slip those teasing fingers into her damp core and give her some relief. Fujin however, had other ideas.

Warm lips replaced cool fingers on Selphie's tortured clit and Fujin's tongue did the teasing as a solitary finger ventured inside the hot, tight depths of Selphie's body. Heat enveloped the tan girl and she bit her lip to keep from moaning in delight. Hyne...just..a little...

"More..." Selphie breathed, once againe thrusting against Fujin's mouth and hands, eager for those lips and fingers to continue their work. Fujin was more than happy to comply as she inserted another finger into Selphie, thrusing deep and slow, her tongue still tracing circles around the pink clit. But soon, Fujin grew curious and despite the needy mewls of displeasure that left the brunettes lips when she withdrew the fingers, Fujin lowered her head even further between those supple thighs, letting her tongue replace her fingers. Selphie screamed. This was an acceptable response and Fujin continued licking and thrusting her tongue into that deliciously vocal girls completely soaked core, eagerly lapping up all the liquid that stained her thighs.

"F-fujin...I..." Selphie's words were cut off by a moan as Fujin very suddenly thrust three fingers back into the girl, creating starbursts behind those closed eyes as Selphie's back arched, putting her breasts into perfect sucking range of Fujin's lips.

"Nnn p-please..Fu-fuj...fuck..." Fujin had never heard the girl cuss before and she rather liked the way the dirty words fell from those pouting lips and the way Selphie's body screamed for more even as Fujin sank her fingers in farther and harder. However, the woman was not prepared for Selphie's own fingers to find her wet, aching entrance nor was she prepared for the way her core clamped down around the appendages as if holding on for dear life.

"S-selphie..." Fujin was surprised to find her voice so hoarse and needy. Selphie manuevered the girl's hips around over her face and she eagerly began reciprocating the actions Fujin had performed early, her fingers and tongue deftly exploring and filling Fujin in delightfully sinful ways. Soon their moans mingled together until they couldn't tell who had made what sound, and the wet sounds of fingers sliding in and out of tight, wet core's added a chorus of passion and lust into the room, wrapping the two away in their own little world before ripping them away from it as they hurtled over the edge of orgasm, eaching panting and moaning as they collapsed ontop of each other, satisfied and yet still hungry from more as they kissed, tasting each other on their lips.

What a night this had turned out to be.

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