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Summer Season

Naraku sat entranced, gazing at his own reflection in the water, practicing different poses, trying to decide on his best angle. "Oh man, I'm sexy…"

Suddenly Byakuya flew in on one of his gawdy origami cranes, totally harshing Naraku's vibe. "Master, I've got that report you wanted on the new summer season."

"Very well."

"Kagome's got this green skirt thing going on, kinda rockin' it old school, but she makes it work. It's young, it's hip, it screams I can save the world but I'm gonna look good while I do it.

"Inuyasha's look, however, is a mess. A monochromatic bright red haori? Where's the subtlety? Where's the ambience? I mean, the dude needs to take a risk and mix it up every once in a while. Get some prints or something.

"And I like Sesshomaru's style, I really do, but he sends the wrong message with the spiked armor. You want your clothes to be inviting, not something that tells people to back off."

Naraku agreed. "Issues."

"As for the others, you have nothing to worry about. Sango wears a tacky bodysuit, Miroku seems to think that man-dress of his is cool, and Shippo? I've seen horses that were outfitted better."

Naraku smiled. "Excellent."

"Oh, and if I may say so, sir—absolutely LOVE the return to your classic baboon pelt look. It brings out your collarbone nicely."

Naraku had to agree. "I dug it out of my closet as soon as I heard white was the new black."