Long Ago

The Tale Of A Dead Mother

Inspired completely by a fanfic entitled "Thoughts On A Forbidden Romance" by Lady Nephenee Ranulf. I must give this writer credit. Just from reading this story it has given me the inspiration to write this fanfic. I don't own Tales Of Symphonia or its characters, just wanted to write something about them. SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE GAME DO NOT READ THIS FANFIC! Finish the game first and be a good little fan. SPECIAL THANKS TO LADY NEPHENEE RANULF, TAKAMINEROCKS, KRATOS WILDER, Lyra the Sorceress of Scholars, Scaff, Sunfrost, Vincent's Angel of Chaos, Tabatha is Martel, Fehize, WindRyu Hyroko, Servant of Mother Earth, Sapphire-luna232, kopakanuvafan20, RedDiamondWarrior, Lloyd-forever, 5, kaiaurion, burnstar, Alaia Skyhawk, Kranna 25, -SnapAshandarei-, Twilight Ilia, SilverFinDragon, Sarinna, Brendan Aurabolt CBK, andy, Hiddenwaveprincess, Rydia Asuka, Ashyx, eyes of the infinite galaxy, Arisu TsuranuGoddess of LunarHigh Priest of DuckyShining Peridot Moon, KratosManiac, silverstar's shadow, killerbunbun, kitty-katz-katz, crazyboutToS, crystalwolfberri, kratos fangirl, koyuki-san, dragonflies87, zelda aurion, crazyboutToS, CatMuto, Elenturi AND CLEARHEART FOR REVIEWING!

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I actually finished it! It took since 2006, and I had a hiatus for a little while...but look! I finished it!

Chapter 30—End

There was long silence as Noishe kept his trotting speed steady, Lloyd looking straight ahead sleepily on Noishe's shoulders as Anna kept her head down, watching the ground go by them quickly. She rubbed her nose and eyes free of tears, before they were replaced by more, the constant stream kept coming from her body like blood from an open wound. The moon was high, the cold light coming from it making it easy to see within the thick forest ahead, the light thundering of Noishe's paws sounding like a heart beat on the ground as still they pulled themselves away, farther, and farther, and farther.

The ground, the rocks, the trees even vibrated abruptly around them suddenly, making Noishe stop and hesitate going anywhere. Anna's head jerked up and turned around towards the path they had come from, the vibration traveling from there like a ripple in water. Was it an explosion? A rock slide? Noishe's ears and head turned as well, listening intently as they stood frozen, nearly half way to Iselia in the dark woods but unable to bring themselves any further. Another vibration was coming, they could see it making the trees along the mountain side shake terribly as it traveled and rippled under and by them again, but this time, it was followed with an abnormal, eerie roaring and the scent of hard smoke.

"Fire...Kratos..." Anna mumbled to herself, looking down at Lloyd who had leaned forward and fallen asleep on Noishe's neck. She gathered him up in her arms before jumping off of Noishe and rocking him slightly. "Noishe, stay here. If the fire comes closer, run for the creek and stay there until I get back."

Noishe barked at her angrily, knowing what she was thinking and objecting.

"Listen to me, Kratos told you to," Anna growled at him in an ordering manner, "Keep Lloyd safe, and keep moving if you have to. I will do my best to find you."

Anna gently picked her son up closer to her head, kissing his forehead lightly to keep from waking him. She pulled a rolled up blanket from her pack and made a sort of pouch for him, looking for a place he and Noishe could hide for the time being and setting him within a thicker area of foliage.

"I love you, Lloyd," she whispered to the sleeping child as Noishe curled around him, sighing heavily as her eyes lined with tears yet again, would they ever stop after today?

She swallowed, trying to realize what she was doing, before there was a loud and agonizing scream echoing along the mountain's edges. She darted off back the way they had come, running fast through the woods to try and get back to the valley before it was too late. Noishe whined terribly, setting his giant head over Lloyd protectively, his eyes and ears poised for any movement.

The smoke scent became stronger quickly as Anna ran forward, there was no time to stop, no time to think any longer. Kratos may have been an angel, but he still could be killed, he still could easily die from this whole mess. They had both known from the very instant Kratos had decided to save Anna from the human ranch, Kvar, even perhaps Kratos' master would come after them. Unrelenting, angry and willing to kill Kratos in order to get to that stupid parasite on her hand. That thing wasn't power, that thing wasn't worth a life, and yet countless had been sacrificed to make these things.

She stopped as the smoke became even stronger, making her cough loudly as the crackling noises of a burning forest entered her ears, roaring at her. She hadn't thought about that...how was she going to get through the wall of fire? She peered through the thicket and saw the blaze a few yards off, but the smoke thickened and the growling fire was moving. She moved low, trying to stay under the plants as the smoke more passed over them or rose.

That was when another loud vibration under her feet shook the valley ever harder than before, knocking a few of the larger trees over close to Anna's position. She shut her eyes, hoping that she wouldn't be crushed by the falling branches, when all grew calm again. Anna opened her eyes, and with the falling of the large trees atop some of the fire, places and patches had been put out, suffocated by trees and leaves. Anna darted forward again through the still hot forest, staying as low as she could.

Once she had gotten through the wall of fire, there was a loud rumble but not from below, from above. Anna looked up and saw the dark clouds festering and teeming with electricity, a light few drops hitting her face gently. She took in a breath, pursing her mouth tightly before jumping and darting through the charred ground and cinders, her legs burning with fatigue but she pushed her body forward still.

Kratos had thought he had gotten the upper hand, taking down nearly half of the soldiers with the help of the monster, but these soldiers were far more formidable than those he had fought before. He saw the soldiers get hold of the monster's head and yank him to the ground, but he had to turn back to keep himself from being stabbed in the stomach.

Kvar's face was snake-like, grinning widely as his eyes narrowed at the scene, before he had decided that it was his turn to take his enemy. An intricate circle of light began to form around him, glowing purple under his feet as he spun his staff in the air. The echo of lightning and thunder hurried above them.

Kratos swung heavily and made a clean cut into a soldier's neck, kicking him off of his sword before he realized that the soldiers had stepped back a considerable distance.

His body suddenly erupted in electricity, sizzling and making him scream painfully as loud as he could, his arms and legs jerking as his feet left the ground.

Kratos fell hard to the ground, Kvar not even lifting a finger as Kratos was swarmed with more soldiers than he could handle, those who had lived and gotten the upper hand over Kratos and the monster. Breathing heavily and bleeding from the mouth, Kratos tried to stand up again, his vision blurring terribly as he saw boots around him. He coughed heavily, looking behind him and witnessing the giant body of the monster, down in a grimacing position and still as rain began to trickle around them.

One of the pair of boots pushed Kratos over onto his back, Kratos making a low, painful moaning noise as his clothes had been cut up from swords and spears.

"Pitiful, Kratos," Kvar said like it was a bitter taste in his mouth. "Positively disappointing...or just extremely sad...Here you are, flat on your back after a little battle? You've been out of the world too long Kratos...become so very weak..."

Kvar signaled to one of the Desians and a hard kick impacted Kratos' side, making him roll over and curl in pain. Kvar laughed through his nose at him, watching like a viper as its venom began to set in.

"Now, where is she?" Kvar asked in a relatively normal tone. Kratos stayed silent, spitting out blood from his mouth as he tried to lift himself back up. "I KNOW she's here, Kratos...if you won't tell me I will FIND her myself..."

"Go to hell..." Kratos muttered. Another swift kick in the gut had Kratos lying on his stomach, coughing in pain.

"I know you know I can't kill you, Kratos," Kvar stated calmly, adjusting the gloves on his hands. "That will be our great lord's job when I bring you to him. But that doesn't mean I can't beat you to within an inch of your precious life!"

"Go ahead," Kratos stated in a groaning voice. "I do not care if you do, you will NEVER hurt Anna..."

"Kratos, I'm surprised at you," Kvar said in a cheery manner. "You are beginning to sound...human. Now that can't be right...you are a Seraph, you've just forgotten what you really are."

"No, I finally remembered who I used to be," Kratos grumbled as he stood on one knee. "You cannot take that away from me."

Kratos stared into the eyes of Kvar, ever defiant, and Kvar's face reddened in anger, his hand shaking in rage around his staff. Another strike of purple lightening came from the sky and exploded over Kratos, sending him flying and landing hard on the un-even ground.

Kvar's breathing was angry and labored, restraining himself from killing Kratos right then and there. He knew if he had, he would pay with his own head and he was too close to his project's end now, she was here, he could sense it.

Kratos moaned as he tried to stay aware and awake, his body beginning to feel numb from the shocks, beginning to feel sluggish and painful everywhere. That was when he heard something, one of the soldiers yelling, screaming, then a flurry of voices yelling. Kratos' ears pounded, ringing, trying to decipher anything as he rolled over to look over his shoulder.

Desian soldiers had fallen, slashed as Kvar's attention turned towards the new fighting.

Anna moved quickly with two swords, slashing and darting through the soldiers like they were easy play. Kvar laughed crazily, his prize had come to him.

"Oh how good it is to see you, AO12!" he called out to her as she pierced the flesh of the last Desian soldier with both swords, pulling them free and watching Kvar with dark, determined eyes. She moved around him, pacing like a wild animal, twisting the hilts of the swords in her hands. "I am SO glad you joined us! That crystal must be done now, wouldn't you say Kratos?"

"Anna...rr...ruuhn..." Kratos said as he shook his way to his feet, using his sword as a crutch.

"Wiser words were never spoken," Kvar said in a quiet voice, Anna staring him down.

"I'm not running anymore," Anna growled at Kvar, pacing back and forth in front of him. "I'm sick and tired of running from a spineless wretch like you..."

The purple circle appeared around Kvar, casting his lightening spell again but as the strike bared down on Anna, she was gone from the spot and running towards him at a blurred speed. Anna raised one sword and swung down at Kvar with all her power! His staff just catching the sword from cutting into his shoulder.

How had she become so strong? So skilled?

Anna jabbed at him with the other sword, he sliding but getting a strike along his side as he shoved her from him and twisted his staff around to swing at her. Anna blocked it easily with one of the Desian blades, jabbing once again under his staff towards his stomach. He slid from it, arching his other injured side painfully and crying out as he took another twisted swing at Anna, nearly hitting her in the face. Darting back she swung and hit his staff up with a clang, swinging her body around and slashing at his mid-drift. Kvar's staff caught the blades again, Anna pushing with everything she could as Kvar did the same.

"Kratos, get up!" Anna yelled out loudly!

"Y-your precious Seraph has grown weak—all because of you," Kvar strained as his arms shook violently. "Maybe I should just—put—him—down-"

Around them both the purple spell circle emerged, glowing in power. Anna's eyes grew large in the stale mate, looking behind her to Kratos.

Kratos shook his head at her, pleading with her not to do it. He could die, she could run, she would be safer without him.

The bolt emerged from the clouds above, sizzling with energy just above Kratos.

Anna let go of the swords, running and tackling him down as the bolt hit her in the back, the electricity traveling through them both but Anna taking most of the impact.

Everything was silent then, Kratos could feel her breathing against him, grasping her as he tried to sit up.

She slipped out of his grip, Kvar dragging her by her ankle along the ground from him. He grabbed his staff, circling her as she tried to regain her breathing. Kvar's boot landed heavily on her wrist, looking down at her with his snake grin before he jammed his staff into the skin under the crystal, working it out of her hand, Anna screaming out in pain.

Kratos yelled painfully, but it was too late.

Kvar picked up the crystal triumphantly, laughing loudly as he shook it in his hand, covered in Anna's blood.

"It—Is—MINE!" Kvar yelled out loudly. Anna's eyes leaked tears of pain, but her anger grew. She stood up onto her knees, Kvar turning slowly towards her. Anna felt it, pain throughout her body like something was splitting her from the inside out.

"I think I shall stay to watch you turn..." Kvar said pleasantly to her.

With everything she had she grabbed the crystal from his hand and threw it, farther and farther away it flew into the air, into the fire, the forest. Kvar looked dumb-founded, watching his chance disappear from his grip once again.

Kratos stood up and ran for him, swinging his arm around and hitting Kvar square in the chest, sending him reeling backwards into the dirt.

Kratos fell to his knees in front of her, holding her arms and shoulders to try to make her stop shaking.

"Kr-Kratos..." she stuttered, leaning her forehead against his as her face looked pained, she was fighting back as her soul was ripped a part inside her, trying to keep from loosing control. "D-don't let me—turn into a monster—"

Her teeth clenched together as she drew in a breath through them. Kratos shook his head, tears staining his dirty face.

"Kratos—listen to me—" She growled at him through her teeth. "Do not—let me turn—into a monster—"

"Do—not make me...please..." Kratos strained as her grip tightened on his clothes, her body shaking harder. "Please..."

"Kratos—!" Anna yelled at him, "Do IT!" Her voice was changing into something inhuman, he could hear it as she felt it. Kratos shook his head slowly as his heart broke in front of her. She forcefully grabbed his hand holding his sword limply, pointing the blade at her stomach, looking into his eyes pleadingly.

"Do it..."

His hand shook as her body did, but the blade did not pierce her flesh.


Anna strained, feeling the blade slide into her stomach. She took in a shaky breath, her eyes wide in pain, but her body stopped shaking, the monster within kept in place as her body began to die.

Kratos pulled the blade from her and let it fall from his hand, his face distraught as he cried silently. Anna lifted her hand to his cheek, her body beginning to feel chilled.

"I love you," she whispered airily. "I love you so much..."

"I love you," Kratos sobbed back, hugging her to his chest.

Something hit Kratos in the back if the head hard and he fell from her grip. Kvar, staff in hand, shook with anger.

"You can die alone," he growled at her, grabbing Kratos by the back of his outfit. "Like all humans do."

"Nnoo..." Anna strained, holding her stomach as blood leaked over her fingers.

He dragged Kratos' unconscious body out of sight, Anna was alone in the darkness. She pulled her body across the quiet landscape, leaning against a large boulder in the mountainside, her body becoming colder and colder as the minutes whisked by.

There was a rustling nearby, Anna's eyes straining to stay awake before they came into view.

It was Noishe, carrying Lloyd by his shirt.

"Momma!" Lloyd screamed loudly, struggling as Noishe set him down on her legs. Lloyd's eyes were filled with worry and tears as Anna gently scooped him up as best she could, trying to calm him.

"Sshhh...ssshhh..." she pleaded with him as he cried into her neck, before Noishe nudged her hand slowly, dropping something onto her leg. Blinking slowly, she picked it up.

The crystal. He had found it.

"I...I'm sorry...it won't...won't help now..." Anna strained to say, her arms beginning to feel heavier by the second.

"You crazy dog! Where'd you-" someone said from the brush, before a dwarf emerged in the night. "Oh no...Ohh..."

"Please...my sss...my son..." Anna strained, coughing slightly as she set her hand limply on Lloyd's back.

"Shhh now, no talking," the dwarf said calmly as she grew close to her. "What's your name?"

"That...doesn't matter now...my son...he...needs someone to take care of him...until his father...come find him..." Anna said sleepily.

"Stay awake now, miss, you have to stay awake," the dwarf ordered her.

"His name...is Lloyd...please...jus...take...care...of.. hh..."

Her eyes glazed over, her hand falling from her son's back.


Kratos, chained, was on his knees in the white great hall, beaten, broken.

"How...DARE you..." Ygdrassil growled from his chair in front of him. "Betray me...after all I DID for you...After all we have BEEN through together..."

Yuan stood nearby, his face stern as he held back every feeling erupting inside his chest. Ygdrassil stood up from his seat, looking at the slumped Kratos with distain and disappointment.

"TWO YEARS Kratos...TWO YEARS you abandoned me and for what? A DAMN HUMAN GIRL?"

Punch, after punch, after punch. It did not matter how many punches his lord laid into him, Kratos heart still outweighed any pain his body felt. He did not move, speak, fight back, he barely breathed as he bled on the white tile.

"My lord," Yuan said objectingly. Ygdrassil did not stop. Yuan trotted over to him quickly and held his forearm before he could lay another punch. "My lord..."

The blonde lord stopped, breathing hard in anger. He turned to Yuan, his eyes a blaze, but began to calm.

"Lock him up," Ygdrassil ordered, turning from Kratos and walking back to his thrown. "Tell Kvar to return to his Human Ranch, he has earned it."

Yuan pulled Kratos to his feet, leading him along the great hall and out the doors.

"I'm so sorry," Yuan whispered, on the bridge of shedding tears. "Where is Lloyd?"

Kratos shook his beaten face. His son was gone, his wife was gone, he wanted to die. Why couldn't he just die?

Yuan opened the cell door, helping him inside and unlocking the chains from his wrists and feet.

"I am truly sorry, old friend," Yuan said quietly, setting a hand on Kratos' shoulder. He shuffled it off before landing on his knees, Yuan shaking his head and leaving him to his misery.



It was time. Derris Kharlan was lost in space, never to return to his world again. Kratos had seen his son, felt him, taught him, and knew his son would grow up a far better man than he ever was.

Kratos felt it was time. The Renegades found him dead in his room after sometime traveling through space.

But this was not where Kratos ended.

Kratos heard his name being called as his eyelids were baked in light, his head resting on someone's lap.


He stirred, his eyes slowly opening to sunlight leaking through tree branches and leaves. "Are you ever going to get up?"

He moaned, looking around before looking above and behind him, a silhouette of a face above him as his eyes adjusted to the shadow. His eyes widened, his heart beating faster.

"Took you long enough, I've been waiting for you for a long time, you silly man."


Couple of things: This Fanfic has possibly been one of the funnest things I've done, ever. Mostly because I wanted to try to give Anna a personality that kind of reflects Lloyd because Kratos and Lloyd have some similarities, but Lloyd must have gotten some of those traits from his mother. I don't know if you enjoyed this FF or not, and I do apologize for the super length wait in the end of it. Thanks for sticking with me, I love you all!