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Chapter 1. Love?

Dear Chicken Little,

You win…I give up…I can't resist it. Whenever you smile at me it just warms my heart and soul. It makes me feel so happy and comfortable and…

"No, no, no! That's not right!" Abby told herself as she crumpled up her letter and threw it in her wastepaper basket.

Ever since she had gotten home from the movie theaters all she had been thinking about was Chicken Little. Sure he was her friend and all but that's not the reason why she couldn't stop admiring him.

She had fallen in love with him. Before it was only a simple crush but this, this was different. It felt more serious and the pressure was on.

Abby rolled onto her back, stared at the ceiling and sighed heavily. "Why CL? Why'd you have to be so cute? Why'd you have to do this to me?" she asked herself.

It felt weird saying that she loved him considering they were only friends just a few hours ago. She took a photo off of her nightstand and studied it for a while.

It was a picture of her and Chicken Little eating ice cream by the ocean. They were only about 6 or 7 though. CL had looked so adorable with all those fluffy feathers.

Abby only smiled and remembered her other times with CL. Remembering him always standing up for her and always just being there.

"Alright then, I'll give this another shot." Abby took out another piece of paper and began to think.

"Now what can I say to him? Cute? Sweet? What words could I possibly use to show my true feelings for him?"

Abby blushed, "He not only thinks I'm attractive, he thinks I'm EXTREMELY attractive!" she said aloud. And she began to attempt the letter again.

Dear Chicken Little,

We've been friends for quite a long time now and I admit I've always liked you. I mean let's face it! You're cute, sweet, smart, funny, inventive, handsome, talented, lovable, caring, and just about the greatest friend anyone could ever have. Yeah sure, I had a simple crush on you but now it's different. You had the guts to go over to me, look me in the eye, kiss me, and come back still as cheerful and perky as ever. I admire that. And now after all that we've been through I realize now that I don't only like you…I love you.

Your friend Abby

Abby smiled at her newly thought-up letter but paused and said to herself, "Is this really the best way to tell him? Why can't I just say it to him instead?"

She laid back down on her bed and sighed deeply. It all seemed useless now but she couldn't go on without telling him the truth.

"Perhaps tomorrow, that is, if I'm brave enough…" Abby slid into bed and put the letter on her nightstand next to the photograph.

"Love's weird…but oh so satisfying when gained……I guess…" she then turned out the lights and fell asleep. Because tomorrow, it will be gained.

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