Chapter 8. Lions and ducks and foxes, oh my!

The next day, Justin and Kazuya made their way over to a certain devilish fox's household. Yet they had to be reasonable with her. Foxy wasn't too fond about unexpected visitors.

"So why are we here, again?" Kazuya asked hoping to hear an answer that actually made sense. "I figure now that Foxy's back to normal, we can try to talk some sense in to her and see if she'll help us nail Little," the duck replied, tugging at the leash.

As they made their way to the door they suddenly heard a voice from behind them. "What do you two want?" it had turned out to be Foxy.

Justin brushed back his head-feathers and stood tall. "Babe, we needs you to help with some business here. Ya see, Chicken loser's in what ya may call…love," Justin said with a suave look on his face.

Foxy crossed her arms, "Get to the point already, Feather-brains!" Justin winced then continued, "Alright, we need you to help us break those two lovebirds up," Foxy started to get a bit confused, "What's in it for me and do you want to?" she asked.

Justin smiled, "I think you know what," he said, nudging her by the arm. Foxy soon realized that he knew about her crush with CL, "Er…I'll do it! But this better not get me into any sort of trouble or else," she warned him, raising a fist to his beak. "Trust me, we'll get what we want,"

She backed away from him and spit on her paw, reaching it out towards Justin and Kazuya. Justin spit on his as well and they both turned to Kazuya. "C'mon! You're doing it too," he duck glared. Kazuya winced and hesitated at first, but did it anyway. They shook each other's saliva-covered paws and began to walk. It was time to devise a plan.

Meanwhile, Chicken Little was laying on he couch watching the news. It was about him and Abby and the thought of EVERYBODY knowing made him feel uneasy. Suddenly the phone rang and gave the little bird quite a shock. He hopped over to it and answered, "Hello?"

"Hey Chicken Little, umm…did you er…see what happened." Abby asked him.

CL was happy to hear her voice, "Hi Abby! Erm…yeah, I'm sorry about that whole…y' know" he replied sounding awfully guilty.

"Sorry? CL, you don't have to apologize for anything. It's not your fault those cameramen were watching us. Don't feel bad," she said gently.

Chicken Little smiled a bit, "Yeah I guess, but I had to go and be all romantic which is what caused them to take that picture,"

"But I thought that was sweet of you to do that. You didn't do a single thing wrong, okay?" she replied, her voice sounding soft and comforting.

Chicken Little blushed and sat back down on the couch, "Yeah…thanks Abby. And y' know what? I think this is a good thing, the town knows that we love each other. And nothing is gonna change that!" CL smiled.

Abby blushed and laughed, "Yeah! I'm just a little worried that they may be spying on us when we're together."

"Hmm…I see what you mean. But, I never let that stop me before right?"

Abby laughed again, "Right, well, I'll see ya later."

"Alright, bye!" Chicken Little smiled as he hung up. Hopefully their relationship could remain private, just a little bit.

Meanwhile, Justin and Foxy were already starting to come up with a plan. "So we could make em' think they hate each other?" Justin asked deviously. "Yeah but we'd need a good idea to keep those two apart. Their like magnets, always with each other and junk," Foxy replied. Kazuya sat on his haunches and tilted his head. Justin despised Kazuya's attempts for attention, "What do ya want?!" Kazuya lifted his paw, "Why not try the heart approach rather than the pain approach. Like, try catching CL with another girl that way Abby's heart will be broken and wah-lah!" he said in a rather smart manner.

Justin smiled grimly and patted Kazuya's head, "I like the way you think, greeny," Kazuya frowned in disgust, "Please…….don't call me that," Foxy grinned as well, revealing her sharp teeth. All they had to do was find a girl who could lure Chicken Little in easily. But question was…who?

To be continued….