A girl with Asian eyes and black hair stands in the doorway of a funeral home. She taps her foot and glances back at the entrance doors, sighing. She turns back to the room where the casket is, along with the family of the person that has died.

Her name is Yumi, and she is now seventeen.

The entrance door squeaks open loudly, and Yumi puts on her furious face as a brunette boy and blond boy with glasses make their way in.

"You're late," she hissed. "Almost an hour!"

"I know, and I'm sorry," the brunette said.

"Ulrich, don't tell me. Tell his parents!" Yumi said, pointing to the man with a bunch of old relatives surrounding him. His mother was on the other side of the room, with just as many people surrounding her. His parents were obviously divorced.

The blond boy, named Jeremie, was already kneeling in front of the casket. A tear slides down his face, but no more. He stands up and silently makes his way over to the pew.

An hour later, the group is standing in front of the casket. As everyone cries, only three children so not. They are silent, not responding to anything around them.

"May he rest in peace," the priest says.

As people start making their way to their cars, the only people left are the three children: Yumi Ishyama, Jeremie Belpois, and Ulrich Stern.

The snow is already white, but more flakes begin falling. Ulrich kneels down to read the grave stone from up close: Odd Della-Robbia.

Yumi looks up at the sky. "Beautiful," she says.

"Remember that one time Odd promised Aelita he would take her to a theme park?" Jeremie said. "I feel bad. He never got too."

"Yeah," Ulrich agreed, tracing the enravement of his name. He stands up. "But I know if he's somewhere happy, she's there."

The two others nods in agreement.

The three stood their until the snowing stopped and the clouds cleared, giving them a view of the open sky. It was night, so there were thousands of stars that dotted the sky.

"Let's go," Yumi said. "It's getting late."

The three crunched their way through the snow.

Yumi, who was in the middle, put her arms around both of them. "We're going to be OK," she whispered. "I know we are."

Ulrich nods and puts his arm around her. Jeremie smiles and does the same.

The three, who are linked together, make their way through the soft snow with the stars lighting their every step.

----------------------------------------------------------------- br

"I told you I'd win you something," Ulrich said, smiling. He thrust the fish doll at Yumi proudly.

Yumi kissed him on the cheek. "You sure did," she said smiling. \

Jeremie laughed. "Should I leave you two love birds alone?"

"No way, Jer," Ulrich said. "This is a whole group trip to the theme park. Not just me and Yumi's. Now who wants to ride the Phoenix?"

Jeremie shook his head. "Count me out. I don't want ride that thing in the day, and especially not at night."

"Look Jeremie, there's Sissy! I'm sure you can ride it with her…"

"NO!" Jeremie shouted "I'm going to get some pop corn. Bell said she's meet me at the ferries wheel at nine anyway, and its eight forty five. So I'll see you guys then."

Ulrich and Yumi both nodded and stood in line to go to the phoenix.

Just then, Yumi spotted some one. A girl, who looked about fourteen or fifteen. She had strait pink hair that went down to her shoulders and was wearing a simple white dress. (A/N: no, not the one she died in). Her eyes were a beautiful green. Next to her stood a boy with spiky blond hair. He was wearing a whit t-shirt and blue jeans.

They were holding hands.

The pink haired girl looked up and smiled at Yumi.

Yumi was too shocked to smile back. Could it be Aelita and Odd she was looking at?

The boy turned and winked at her. And then, they stepped in the very last car on the roller coaster.

"Wait!" Yumi shouted, but the coaster started and the two were going up.

"I think I should sit down," Yumi said to Ulrich. "I'm not feeling well."

"Huh? Oh, OK," Ulrich said and lead her to a bench.

"Did you see the couple that was in the very back of the roller coaster?" Yumi asked.

"Yeah. The girl with the pink hair, right? But some fat guy was in the way, so I didn't get a good look at her. Anyway, what about her?"

"She—" Yumi stopped. "I'll show you," she said and stood up, grabbing Ulrich hand. Then she lead him to the front of the line, ignoring the angry shouts behind her. But as the roller coaster came back, there was no one in the back seat. That got Yumi worried.

"Sir," Yumi asked the assistant. "Wasn't their a some people in the last car? I'm afraid something happened to him."

The assistant looked puzzled. "Ma'am, there was no one in the last car."

"Are you sure?"


The two pushed their way back through the crowd.

"I think I'm going to throw up," Yumi said, leaning back against the bench.

"It was nothing, Ok?" Ulrich said. "You may have ate too many fries."

"You're right," Yumi said, laughing. "I probably did."


But in one of the clouds hovering over the theme park, two angles sat. One had pink hair and green eyes, and the other had blond hair and blue eyes. They both were holding hands and looking at the city.

"Ready?" the boy asked.

"Ready," the girl said.

They were still holding hands as they flew up, not stopping. They flew towards the stars.

The two angels had finally found a place of their own.



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