Disclaimer: I do not own the WB or CW and I do not own the show Supernatural and I don't own Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, or John Winchester, but I do own any characters I make up.Tittle: Kiss Of Death 2

Warnings: Probably some spelling mistakes and some bad language.

Rating: PG-13 or PG-14 (you pick lol)

Summery: What happens when something they thought they killed nine years ago comes back? Will the witch get what she wants? Or will the brothers kill her...AGAIN ?

Chapter 1: Weird Dream.

'Woha' Sam thought. 'Why is it so blurry?'

"Sam, Sam you ok?"

Sam was confused, wait, wait a sec he new that voice... 'Dean' he managed to say.

"Come on Sam, something's not right we have to go! NOW!"

Dean helped Sam to his feet, but when he did Sam moaned.

"Oh sorry Sammy, you must have hit your head harder then I thought."

"Yeah." Sam replied rubbing his head.

They ran through the forest until they could not run anymore. They were defiantly out of breath.

'SNAP' the sound of a twig snapping behind them made them jump and turn around right away.

"IM BACK" someone said in a hissing voice.

Im back Im back in the saddle again Im back Im back in the saddle again

Sam woke up in the passenger side of the chevy impala.

Dean quickly turned down his Aero Smith tape and looked at Sam who had wide eyes at the moment.

"Dude you alright?"

Sam just shook his head. "Uh fine... I think." Then he started to rub his temples and squished his face to the point where he would get rinkhals on his forehead.

"Dream or vision." was the next reply that came out of Dean's mouth.

Sam thought for a second then replied, "im not sure Dean."

"Well do you want to talk about it?" Dean asked. "What did you see?"

Sam just kept silent.

"Oh the silent treatment eh?"

"Dean, I don't want to talk about it till I figure this out."

"Alright, fine what ever."



"Do you think we can pull over somewhere and get something to eat, I think it might help..."

"Liar." Dean said then chuckled a little.

"No I really do think it would."

"Or maybe it's the fact that your not eating that much lately?"

"Please Dean?"

Dean sighed. "Alright, there's a dinner coming up in 10 min."

"But in the mean time im listening to the rest of my song."

Come easy, go easy All right until the rising sun Im calling all the shots tonight Im like a loaded gun Peelin off my boots and chaps Im saddle sore Four bits gets you time in the racks I scream for more Fools gold out of their mines The girls are soaking wet Not tounges drier than mine Ill come when I get back Im back in the saddle again Im back Im back in the saddle again Im riding, Im loading up my pistol Im riding, I really got a fistful Im riding, Im shining up my saddle Im riding, this snake is gonna rattle

Sam just rolled his eyes, and laughed a little at Dean attempting to sing 'Back in the Saddle Again'

"So what will I get you guys?" a young mid aged waitress asked the Winchesters.

"Uh coffee just for now." Dean replied.

"And what about you sweety?"

"Um the same."

"Ok well I will be back with your coffees soon and then take your order."

She smiled at the two gentlemen sitting in the booth, and walked off to the back of the dinner.

After they ate there food they left $25 on the table by the check, then they headed back to the impala.

Once by the car Sam, felt something weird was gonna happen, but just shook it off and got into the car.

"You ok little brother?"

"Hm..? oh yeah fine."

They drove for a while. "Dean?"

"Yeah Sam?"

"Have we ever been here before?"

"I don't think so?"

"Oh, ok."


"Oh never mind, lets just get a hotel ok?"


Once in there room Sam collapsed to the farthest bed from the door, and right away feel asleep.

'Poor sucker.' Dean thought. 'The poor kid hasn't had a good night sleep since Jessica's death, it's by time he gets a good night sleep.'

Dean headed for his bed, and unlike Sam actually took the time to take off his shoes and climbed in bed, and with his last thoughts before drifting off into sleep was. 'Sweet Dreams Sammy.'

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