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Journey of the soul

Chapter 1: Birth of a daughter

Kagome Higurashi sat up in her hospital bed. It had been quite a day. Well actually it had been quite hectic the last nine months. She sighed deeply looking down at the small bundle wrapped up in her arms.

If only you knew where you came from kid

She said and smiled brightly at her daughter. It was hard yes, knowing that her baby girl would never know her own father, the man that Kagome would do anything to see again. She closed her eyes as the painful memories came back to her. She wasn't planning on being gone that long, no actually it was supposed to be a quick trip back to her own time. But when she tried to go back the well just wouldn't work.


"Bye mom, I'll see you soon okay?" Kagome called out to her mother as she headed for the well.

She had a smile plastered to her face, everything was so perfect now. Naraku gone, Kikyo at rest, and Inuyasha, her Inuyasha had finally confessed his love to her and taken her as his mate. Everything was perfect or so it had seemed, until she jumped into the well and came back out with a sprained ankle.

"What's wrong?" Kagome asked no one in particular.

She felt around for the jewel and found it still safely in her short's pocket. Pulling it out she noticed it had no magical glow to it, no instead of the great Shikon No Tama it was more like one of her grandfather novelty key chains. Then in one single second the glow came back and the jewel faded away.


Kagome's eyes welled up with tears. The magic wouldn't work anymore, she could no longer go back to the feudal era, she couldn't get back to Inuyasha.

End flashback

It took her weeks to get over it, actually she never quite did but when she found out she was pregnant she stopped jumping into the well hoping with all her might the magic would work one last time. She wondered day in and day out if Inuyasha had tried as hard as she had to get the well to work. On the other hand, had he tried once and given up after that? She shook her head, and knew he must have tried as hard as she had, if not harder. After all, it was his daughter in her hands. The child cooed quietly. She looked so much like him. Her hair was white, and she had the same face shape. The only thing missing were the puppy dog-ears, which she was glad of for if she had those Kagome was sure her daughter would now belong to the government. A knock from the door, and Kagome saw the face of her mother and younger brother.

"Come in." Kagome said with a smile.

They entered the room bringing flowers and balloons. Kagome smiled again and watched as the set everything down then came to sit next to her.

"The doctor said we can bring you home today." Souta informed her.

"What about Izayoi?" Kagome asked.

"Izayoi? Where did you think of that name?" Souta asked.

Kagome looked at her daughter and smiled. "It was the name of Inuyasha's mother. I think he would have liked it." Kagome explained.

Souta only nodded then added. "Izayoi can come to, they say she is a healthy baby."

Kagome nodded and sat up slightly trying not to wake the sleeping infant. Her mother smiled at her, then Izayoi opened her eyes to reveal a stunning shade of blue. Kagome couldn't say she was shocked she knew that because of Izayoi's demon blood, however little it may be, she would do things much faster then normal human children would. Izayoi's eyes found their way to her grandmother.

"I think she wants you to hold her mama." Kagome said handing over the child.

Her mother took her and Kagome closed her eyes drifting off into a fitful slumber.

Inuyasha looked over at the well from his tree, it had been almost a year now since Kagome had left and didn't return. Everyday he would sit here in hopes of her coming back through the well. He knew she wouldn't though, the well no longer held any magical powers, and neither of them could jump through time any longer. It hurt him badly to know he couldn't be with her, and just after he had taken her as his mate. He knew that if he was lucky she would had been with child. It was normal for a man of demon blood to be able to conceive a child in just one try. However, he would never know because Kagome was gone for good, and if he was "lucky" so was his child.

"Inuyasha." Shippo said as he jumped up to where Inuyasha sat.

The year that had gone by had given Shippo much time to grow and now he seemed to be around the age of a ten-year-old boy. He jumped into tree now, he was starting to battle with a sword, and his foxfire as well as fox-magic had improved quite a bit. Inuyasha wouldn't admit it but he was proud of the kitsune brat.

"What is it Shippo?" Inuyasha asked.

"You can't sit here and sulk for the rest of your life. Kagome wouldn't want that."


"You know I'm right, plus Sango and Miroku invited us over to dinner."

Inuyasha looked at the child and frowned; he had been looking after the kid since Kagome had left. He knew she would have wanted it. Sango and Miroku had married and now after the short six months of there union Sango was expecting.

"When are we supposed to be there by?" Inuyasha asked his younger companion.

"At sundown."

"Fine, we'll leave in a hour or two." Inuyasha said and Shippo jumped down from the tree to go back to Kaede's where he was helping the old priestess gather herbs.

Inuyasha went back to his normal sulking until he heard something. It was far away, but he could swear he could hear it, Kagome's voice.

. "It was the name of Inuyasha's mother. I think he would have liked it."

His ears perked at the mention of his name. Her voice was so sweet, but he knew he must had been imagining things. If Kagome was anywhere in this era he would be able to tell, since he had taken her as his mate, he could sense her so much better.

My mother's name? I would have liked it.

What was god trying to tell him? He walked over to the well and looked in. He could almost feel her presence there as if she were standing right next to him. Then he remembered the Goshinkobu. He remembered the time they had connected through there and he ran to the tree in hopes of finding his mate.

Kagome walked to the Goshinkobu with Izayoi in her arms sleeping again. She had been home for about twenty minutes and she felt a pull to the tree so she went to it and stood there. Lifting one hand she touched the spot where Inuyasha had been pined and closed her eyes. Then she heard it, his voice calling softly to her.

Kagome…Kagome can you hear me?

She heard it, she knew she had.


She knew anyone that saw her would think she was crazy talking to a tree. But this had happened once before.

Kagome, are you listening?

Kagome felt the tears sting her eyes.

"I'm here, I'm here."

Kagome I'm sorry.

"Sorry? For what?"

Sorry I can't come see you anymore.

"Oh Inuyasha…" Kagome started.

I want to find a way to you but I don't know how.

Kagome didn't answer she just nodded as if Inuyasha could see her.

I heard you say something about my mother and I would like that, what were you talking about?

"Inuyasha, you heard me?" Kagome said quietly "Izayoi, I have a daughter now I named her Izayoi."

A daughter?

"The last thing you gave me Inuyasha."

My Daughter?


Kagome, I can't hear you so well anymore. But if you can hear me I'll find a way to you a swear it. I love you

That was over four years ago, and everyday Kagome went over it in her mind. She was Twenty-four now. Her life seemed okay, she was going to college to become a nurse, Izayoi had just started school, and was living her life as normally as possible except for the fact that none of the other kids really liked her. Kagome had said her good-byes to Inuyasha, knowing he had no way back to her and Izayoi as he promised, or at least that's what she thought.

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