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Journey Of the Soul

Chapter 5: Demon in the night

When Inuyasha awoke from his nap Sota took him strait to his room. Kagome sat in the kitchen and waited for Inuyasha to reveal his "New Look". She was almost dreading the moment he walked into the kitchen.


Kagome turned to see a very modernized Inuyasha. His red outfit was now gone and he held it, nice and folded up at his side. Instead it was replaced with a pair of dark blue jeans, and a plain black t-shirt with red writing across the chest area. It was all loose fitting and she knew he probably fought for it that way being used to his haori.

"You look…" Kagome couldn't find the words.

She wanted so badly to bust up laughing it was making her eyes water. He looked okay, and if he was just some guy walking down the street she would think nothing of it. However, this was Inuyasha, standing in front of her in modern clothing, skater style clothing nonetheless. She shook her head.

"You don't look the same," She said trying not to sound mean.

He cocked his head to the right. She could tell he was confused.

"How do I not look like me when I am me?" He questioned.

"It's not you per say, it's the clothing. I'm used to seeing you in the gaudy red outfit so much that I'm not used to seeing you like this. But I guess I'll have to get used to it."

"You think I'm wearing things like this all the time?" He asked and laughed lightly. "Your crazy, only when I have too."

Kagome smiled. She was happy he wouldn't change completely then. He would change a little because the change from that era to this era would affect anyone, but she was okay with that.

"My mom said she wanted to take you shopping because you'll need some things."

"Do we have to? Can't I just keep using Sota's stuff for a while?" Inuyasha asked almost child-like.

"Maybe I'll just have her go alone then she would just need your size."

"He is the same size as me except an inch taller." Sota said walking into the kitchen.

Kagome nodded. "I guess that it's okay then, but only until my mom gets your stuff." She replied and handed Inuyasha his food.

She saw him smile when she did and that made her feel good.

"I missed this stuff." Inuyasha said and sat at the table to eat his ramen.

Izayoi opened her blue eyes. Her papa had left a while ago and now she was getting cold. The room was dark and she was a little scared.

"Mama?" She said looking around for Kagome.

She sat up and pushed herself off the bed. She wanted to find her mama.

"Little one…"

Izayoi turned.

"Who's there?" She questioned the empty room.

"Izayoi…" the voice came again.

Iza turned and ran for the door. She tried to pull it open but it was like it was glued shut.


"Mama and Papa can't hear you little one."

There was a knocking at the window. Iza looked and saw two red eyes looking in on her.

"Give me the jewel Iza and I'll go away."

"No! It's Mama's Jewel!"

Iza ran to the pink box her mother kept all the jewelry in and opened it; inside the jewel was pulsating and glowing a bright pink. She reached out for it and put it in her pocket. Right then the window shattered.

Kagome jumped up at the sound of shattering glass. It was coming form upstairs; it was coming from her room.

"Iza!" Kagome ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs in a flash, it was the fastest Inuyasha had ever seen her go.

Then He too got up and ran after her. When he found her she was at the door to her bedroom throwing herself against the door again and again.


"Iza, I'll get you baby!" Kagome screamed through the door.

"It's hurting me!" Izayoi screamed crying.

"Give me the jewel child!"

"NO!!!!!!!!!!" Iza yelled.

Inuyasha moved Kagome away from the door and shoved it open in one hit. What they were met with was not what they were expecting. A shadowed figure of a man stood where the window and half the wall used to be. He held Izayoi in the air with his taloned (clawed) hand choking her. Izayoi was fighting to get free of him.

"Leave her alone!" Kagome screamed at the man with a tone in her voice that Inuyasha had never heard. It was almost the same tone he used when someone had hurt Kagome.

"I just need the jewel, give it too me and I will leave her alone."

"No, you can't have Mama's jewel!" Izayoi said her voice strained.

Kagome didn't know what to do, she had no bow, no arrows, and she hadn't seen a demon in years. Inuyasha was about to do something however. But before he got very far something happened. Something nether Kagome or He had thought they would see. The demon was pushed back with such a force he flew out of the hole in the wall and landed on the cement surface below. Izayoi was surrounded by a very bright white light and floating in midair. She crashed to the ground with a thud the jewel rolling across the floor and stopping at Inuyasha's foot.

"Iza!" Kagome yelled and ran to the unconscious child.

When she kneeled, she pulled up the Iza's little body and cradled her in her arms. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes. She started shaking mumbling, "Please, Please." Praying that her daughter would be okay.

After the shock had worn off Inuyasha ran over to the window and looked down upon the cement where the demon should have been, however it seemed he had survived the fall and had already retreated.

Kagome stood and carried Izayoi's comatose form out of that room and into the guest room where there was no hole in the wall.

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