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Author's note: justso you know, italics means Hermione's writing.

My Perfect Guy

Story by StormDancer

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

My Perfect Guy

Hermione frowned at the paper in front of her, its heading staring back at her. Why she was doing this, she would never know. Momentary insanity sounded good, but Hermione knew it was more than that. It was a deep seated, well hidden desire to be a normal teenage girl, obsessing over guys. And so she glared at the paper willing it to write itself.

1) He has to be intelligent, at least as smart as I am

Hermione saw Ron agonizing over a paper that she had finished in ten minutes. He had been working on it since 6, and it was well into the night now.

2) He has to be brave, and be ready to fight at any moment.

She remembered Ron shaking in fear, his wand held plaintively out in front of him, tensed to run away from their enemy, despite the fact he never fled.

3) He has to know when a joke is appropriate, and not ruin moments or fights with a joke.

Hermione grimaced at the memory of Ron joking even as they played McGonagall's chess set, or went through the Ministry to the Department of Mysteries. Even in the Department, Hermione shook with the horrible memories, Ron joked.

4) He has to trust me, and know I wouldn't ditch him for anyone.

She recollected Ron's angry face as he noticed her reading a letter from Victor.

5) He has to be proud enough that he believes he can do anything

Hermione could recall so many times Ron had come up to her shaking in the fear he wasn't good enough, to pass a test or stand next to Harry in a fight.

6) He should be shadowed, never truly and completely happy. Sort of like Batman, which I can say here because nobody else except maybe Dean reads comics, and he wouldn't read something of mine anyway.

Ron was infused was a transcendent happiness at just about anything, even something as mundane as doing well on a piece of homework.

7) He has to be kind, and unwilling to disagree or argue with me. We will never fight, or get mad at each other.

Hermione couldn't count the number of fights, arguments, or disagreements her and Ron had gotten into over the years. Even the times they weren't speaking to each other needed to hands to count.

8) He must be drop dead gorgeous.

Hermione shook her head as Ron's image swam into her thoughts. Far too gangly, and freckles? Not exactly a 10 on the hotness scale.

9) He has to really devote himself to things, and be able to concentrate for a really long period of time.

Ron stood and groaned as he threw his still-unfinished paper into his bad. He stretched, scowling at the paper some more. Suddenly turning, he strode over to wear Hermione was sitting. Without saying a word, he grasped her by the waist and lifted her up, spinning her around in the air. He put her down, and kissed her in a romantic, back bending movie kiss. When they were both out of breath, Ron walked over to the portrait hole.

"I'm going for a late night snack. Coming?"

Hermione grinned and giggled slightly.

"Just a sec," she told him, scribbling something on the paper. She hurriedly set down her quill and returned to stand next to Ron. He held out his arm, and they left arm-in-arm. Hermione's paper fluttered into the fire. The last line was still visible as the rest of the paper burned.

10) (counteracts all others) He must be Ron.