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Jakotsu's New Plaything

Jakotsu was bored. Very bored. He'd ransacked two villages, bathed in the blood of 3 dozen enemies, and made a couple hundred knotches in the forest randomly flinging about his extendable sword. He was BORED.

"Hello—what's this!" he thought as he saw a little green creature yelling after a girl in a meadow.

"Don't wander too far, Rin!"

"I won't, Master Jaken!" the little girl cried and promptly disappeared.

"OooOoooOooo," Jakotsu thought to himself. "Jaken. I like that name."

Jaken sat in the meadow muttering quietly, worrying over when Sesshomaru would return.

Jakotsu decided to introduce himself. He bounded into the meadow and cried, "Hello, handsome!"

"Gah!" Jaken screeched.

"OooOoo, you're even cuter up close!" Jakotsu squeeled. "Look at this adorable little hat!"

"Don't touch that!" Jaken swatted Jakotsu's hands away.

"Awww, you're no fun," Jakotsu pouted. "I have to admit, you're not my normal type. Your ears aren't fuzzy at all. But there is something alluring about a man who's so… travel-size…" Jakotsu got an evil gleam in his eyes.

Jaken backed away slowly. "Wait! Wait, what are you doing?"




Sometime later, Bankotsu found Jakotsu traipsing about. "Did you find a way to keep yourself occupied?"

"Oh yes," Jakotsu spouted happily, shouldering a squirming pack on his back. "I found a nice, easily portable toy to keep myself busy!"

A few muffled cries came from the bag.

"What's that?" Bankotsu asked.

Jakotsu smiled with glee. "Oh, nothing…"