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Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Inuyasha felt something biting his nose. He lifted a hand to swat it.

SPLAT! There was a deflating sound as a squished and flattened Myoga floated down from Inuyasha's nose.

"Myoga!" he grumbled. "What do you think you're doing? That's the third time this week!"

"Sorry, Master Inuyasha," Myoga said not too apologetically. "It's just that your blood is so tasty…"

"Well find someone else to bite!" Inuyasha griped. "I'm not a… What did you call it, Kagome?"

"Blood bank," Kagome muttered, looking Myoga over. "You know, Myoga, maybe you should change your diet. You're starting to get… er, how should I put this…"

Inuyasha forewent all euphemisms. "Myoga: You're a big fat pig!"

"Oh, Master Inuyasha!" Myoga wept. "It's true. Dog demon blood is so sweet and tasty, but so fattening, too!"

"Poor Myoga," Kagome commiserated, patting him on the back. "Don't worry, I have an idea…"


Kanna sat alone, lone, and lonely. She was every variant of lone that you can think of. Such was Kanna. Alone. Lone. Lonely. Loneliest, even, you might say.

Suddenly she felt a scratching feeling at the back of her neck, and went to slap it.

SPLAT! Myoga floated down, squished but ecstatic.

"Your blood!" he cried. "Your blood is heavenly! So tasty! And yet, since you're a nothing demon, no calories!"

The corners of Kanna's mouth lifted the tiniest imperceptible bit. She wouldn't have to be alone anymore.


Kanna and Myoga got married and had many albino children.