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Ranma walked slowly along the streets of Juban. He would rather be roof hopping, but his battered and bruised body wasn't up to it at the moment. He had been sneaking out of Nermia for months now after he found Doc Tofu's location. But this time before he could get out of the district he was attacked by Ryouga, Mousse and Kuno waving live steel.

He had won and left them unconscious in a dumpster but not before taking some damage of his own. Hopefully, Doc could help him before he began his lesson. Doc had told him that he left Nermia because he believed he was becoming a danger to others because of his reaction to Kasumi.

Ranma was teaching Tofu the soul of ice so he could face his love and tell her his true feelings. Afterwards, he helped Ranma with his education, manners, vocabulary and social behavior.

Ranma's grades had soared since the lessons began and he wasn't putting his foot in his mouth as much, but it still didn't resolve his fiancée situation or the constant fights from his fiancée's other would-be suitors. Akane malleting had eased off somewhat as Ranma tried not to insult her, but her out-of-control temper still introduced him to the business end of her mallet quiet often.

Right now all he wanted to do was get to Doc's clinic, sit down for a breather and maybe have a cup of tea. But as always events conspired against Ranma as he heard people screaming in the distance.

"Why me," he muttered as he forced his battered body into a run.

Demons come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. Some demons looked human. Some were ugly enough to stop a bullet train in its tracks. This one was one of the extremely large ugly ones.

It stood about 12-feet tall, had four arms and was covered in dark leather looking plates. It had two slits for nostrils and a wide mouth filled with long sharp teeth. It had long thick fingers tipped with sharp curved claws.

Ranma rounded the corner and saw the demon take a swipe at running man. The claws sliced through his throat like butter sending a geyser of blood into the air. "No," Ranma screamed as he ran toward the rampaging monster. He cupped his hands together and fired of a moko takabisha without announcing his attack.

The ball of confidence ki slammed into the demon moving him back a few feet. Ranma followed weaving in between swipes of the four arms to hit the creature with his Kachuu Tenshin Amaguri.

Moving faster than he had anticipated the demon slammed a fist into Ranma's stomach hurling him through the wall of a nearby store. Consciousness slipped from him as water from a broken pipe changed him into Ranma-chan.

She struggled slowly to her feet, her battered and bloody body protesting every move. She looked around her unfamiliar surroundings trying to figure out just exactly where she was. There was someone else missing. Someone important to her, but every time she tried to remember her head exploded with pain.

There was a demon. She remembered that. It had hit her. Hurt her. But why wasn't she transformed. She knew she should be transformed in order to fight a demon. How do I transform…There should be a pen…Do I need the pen…Is there another way.

Focus…I need to focus and feel the power and I can transform. Despite the pain and the screaming of the injured she turned her concentration inward to find the tendrils of power that coursed through her body.

Deep within she saw the power and interwoven within it was the taint of another magic. If I can grab the power and force the transformation it will burn off the other magic within my body.

She concentrated and called on the power that was the essence of her body. Light swirled around her body changing it and forcing it into a mold that was designed long ago. It burned away the most of the alien magic and merged the remainder. Chromatic light cascaded across her body and formed a black leotard that hugged her shapely curves. A black fuku with silver trim that came almost to mid thigh was next followed by two silver bows, one in front on her chest and the other in back. Soft black calf-high flat-soled boot were the last to form.

Sailor Nova stood once again on the earth.

Hearing screams, Nova ran toward to source to see five other similarly clad girls dancing out of the demon's reach and firing long range attacks. The long haired blond suddenly stumbled into the path of the demon who reached back preparing to swipe at her with its razor sharp claws.

Nova became a blur as she dashed forward scooping up the girl and moving her out of danger. "Stay here," she commanded as she stumbled back into the fray. While the healing magic of her transformation had begun, her energy reserves were still weakened, allowing her only weaker versions of her normal attacks.

Blue claws that appeared on her hands as she slashed at the demon. The demons roared in pain as one of its arms fell to the ground squiring black ichor everywhere.

Leaping back, Nova realized her depleted energy reserves would only allow her one attack. She cupped her hands toward the creature and called out "Plasma Blast." A searing ball of energy slammed the demon in the chest knocking it off it feet and leaving a smoking wound in its chest. "Hit it now," she cried.

The other girls simultaneously fired off their attacks on the now motionless creature instantly vaporizing it. With the creature gone Nova relaxed and as she did her transformation slipped and she fell to the ground. She had not been able to hold the transformation long enough to heal her body.

The Senshi slowly gathered around the unconscious form of the bloody and battered redheaded girl in the oversized red and black chinese outfit.

"Who is she," Moon asked. No one answered. Mercury knelt by her side and examined her. "She's in pretty bad shape, we need to get her to a doctor."

"There's one near," Venus said. "I saw the office on the way here."

"Jupiter, carry her," Moon said. "Venus, you lead the way. We will transform before we get there and tell them she got hurt in the demon attack."

"Damn Pluto, where are you when we need you," she exclaimed. "Mars, have you seen anything in your fire readings about her."

"Not a thing," Mars replied.

A quick duck into an alley and a short light show later five girls in school uniforms entered the clinic of Doctor Tofu Ono with the injured girl.

The receptionist saw the bloody form being carried in and recognized her as the Doctor's friend. "Doctor, we have an emergency," she cried.

Tofu rushed out of his office and saw Ranma. "Bring her here," he said, leading them to an examining room. "And put her on the table."

"You girls can wait outside," he said as he began his examination. "If you need to use the phone to let someone know where you are, just ask my receptionist."

"Ranma, Ranma," he muttered to himself as the girls left the room. "How do you get into such scrapes?"

The girls huddled together when they got back to the waiting. "What should we do," Usagi Tsukino asked.

"I think we should wait here and try to find out what we can about her," Ami Mizuno replied.

"I can go back to the shrine and do a fire reading," Rei Hino said.

"Makoto and I can go over to the outers and see if we can find Setsuna," Minako Aino said.

"Are we in agreement then," Usagi asked. Everyone nodded. "Okay, let's do it."

"Usagi, we should call our mothers and let them know where we are," Ami said.

As the others left, Usagi and Ami used the phone and then settled down to see what would happen next.

In the examining room, Ranma started to wake up while Tofu was finishing bandaging her wounds.

"Doc," Ranma said in surprise. "What happened, how did I get here." She tried to sit up, but a wave of dizziness hit and she had to lay back down.

"Well, as to what happened, I don't know. But you were brought here by five lovely girls."

"Fiancées," Ranma asked.

"I don't know," Tofu laughed. "But they did seen rather concerned. Why don't I go get them and you can ask them yourself."

Tofu the room and returned with Usagi and Ami.

"Uh, do you know what happened to me," Ranma asked.

"You got hurt in a demon attack. My friends and I found you in the street after the Senshi disposed of it. I'm Usagi Tsukino and this is my friend Ami Mizuno. Our other friends had to leave, but we wanted to stay and see how you were doing before we left," she said as she ran out of breath.

"Funny, the last thing I remember is being hit through a building. I'm Ranma
Saotome, by the way. And what are the Senshi."

"What, you haven't heard of the Sailor Senshi, the defenders of love and justice," Usagi asked.

"Ah, no," Ranma replied. "Should I have?"

Usagi was left speechless by the girl's lack of knowledge.

"Oh, by the way," Ranma said. "You aren't fiancées, are you?"

"Fiancées, eweeeeeee," Usagi said, while Ami looked on with speculation.

Minako and Mokoto had just knocked on the outer's door when it was answered by Setsuna. "What brings you two here," she asked

Both Minako and Mokoto started to speak at once. "One at a time," Setsuna said.

"You tell," Makoto said to Minako as Setsuna let them into the kitchen where she had been drinking tea.

"Have a seat, girls and tell me what happened."

"We had a demon attack," Minako said.

"That's not so….," Setsuna started to say as Minako interrupted her.

"We had help from another Senshi," she said.

"Say what," Setsuna yelled. "What did she look like."

"She was short, redheaded and maybe five-feet tall. She wore a black fuku with silver trim and one of her attacks was called Plasma Blast," Makoto said.

Setsuna was stunned. "Nova," she whispered.