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            They filed into the kitchen. The muppets volunteered to make the tea, so the X-men took seats around the table at varying distances from Sinister, depending on how comfortable they were sitting next to the arch-villain. This explained why Scott was perched on top of the bread-box on the counter – or perhaps not. Remy was trying his best to sit next to Rogue, but not next to Miss. Piggy. This was unfortunate since Miss. Piggy was trying her best to sit in his lap. Kermit looked like he was trying to decide whether or not to be jealous or relieved.

            The rat, the bear and Gonzo busied themselves with making tea, with the help of Sweetums to reach anything that was out of reach for them. Soon everyone was settled somewhere in the kitchen with a cup of tea, or in Logan's case, beer, in front of them.

            "Explain yourself," demanded Jean.

Mr. Sinister took a long sip of his tea. It was amazing his lip stick didn't smear.

            "The muppets are one of my many pet projects, created to see if life could function without flesh. Their designs and colour scheme were taken from an imaginative six year old I once met. Unfortunately, being an evil genetic scientist does have its problems." He looked highly embarrassed. "Due to recent events, my financial support has fallen through, so I resolved to find an alternative means of funding."

            "You mean you're broke," said Rizzo the Rat.

            "Quite," said Sinister. "Children find the muppets entertaining, though I'm not sure why." He glanced pointedly at Miss. Piggy. "Had Miss. Piggy let me explain, I was only going to ask if your group would like to produce a show with me. A muppet show, if you will."

            "No! You can't trust him." Scott's denial would have been a bit more dignified if he wasn't still huddled on top of the bread box, a mug of tea in his hands.

            "But why did you come here?" asked Warren of the muppets at large.

            "You're our heroes," said Gonzo.

            "And we had to go after Animal after he ran off to find Wolverine," explained Scooter matter-of-factly.

            "Muppets, group meeting," ordered Kermit. All the muppets gathered together in a large huddle in the middle of the room. Sweetums was bent over double attempting to fit in. Miss. Piggy even abandoned Gambit, much to his relief.

            They talked in muffled voices with an occasional exclamation of 'hey!' or 'you're stepping on my foot!' being heard. Finally, the huddle broke up and Kermit approached Mr. Sinister who had been exchanging tea making tips with Jean.

            "We'll be happy to produce a show with you." He motioned behind him, and two crusty looking old men approached. "These are our agents, Stalter and Waldorf. You talk to them."

            "Bozo called, Sinister," said Stalter.

            "He wants his makeup back," said Waldorf. Both men broke into mocking laughter.

             A look of dismay crossed Mr. Sinister's face and most of the X-men chuckled, except for Scott who was muttering something about 'evil wizarding clowns'.

            "Woverine!" yelled Animal into the silence. Logan decided that ear plugs were in order if he ever met the muppets again.

            "Wolverine! Wolverine!"

            Logan groaned.


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