The Cold Warrior

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Okay hi! This is my first fanfiction let alone crossover. I just turned thirteen today but don't get intimidated......I can......I repeat.......I can use big words!!!!!!!!!!

I need your opinions on the pairings okay. Here is some info on this X-over:
Setsuna-ummmmmmmmm old
This begins when all the Sailors are dieing and umm (isn't that a pretty picture) yah! Read it k?

Rated R for some future language
*________* =action
(AN:______) =Author Notes
"________" =talking
'_________' =thinking


A lone tear went down her pale cheek.

Around her was chaos and destruction. Her so called friends were scattered over the ground in puddles
of blood.

That tear was for her only real friend Hotaru, Sailor Saturn, Sovereign of Silence. She was more like
a sister than anything else.

Inside Usagi was a cold hearted warrior and so was Hotaru. That is why they related
so well. All hell started when chaos attacked. The scouts were quickly defeated. And all that was left was Sailor Moon and some small piles of rubble.
Usagi took Uranus' Space Sword and dove it deep into her broken heart.


Setsuna or Sailor Pluto watched from above. She new this was going to happen soon but the gates of time
got foggy and she couldnt see past, future, or present. "Usagi.........I am going to make everything better and
Hotaru will be reborn in a better place......I hope........"

With that there was a flash of light and all was finished. Setsuna sat on a thick cloud fog (AN:What else is she supposed to sit on?) and took some down time.


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