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It's as if I've always wanted to hate you, but in reality, I've always been searching for you.. and even though you try to kill me, I'd go to you... longing to hold you.


"She's getting worse every minute." Sakura saw the conflict of emotions in Neji's eyes. "She can give in any time now, I'm afraid."

Neji walked towards Tenten's room and paused before opening the door. "Thank you for taking care of her." He walked in.

She sighed sadly, It will be the first time he would love and yet, it will be forever…

"Neji…" Tenten smiled weakly. It has been a month since Neji found out the truth.

Neji caressed her face as he sat on the bed beside her. "You'd better rest now."

"Neji, I…" Tenten tried to speak continuously, "I want to see the sunset."

He was surprised to hear her words and at the same time, he didn't know what to do. "Tenten—"

"Please?" she was hard to refuse.

"Tsunade-sama!" Sakura called as she arrived at the office. "She's not here… she must be at the other room…" She sighed and left the office.

She went into the room where she usually practices her medical skills. "Tsunade-sama?"

"Hai! Sakura!" a voice shouted from behind the room, "I'm over here."

Sakura went to Tsunade and explained Tenten's current condition.

"Sakura," Tsunade interrupted, "I found the cure."

Sakura couldn't help but stare at Tsunade's eyes.

"Kireii…" Tenten muttered as she rested her back on Neji's chest. They sat on a cliff overlooking the sea and the setting sun. "Neji… there's something I wanted to tell you…"

Neji locked his arms around her to keep her from getting cold. "That is?"

"I- I… I can't love you…" she said nervously.

The shinobi felt a bitter pinch in his heart.

"But I want to love you…" she continued.

Neji smiled sadly and whispered to her ear, "You already love me… the way I do."

"They're not here!" Sakura exclaimed as they entered Tenten's room.

"We must fine them as soon as possible!" Tsunade said worriedly, "Before we run out of time…"

The only thing we can do is to slow down its process and if ever we would find a cure, it may be too late…
Neji and Tenten sat there waiting for the sun to disappear completely. Both of them, silently resting with each others' heart beat.

I will help you remember who and what you used to be. Neji's words echoed in her mind as a small smile formed on her face. Now I know what you mean…she said to herself.

The shinobi sat silently with her, waiting for something he feared the most.

I saw through your smirk… I hope you're that honest to me… something's wrong… Neji… I'm sick…
"We have to find them!" Tsunade clenched her fist. "We must find them in time! If we don't…"

"Sou ka…" Sakura was running along with Tsunade, "Is it…?" she looked at Tsunade with melancholic eyes.

One of the missing nins… had injected something into your bloodstream… I tried everything I can do to get you back to normal…
"Tenten?" Neji tried to wake her up, "Tenten…?" he bit his lip as he held her in his arms.

The wind caressed both of them, humming a lullaby to their ears.

Ever since you confined yourself here… I found myself empty… and sometimes I think… I've already attached myself to you…

It will be the first time he would love… and yet… it will be forever…

The sun sank beneath the bed of water and the moon showered its brightness upon them. Silently, the kunoichi slept in his arms with a small smile on her lips.
A month later, the shinobi stood on the cliff by the sea. The wind hugged his body as every piece of memory lingered in him as if it was only yesterday. He stared at the setting sun, contented in every way. He then felt warm hands hug his waist, "I was waiting for you…" a warm body pressed on his back. "Where were you?"

"In the Godaime's office." A female voice answered.

A small laugh broke through the shinobi's lips.

"You know she had to scold me for what I did a month ago." The brown-haired kunoichi pouted.

He laughed hysterically and looked at her.

"It was partly your fault!" she accused him, "Why isn't she scolding you!"

He regained his manners and stopped laughing. "I thought you were gonna die!" he glared at her, "And now you know that—that…"

She smiled at him and locked him into her arms. "Sshh…"

He placed his arms tightly around her waist. "I hate it when you do that…"


"But it's one of the million reasons why I love you…"

"Here we go again…" she said sarcastically.

He whispered to her ear, "Wanna die?"

She looked at his silver eyes and said," Only with you…"

And there, they shared a passionate kiss under the most perfect scenery which was where they once thought they would have to let go.

It changed her.

He helped her.

She changed him… forever.

His heart… now vulnerable through a girl named "Tenten".


Chapter 5: Vulnerable Heart

Title : Vulnerable

by: -amethysian-

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