Danny Phantom and all related characters is the product of Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon studios. The Real Ghostbusters is owned by Columbia/DIC.

For anyone unfamiliar with either show:

Danny Phantom is about a kid, Danny Fenton, who due to an accident involving one of the invetions of his father, Jack Fenton, becomes half ghost. Possessing many different abilities, he fights off ghosts emerging from the "Ghost Zone".

The Real Ghostbusters is about four guys, Dr. Egon Spangler, Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz (Ray), and Winston Zeddemore, who deal with ghosts that cause trouble in New York. They are assisted by their secretary, Janine, a slew of crazy gear and a green ghost named Slimer.

So as to avoid total and complete butchering of descriptions of some items, I will put links to pictures of those items at the top of the chapter they appear in.

The Real Ghostbusters is somewhat AU and seriously TWT (Timeline? What Timeline?).

Danny Phantom is placed after the events of episode 35-Kindred Spirits.


Summary: Having just dealt with the henchmen of the "Ghostmaster" for a second time, the Ghostbusters have decided they need to track down this entity….


It was an abnormally slow week after the last Ghostmaster attack, and Janine found herself reading a novel for the forth time when suddenly a potato shaped green blob with arms came up through her desk and grabbed her lunch, leaving slime soaking all the papers on her desk. "SLIMER!" she exclaims in her slightly nasally voice, "You get back with that sandwich RIGHT NOW!"

Hearing the exclamation of Janine, Ray's filled-out six foot body in his normal tan jumpsuit with the name 'Stantz' over the right breast slides down the flagpole of their retired firehouse with ease, and sees Janine's desk. "Oh, Janine, I'm sorry, uhhhh, SLIMER!" Ray says, stumbling. Slimer turns back and begins murmuring in a whiny tone. 'Sorry' and 'Janine' can be made out before Slimer takes back off toward the kitchen. Janine didn't mind Slimer for the most part, but she wished he would d stop ruining the paperwork on her desk.

"Ray! I think I've found something!" Shouted Egon exiting his lab, his lanky body clothed in his blue jumpsuit with the name 'Spangler' over the right breast, his traditional glasses and flock of seagulls haircut undisturbed by the explosions that commonly sounded off in his lab.

"What is it?" asks Ray. He and Egon had been working on finding pockets of heavy ghost activity outside of New York in an attempt to locate the Ghostmaster.

"Amity Park." replied Egon, throwing a map with a city circled on it, "It's a decent sized place. It has an abnormal level of PKE and a disproportional number of ghost attacks. Especially by this 'Danny Phantom' character. We had gotten a call about a gathering of ghost hunters attempting to track down this menace, but we were wrapped up in the Grundel crisis. I had almost forgotten about it. Right now it is our only lead, so I think we should check it out."

Just then, a tall thin guy with dark brown hair in a slime covered brown jumpsuit with the name 'Venkman' over the right breast comes out of the kitchen. "He did it again!" states Peter with sarcastic amazement. "Why does he always have to slime me? I swear he's got it out for me…What's happening Egon?"

"We have a lead on a possible location for the Ghostmaster!" exclaimed Ray with all the enthusiasm of a 5-year-old boy on Christmas morning.

A black man with short black hair in a light blue jumpsuit, with the name 'Zeddemore' over the right breast, slides down the fire pole. "Where is he? And how are we going to attack this thing when we get there?" asks Winston.

"Amity Park. There is a well-known ghost hunter there I plan to get help from." responded Egon.
"You want my help ghost hunting? Sure, Come on over! I'll show you my new and improved Fenton Finder. It will track down any ghost!" Jack Fenton replied to whomever was on the other end of the line. The 6'5" Jack Fenton, slams the phone down, shattering the table the phone sits on. Jack dusts his traditional day-glo orange spandex clothing his absurdly massive form, which is about half as wide as he is tall with abusrdly short legs.

"MADDIE!" He then exclaims, "Get Danny and Jazz! I have an announcement!"

Maddie ducks her head in, her short light brown hair swaying slightly, "That's great, Hun!" Maddie stops to kiss her husband on the cheek, stretching her skinny, light blue spandex-clad body to its limit. Then she runs upstairs to get their kids.

Danny makes it down first, wearing a white T-shirt with red trim & a red oval in the center and blue jeans. He slinks into the couch and waits to hear what miraculous thing his dad has done this time.

Jazz then makes it down, chipper as usual, wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and teal pants. Her long carrot-red hair swayed behind her as she came down the stairs. "What is it Dad?" asks Jazz.

"The Ghostbusters are coming and they want assistance from JACK! FENTON!"