A/N: Thanks to Dragon of Dispair for assisting in explaining Jacks intelligence, explanation of why the RV has treads, and random objects jack would put his face on.

Ray had spent the last hour showing the Ghostbusters equipment to Jack. Ray loved Jack's enthusiasm, and was surprised with the man's scientific knowledge. He might not have much common sense, but he had a lot of book knowledge. Now they were putting the packs back in the Ecto-1.

"What gave you the idea to put treads on your RV?" asks Ray. After examining the Fenton's vehicle so throughly he several questions he wanted to ask.

"It's the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle. You can't have an assault vehicle without tank treads."

"Hmmm..." He's right, I can't think of a single counter-example... "Seems reasonable. How did you come up with the tread replacement system?"

"Oh! That was easy! All I had to do was...GHOST!" Exclaims Jack cutting off his explanation mid sentence. Ray instantly knew what jack was talking about. The Ecto-1 was taking on an unearthly glow, and beginning to lift into the air. Other items from around the area, including a few other cars, come streaming toward the Ecto-1, which was hovering 30 ft above the ground, standing on its rear hatch.

Other cars form legs underneath the Ecto-1. The packs come out and attach themselves near the hood of the Ghostbusters former vehicle, forming four tentacle like arms. A TV comes from the Fenton Household, creating what is obviously a head on the forming monstrosity. Other items continue to attach themselves to this Golem, armoring and reinforcing it. Then a digital face appears on the TV screen and a booming voice comes from the Golem.

"I am Technus! Bow before my technological might!"

Ray looks to Jack, and realizes Jack is gone. A huge, green dome formed around Fentonworks, saving Ray from a blast from the proton packs. The 'Technus' golem pulse fired the packs instead of utilizing a constant stream, but that wasn't making the plasma any less dangerous. Ray runs inside to get the others.


Danny knew Technus was around long before he decided to announce it toeveryone within a five block radius. As soon as Tucker's tech belt went flying, Danny knew to just follow along. But what he was seeing was not quite what he had expected. An 80 foot tall armored golem using the Ghostbuster's proton packs as arms? Danny knew he was in way over his head.

How the hell do I deal with that? He has a 2 to 1 advantage in arms! Maybe I can sneak up on him and get him in the thermos...he seems to be focused on the ghost shield right now.


Trying to sneak up on me, huh? Good thing I grabbed this ghost finding device.

Technus had seen Danny coming from whatever the range of this car's ghost-tracking device is. Figuring out how to use all this technology is a far more importaint task then tracking the ghost-child.

Siren, auto-ladder, radio, auto-pilot, GPS, HD-TV satellite receiver, Fenton personal ghost shield, Fenton toaster, Fenton TV, Fenton Ipod...wait, personal ghost shield?


Danny was just about to activate the thermos when a medieval shield shaped band of green energy appears in between him and Technus. The shield is small, but quickly moves moves around, blocking the blasts from the thermos.

Danny decides to abandon the Thermos in favor of throwing multiple bolts of energy at once. But now Technus is turning his attention to Danny, all four packs spewing protons in his direction.


"Another ghost who compisates for his own inadiqicies by growing to 20 times his original size?" Asks Peter, "When will it ever end?"

Ray, Egon, Peter, and Jack are all outside watching the battle between the Ghost Boy and the 'Technus' robot. Aware of Egon's experience with Technus, the Ghostbusters are largely relieved that Technus seems unaware of how to properly use the equipment. Jack on the other hand, was just outside the shield searching through a pile of equipment he brought up for a weapon.

"Fenton Creep Stick, Fenton Baseball, Fenton Radio, Fenton Toilet Paper, Fenton Bedpan...Aha! The Fenton Energy Cannon! Take this you Ghost!" Jack lines up the Cannon, but as he fires a shot off, Egon knocks Jack to the ground, and the shot fires off harmlessly.

"Why did you do that? That was the only shot!" Asks Jack.

"If you damage one of the packs you could set off a catastrophic explosion! That weapon actually has the power to do it!"


Danny had expected he would be getting tired by now, but he actually feels rather good --- other then when Technus caught him with an occasional pulse from the packs. That hurt. Unfortunately, Technus's shield is effectively blocking any useful targets with complete accuracy.

What can I do? I've got nothing left! Unless...


Tucker and Sam finally arrive on scene to find Danny losing to the Technus Robot.

"This doesn't look good!" Announces Sam.

"You're telling me! If Danny damages one of those packs, we're done for!"


"If those packs gets seriously damaged, they can explode! It doesn't look like Danny can hit them, but if he uses a ghost----" explains Tucker before the sound of death itself begins to tear at their minds.

Danny's using his ghostly wail! Thinks Tucker. I need to find a way to get him to stop!


The wail works. The shield shatters, its generator broken. The TV head shatters. The Ecto-1 begins to compact, collapsing in the face of the Wail. Danny pours on the power, intent on crushing Technus's newest robot.


"NO! MY CAR!" Screams Ray as the Ecto-1 continues to be crushed by the unearthly scream. Jack wasn't really paying attention however, and was unsure what was actually happening tot the Ghostbuster's vehicle.

"Fenton Finder, Fenton Ghostgabber, Fenton Lightsaber, Fenton Bullhorn..." lists Jack, hoping to find the right weapon. The wail was getting to him, but luckily the scream wasn't directed toward him. If only I had the Fenton Ghostcrammer...

Suddenly, he hears a voice booming from behind him. He turnes, only to see Danny's friend Tucker, using the Fenton Bullhorn to speak above the sound of the wail.



Danny stops screaming, hearing the urgency in Tucker's voice. Hoping the Thermos will function now that Technus no longer has a ghost shield, Danny activates the thermos, pointing it toward the now decrepit robot.

Technus, weakened by the wail, is unable to resist getting pulled into the Thermos. Letting out a cry of elation, Danny allows himself a momentary victory pose as the Robot collapses. He realizes his mistake when he feels the pull of a trap, however.


Ray had used the distraction of the fight to move a trap into position under Danny. Being very careful in case the trap is torn open again, Peter picks up the trap and thermos and headed over to Egon.

"What do you want me to with our new inmates?

"The thermos can be given to Jack. I think we should try talking to the Danny Phantom ghost however. We need to head up to the interview chamber; I repaired it this morning. He shouldn't be able to escape from that. The equipment is a wreck however..."

"Jack! Jack can help us!" announces Ray, eyes red and watery, "We can even introduce improvements to all the equipment in the process!" The decision defiantly seems to perk Ray up.

Seemingly satisfied, Egon turns to Tucker and Sam. "I want you two to come with me."


A/N: THREE pieces of Fenton Equipment invented in this chapter (other then random household items that is). FYI, as will be explained next chapter, the Fenton Bullhorn can amplify a persons voice to be heard even over a banshee's scream. The Fenton Personal Energy Shield and Fenton Lightsaber (an ecto-powered sword) are supposed to look like a midevil sword and shield, when used together.

And if anyone is wondering, Yes, technus could have been captured had Danny caught him by surprise. Danny normally doesn't take that approach for two reasons: It is hard to capture a ghost when they fight back, And he likes to take his aggression out on the ghosts (he is a teenager after all). And besides, the show wouldn't have been any fun if Danny didn't get a good fight scene in.