Raiding the Raiders

7, Addendum

Jinn, Marxus

A week after the raid, accompanied by Owen Lars, he made another attempt to rescue his father and Shmi Skywalker from the Tusken Raiders. Their covert reconnaissance of the camp yielded such harrowing information that they abandoned any hope of recovering their parents alive. Marxus Jinn remained on Tatooine for three more seasons, during which he wedded his childhood sweetheart. After the death of his mother, he and his small family relocated off-world. Their new habitat was invaded by Republic forces almost immediately after their arrival and Marxus was killed in an aerial bombing. At the end of the Wars, Marxus' widow and her daughter, Camie returned to Tatooine.


Kendall, Nathan

He escaped the unspeakable fate of his comrades with a few physical wounds that eventually healed. His mind, however, suffered internal damages. Soon after his return home, he was observed to have suddenly developed alarming habits, which included parading the farmlands half-clothed, 'hunting' the Tusken Raiders by calling out challenges to imagined Raiders. He reacted violently to attempts made to pacify or restrain him and his family eventually allowed him to wander the farmlands as he pleased. Two seasons later, he was officially certified incurably insane by a visiting physician from Anchorhead. Young children took to calling him Nattie Kendall and that was the name he was known by until the end of his life.


Lars, Cliegg

The superficial wounds of his injuries healed; his mutilated leg was amputated and he was crippled for the rest of his life. He retired from active farm work and became a contemplative man who lived out his days in the comfort and love of his family, deriving a special joy in his grandson. After he died, he was buried in the Lars' family plot, along with his parents and his wife, Shmi.


Lars, Owen

Physically unharmed by the encounter, he remained on Tatooine and took over actively running the family business from his father. Two seasons later, he married his childhood sweetheart, Beru Whitesun and three seasons later, adopted his nephew, Luke Skywaker. Twenty-five seasons later, he and his wife were tortured and killed by Imperial stormtroopers dispatched by Darth Vader. Unable to locate the family plot, whose markers had been removed by Owen Lars, Luke Skywalker buried the burnt bodies of his uncle and aunt in graves he dug in the Lars' farmstead. Owen Lars was the last of the line of Lars farmers.


Thirty of us went looking for her.

Four of us came back.


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