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We're What!

"WE'RE WHAT!" they both shouted, although Ginny's yell wasn't all that loud, because of her damaged throat.

"You're both magically married," Arthur said wincing. It took Harry a few moments to realise what Arthur had said.

"What's that meant to mean Ginny isn't even of age yet, she's not allowed to get married," Harry said.

"It's a magical contract, and therefore binding until one of you dies, you cannot get out of it. The fact that Ginny isn't of age yet doesn't mean anything, that's a legal matter, and this is a magical matter. They are completely separate."

"But we never agreed to get married," Ginny said.

"You must have both made a commitment of some sort to each other," Arthur said. Harry looked at Ginny who was looking as shell shocked as he was feeling.

"Well I suppose we did, but we never mentioned getting married, it never crossed my mind. I just don't believe it, it's the Tri Wizard contest all over again we're being railroaded into something we didn't agree to," Harry said.

"I don't believe it could have happen without both of you agreeing to it at some level, conscious or otherwise," Arthur added.

"Well at least there isn't a mad Death Eater doing it this time," Ginny said smiling.

"And no dragons to fight," Harry said, his outrage suddenly vanishing as he saw Ginny's face light up in a smile. "At least I don't think so."

"I don't breathe fire Harry, at least not very often." Ginny said. Mr and Mrs Weasley both visibly relaxed, now that it seemed Harry and Ginny weren't going to explode in fury.

"Two will become one, remember Harry," Molly Weasley said quietly.

"There is a small advantage to this," Arthur said. "Ginny is now considered an adult, so the under age restrictions no longer apply to her, although it's only a few weeks to her seventeenth birthday."

"I'll probably have to spend most of my time in here. I can barely move," Ginny said.

"What do you mean Gin?" Harry was so glad that she had regained consciousness he hadn't thought any further about her health, and worry began to pound in his chest again.

"I don't have any real control over my limbs. I want to lift my arm but it just wobbles about a bit, weird really," Ginny seemed to be the least worried about her latest problems.

"I'll go and find a healer," Harry stood up and began to make for the door.

"Don't go Harry please," Ginny's rasping voice suddenly sounded even smaller. He stopped in his tracks feeling her panic, and sat back down on the bed, and began to massage her arm.

"Sorry Gin I won't leave you. I expect your brothers are tearing the hospital apart looking for a healer, and I guess they don't need me. Do you want to sit up?"

"I'm not sure I can. I better just lie here for the moment, don't look so worried Harry things will be fine. You can't expect me to have gotten away scot free after what that slimey snake head put me through, and before you start to beat yourself up it was not your fault."

"I could have done more to stop him, or told him about the original prophecy. I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for watching you in such pain, and not being able to prevent it."

"You did prevent it Harry, and you took the first curse for me. I'll not forget that."

"Molly, Arthur your daughter is the most wonderful and courageous person I've ever met, and even though it didn't happen quite the way I'd hoped. I'm very happy and proud to be married to Ginny."

"We're immensely proud of both of you, and happy that you've chosen each other, you were always going to," Molly said tears in her eyes. "Was it very bad?"

"Bad enough mum, but it's over now." The door swung open and half a dozen healers and medi-witches came in.

"Healer Smethwyck it's good to see you again. I'm Arthur Weasley you might remember me you treated me over two years ago for a snake bite."

"Yes I remember that was some snake if I remember correctly," the Healer replied shaking the offered hand.

"It certainly was Harry and Ginny killed it the other day, so it won't be biting anybody else."

"I'm glad to hear it I'd also like to thank you Mr Potter and Miss Weasley for what you've done, not only for the Wizarding world but also for this Hospital," he said looking over at them. "Now if you could move to one side Mr Potter we'll examine Miss Weasley, and then get her the best of care." Harry stood up and moved out of the way and refrained from correcting him. He hadn't really killed Nagini, but this wasn't the time to correct Mr Weasley's assumption.

Ginny was starting to look worried as the six medical staff descended on her. Harry couldn't remember her ever being really ill in all the time he'd known her. A broken ankle was hardly serious, and this must all be a new experience for her.

"I'll just wait outside Ginny," her dad said quickly and went outside before things got too personnel. Harry though stayed his ground along with Mrs Weasley.

"Mr Potter I really think you should leave," Healer Smethwyck said.

"I'm staying as long as Ginny wants me here."

"Mrs Weasley it's not seemly that Mr Potter remains," a medi-witch added.

"Harry stays," Mrs Weasley and Ginny said together. After that no more mention was made of Harry's presence, and he watched as they prodded and poked while asking all manner of questions. It was over half an hour an hour later that they declared themselves satisfied, and only Healer Smethwyck remained behind in the ward.

"As Miss Weasley is a minor I really must ask you to leave now Harry, so I can discuss her case with her parents. If you could send her father in that would be most helpful." Harry was torn he wanted to stay desperately, but that would mean telling this stranger of his new martial status, and he was loathed to do that. Mrs Weasley was looking at him as though asking what he wanted to do.

"Do you want me here Ginny?" he asked already knowing the answer.


"Ok, right," and Harry suddenly found out why it had been so difficult to tell Ginny and him about their new status, the whole thing was ludicrous. "Ginny is no longer Miss Weasley she is now Mrs Potter, we were sort of married earlier." Healer Smethwyck looked thunderstruck, and Harry could hardly blame him, so the explanation took another ten minutes until the Healer could believe what he was hearing.

"I'll just get Arthur," Mrs Weasley said.

"I realise that this news doesn't really come under your patient confidentiality agreement, but we would be grateful if you could keep it to yourself until we announce it more formally," Harry asked.

"What can I say Mr Potter of course I will, anything said in here will remain a secret you have my word. I've heard of this, how shall I describe it, phenomenon, but never met anyone who's succeeded in doing it. Let me be one of the first to congratulate you, from what I've heard those that manage in getting magically married end up with rich and fulfilled lives. I'm very envious."

"That's kind of you, and in fact you're the first person to congratulate us we've all been in shock."

"How are we going to get her better?" Mrs Weasley asked returning with her husband.

"First the good news Ginny will make a full recovery with no long term effects." Harry's sigh of relief was drowned out by the sighs of the Weasleys. "I won't give you too much detail, but we have to repair the extensive damage to her nerve endings. It's a simple course of potions, however it is very painful to begin with."

"Can you not give her a pain killer before hand?" Mrs Weasley asked.

"I'm afraid not, it counter acts the potions effects. The pain comes from the growth of the new nerve endings, and we mustn't interfere with that." Harry's heart ached, he had thought that Ginny's torment was over, but he was wrong there was more to come.

"I don't want her to take this potion unless I'm here is that understood?" Harry demanded.

"Perfectly Mr Potter, we'll start nine o'clock tomorrow if that's ok. Ginny will need a good nights sleep beforehand, and I wouldn't want to ruin your wedding day any more than it already has been."

"Is that alright Gin?"

"Tomorrow's fine, I want to get on with this as soon as possible," she replied.

"Till tomorrow then Mr and Mrs Weasley, and Mr and Mrs Potter," Healer Smethwyck said with a smile and then left. Mr and Mrs Potter that was going to take some getting use to, but Harry quite liked the sound of it, and Ginny's face showed that she did too.

"We'd better be getting back home, we need some proper rest as well," Mr Weasley said. "It's been a long few days."

"We'll be back for nine o'clock tomorrow ok Ginny," Mrs Weasley said kissing her daughter goodbye.

"Come later will you mum, Harry will look after me."

"I should be here Ginny."

"Please mum I'd be happier if you weren't."

"I'll be here Molly I promise," Harry added.

"Are you sure Ginny?"

"Yes Mum, come by late morning. I don't want you to witness this," Ginny insisted. The Weasley eventually left promising to do that, but it took a lot of persuading.

"I'm sorry my love I'd hoped that it was all over," Harry said.

"It won't be so bad, should be a breeze after Riddle," Ginny said, clumsily trying to hold Harry's hand.

"I hate seeing you in pain."

"I know likewise for you." He was about to kiss her when the door opened and Hermione and Ron walked back in, with indecipherable expressions.

"So how are the heroes of the Wizarding world that everybody is talking about?" Ron said sitting down in a chair.

"That depends on what they're saying I guess," Harry said kicking off his shoes and climbing onto the bed next to Ginny, so she could rest her head on his lap.

"Well I don't think you have to worry about being called the boy-who-lived anymore," Hermione answered. "You're both true heroes who faced down evil in its lair, and won."

"They're writing pages and pages on you Harry, most of it you've already heard or read before, and they're making all sorts of stuff up about you Ginny."

"Such as," Harry growled he had got used to lies and half truths being written about him, but when it came to Ginny he wasn't prepared to be so understanding.

"It ranges from her already being dead or dying, to her being the one who cast the killing blow."

"Idiots," Harry muttered.

"Actually Harry we do have a problem, how much do we tell people about what we've been up to this last year. They're bound to ask at some stage and the Minister will want some answers. Should we be letting on about Horcruxes?"

"We shouldn't mention them if at all possible. It's dark magic of the worst sort and somebody out there is bound to think it's a good idea and try it out again."

"What if it gets out from another source like a Death Eater, or a reporter adds two and two and actually makes four," Ginny said.

"Then I guess we admit that Riddle created Horcruxes, but we point out that we found and destroyed them, so it's not a safe route to immortality. In the hope that it would deter people from using that route," Harry answered.

"And what about the Minister?" Hermione persisted.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it Hermione," Harry said stifling a yawn.

"There's one thing that'll make you laugh Harry. The papers are guessing when you and Ginny are going to get married," Ron said.

"Is there any chance of getting a bet on for today, we could clean up," Ginny said laughing.

"I think if you wait till tomorrow you'll find that the odds will be even better," Hermione said.

"You're happy then about being Mr and Mrs Potter?" Ron asked.

"I am, and I'm not," Harry answered absently stroking Ginny's hair. "I'm happy to be married to Ginny, wouldn't want to be married to anybody else, but I'm not happy about the how and the when."

"What do you mean Harry," Ginny asked trying to raise her head but failing.

"I mean that I should have asked you to marry me. Then asked your dad for your hand. I should have given you a ring, and of course you should have had a big wedding with dresses, flowers and everything, but that's not going to happen now is it."

"It doesn't matter Harry. I'm not one for fancy clothes I'd rather be wet and muddy after a good Quidditch game," Ginny said.

"Look I know you've grown up with six brothers, but your still a girl, and all girls are meant to love their wedding day, and that's all gone."

"It doesn't matter Harry honestly."

"But you can't look back on today in ten years time, and say what a wonderful time we had."

"Actually Harry," Hermione interrupted, "you could have a sort of a wedding."

"Go on then Hermione tell me how we can break a magical contract so that we can remarry in the future," Harry said.

"Don't be silly Harry you can't break a magical contract, but what you can do is have a blessing. It's much the same thing, but instead of getting married your marriage is blessed. It's becoming quite common amongst muggles, although they've generally been married for many years rather than a few hours."

"So it's the whole works apart from getting hitched?" Ron asked.

"That's it," Hermione said.

"What do you think Gin?" Harry asked.

"I suppose we could if you wanted to Harry, but I'm not bothered," she answered.

"Thanks Hermione we'll think about it," Harry said openly yawning. "Sorry I've had a long day after a bad night, and I think it's catching up on me. Maybe I better pop home and have a nap."

"You're abandoning your wife on her wedding day, as your brother in law I must take exception to your actions."

"Ron you starting to sound like Percy," Ginny said.

"Oh Merlin I've got six brothers in laws," Harry moaned. "What did I do to deserve that?"

"You married me," Ginny replied a broad grin on her face.

"I realise that Gin, but I can't sleep here even if I am married to you, it's a hospital."

"Don't be daft Harry of course you can," Hermione said failing to stifle a grin. "First of all you're Harry Potter, and that means more today than it ever has, secondly you and Ginny are responsible for this floor and this room existing, and lastly you now have four Aurors outside the door hanging on your every command."

"Where did the other two come from?" Harry asked.

"The other two are for Ginny's protection she's nearly as famous as you now."

"I'm sorry Gin fame isn't all it's cracked up to be."

"We'll manage, just enlarge the bed and then we can have a sleep this afternoon, you need to rest those new bones of yours." Hermione though decided to do it for them, and it wasn't long before she had conjured armchairs, tables and endless flowers.

"It's wonderful Hermione thank you," Ginny said once she had finished.

"We better be going we'll come back this evening if you like?"

"We'd like," Harry answered. There were alone finally, and both of them suddenly became tongue tied about what were they suppose to do now.

"Are you happy about all this Gin," Harry eventually asked.

"Very Harry, I really am once I got over the shock. It's what I've been dreaming about for as long as I can remember. You know all about my terrible crush on you. I'm just glad it turned into something more wonderful and real. How about you Harry you don't seem to be all that thrilled?"

"I'm not unhappy Gin. I just find this whole thing overwhelming, first I come around thinking you're dead, and I can't believe how much that hurt. If Luna and Neville hadn't been there I don't know what I would have done. Then I discover that you're in a coma, and I had this desperate feeling that you needed me."

"I did Harry. I don't think I was coming out of that without your help."

"Now we're suddenly married. I've had some strange days since I discovered I was a wizard, but today beat them all"

"But are you happy?"

"You know I am, being with you just makes me happy, and now I have a future where Riddle isn't lurking on the horizon."

"So now he's dead and gone what are your long term plans?"

"I've never thought beyond the end of poor old Tom until know. I guess I'll have to give it some serious thought, especially now I've got a beautiful wife to worry about as well, and I've just realised I still haven't kissed the bride yet."

"Well you better do something about that first then," Ginny said turning her head up from his lap.


Nine o'clock the next day came far too quickly for Harry, and Healer Smethwyck entered promptly causing his stomach to sink with worry at what was to come. Without hesitation Ginny took the offered potion bottle, and managed to knock it back in one, grimacing at its revolting taste.

"How long before it starts to work?" Harry asked when nothing appeared to happen immediately.

"Not very long we'll stay and monitor your reaction Mrs Potter." Her reaction was not long in coming, at first she shifted about as though unable to get comfortable. Then her left leg kicked out uncontrollably, and she managed to stifle a shout of pain. The spasms came faster and faster in all her limbs, until she was thrashing about kicking off the bed clothes, and sending a jug of water flying along with a display of pink carnations.

Harry had wanted to help her, but he was feeling an intense burning in the new scar on his forearm, and was bent over in pain himself. He had suspected that their scars were connected in the same way as his old one had been to Riddle, and now he was getting painful proof.

"Mr Potter what is it," Smethwyck said when he noticed him clutching his arm and doubled over in pain.

"Our scars are connected," he said through gritted teeth, "and I'm feeling the same emotions and pain as Ginny."

"I'll cast a temporary pain killing spell on your arm," the Healer said.

"No don't, I maybe able to help her." Harry was determined to endure this with her. "Look after her I'll sort myself out." He sat down trying to ignore the pain while thinking of the best way to help Ginny. He concentrated on how he felt for her, and how she made him feel, but these thoughts must have been too abstract, and he found them difficult to hold onto. Harry then made himself think about the moment when she had run into his arms after winning the Quidditch Cup. He revelled in the memory, and as he did so Ginny's and his pain subsided, and she lay still breathing heavily.

Harry went to her side and grasped her hand and she looked back at him with a weak smile.

"Thank you Harry."

"I am intrigued by the connection you have with your scars, and I would love to find out more?" Smethwyck asked.

"I'm not interested in becoming a research subject," Harry said quickly.

"You certainly made a difference to her pain it never dies away that suddenly when we've treated others in the past for nerve damage. I'll come back in a couple of hours when you've had some time to recover Mrs Potter, and we'll see if you've got more control over your limbs." Smethwyck gathered his belongings and left shaking his head in amazement at what he had just witnessed.

Harry wasn't sure how long they both held onto each other, and he didn't really care there were waves of exhaustion coming off Ginny, and as long as she wanted to be held that's what he would do. He had thought her torment was over once Riddle had been killed, but here it was continuing.

"Thank you Harry."

"What for I didn't do anything?"

"Yes you did, and you know it. I could feel your love flowing through me, and it was the most wonderful feeling I've ever experienced. I'm looking forward to a life time of that."

"It'll have a down side as well. You'll get to feel all my negative emotions as well."

"Then I'll do whatever you just did to me and make you feel better," and that's what she did right there and then. A warm glow flooded through his body. There was a feeling of deep and unconditional love that came from outside of him. It was positively bizarre, and took him totally by surprise. The link he had had with Riddle had never been pleasant, but this was totally different.

"That was amazing I can see we're going to have to learn how to control this. I wouldn't want to feel the wrong emotion, at the wrong time. That could be really embarrassing or worse."

"That's my Harry always looking at the downside of everything."

"And you're always looking to the positive. I've come to a few decisions Gin about the future so when your mum and dad come to see us I want to go and organise a few things for the future. If that's ok with you. I won't go if you don't want me to?"

"Of course you should go. I was just feeling a bit vulnerable yesterday, and I wouldn't want you to go stir crazy. I know how you feel about hospitals, so what are you going to do?"

"It's going to be a surprise. How are you feeling now, has that damn potion done any good?" Ginny lifted her hands and wriggled her fingers.

"Definitely better, I might even be able to hold my wand, and there was no chance of that yesterday."

"Thank goodness I'd have hated for you to go through all that for nothing."

Mr and Mrs Weasley entered a couple of hours later, and the look on Molly's face was enough to convince Harry that he was glad she hadn't been here at nine o'clock to witness her daughters agony. He made his goodbyes, and accompanied by Walsh and Hargrove who were back on duty apparated to Hogsmeade.


It was late afternoon before a tired but happy Harry bounded back into the private ward to see that Molly and Arthur had been replaced by Hermione and Ron.

"Oh good I was hoping to see you two as I have some big news that effects you as well." He put down the bag he had been carrying, and stood in front of the forth armchair that Hermione had conjured.

"Well go on then what is this big news?" Hermione asked when Harry just sat there in silence.

"I'm deciding what news to give you first. The Ministry news or the Hogwarts news"

"Hogwarts," Hermione said instantly her face lightening up. Harry had missed going there this year, but he realised that Hermione had probably missed it more than he ever could. Harry stood up and began pacing the room.

"I had a word with Professor McGonagall, and she's agreed to let the three of us go back and take our seventh year in September." Hermione let out a squeal of delight, and would have leaped up and hug Harry, but he held out his hand. "There's more."

"Are you telling me that I am going to have to go to classes with my baby sister," Ron said a look of horror on his face.

"That's Mrs Potter to you," Ginny retorted

"Yea right I'm going to start calling you Mrs Potter, in your dreams squirt."

"Will you two stop it? I want to hear what Harry has to say," Hermione interrupted before the sibling spat escalated.

"Now don't get too excited, but I know who the next Quidditch Captain is going to be, and they're in this room."

"Well it's not going to be me," Hermione said disappointed at the subject matter.

"Wait a minute I'm the Captain," Ginny said.

"The Professor decided it wouldn't be right for either of us to be the Captain in case it leads to a domestic dispute, as she put it."

"But that must mean I'm the Captain," a stunned Ron said.

"Well of course you're not, Hermione is," Harry said laughing. "And Luna's going to be Head Girl, not Hermione." Hermione couldn't contain herself, and this time she did leap up and hug Harry, despite his poor attempt at sarcasm.

"After I sent the badge back last summer I never thought I would be offered it again," her eyes lit up, and Harry could see her brain already organising prefect duties. Ron's eyes had glazed over, and Harry imagined he was turning into a worse incarnation of Oliver Wood. "So who's going to be Head boy, is it you Harry?"

"She offered it to me, but I turned it down saying someone else should get the privilege, and then I mentioned my new martial status. She thought the idea of me having the Head boy's private quarters was probably best, and so long as Gin and I are discreet, what she doesn't know won't hurt." This time it was Ginny who stood up, somewhat unsteadily, and hugged Harry.

"Did you mention Hermione and me?" Ron asked flushing.

"Not directly, but McGonagall did say that he thought Hermione was more than capable of being discreet as well."

"So what's the Ministry news?" Hermione said wanting to quickly change the subject.

"Scrimgeour wants to give you three and Neville the Order of Merlin second class and Luna third class. I tried to get him to up Luna's but he wouldn't have it."

"I hope he's giving you the Order of Merlin first class Harry," Ginny said.

"I tried to tell him that if I deserved one then all of you did too, but he said he'd be hounded out of office if he didn't make a clear distinction between us, and that it was his decision and that was final."

"Don't be silly Harry you deserve it," Hermione said.

"My dear noble Harry," Ginny added.

"Harry if Hermione gets an Order first class now, how is she going to earn the one she's going to get doing something amazing later in life." Ron then noticed her face. "Don't look at me like that of course you're going to do something amazing to earn one."

"I am not."

"Of course you are," Harry and Ginny said together.

"I am not, and arguing with you is not going to change that, so did you do anything else today Harry," Hermione asked, again trying to change the subject.

"I went to Gringotts and got Gin a key to her own vault." Harry pulled a key out of the bag and handed it over to her.

"Harry you didn't have to do that," Ginny said.

"Yes I did, you're Mrs Potter now, or have you already forgotten. I even put a few galleons in it. They're yours to spend as you wish." Ginny was unable to speak, as for once in her life she was lost for words as the full meaning of being married to Harry Potter began to sink in.

"Speaking of bank vaults Harry, Ron and I need to return the balance of the money you gave us last year," Hermione said with Ron nodding in vigorous agreement.

"Keep it you've earned it ten times over," Harry replied.

"Oh no you don't! You promised both of us that you would take it back once Riddle was dead," Ron said raising his voice.

"Well I lied, give it away if you must, but I want you to keep it. I've made a fortune out of this war by buying property cheap, and prices have doubled in the last week alone, so why shouldn't you two benefit from the peace as well." Harry could see that he's two best friends were now wearing their most stubborn faces, but then so was he, and when it came to being stubborn they were amateurs compared to him.

"You can't just give us money Harry we're not bloody charity cases," Ron snapped.

"No you're not, but look at it this way both of you have missed out on a years worth of schooling."

"Which we're going to make up this coming year in September, so we'll have missed nothing," Ron interrupted.

"Ron if you had just finished your seventh year at Hogwarts, like most of our year, what would you be doing now?"

"Starting or looking for a job."

"Exactly, but you're not are you, so that means instead of earning a years worth of salary you'll be going to Hogwarts."

"It's not for you to pay us Harry," Hermione said.

"No it's not," Harry replied, "but I want to. I can and no one else is going to. I've also left instructions with Gringotts to refuse any money transferred from your vaults, to me or to Ginny."

"I'm never going to find a job that pays ten thousand galleons a year," Ron said. The anger had left his voice as Harry's argument slowly sank in.

"I haven't read any of the newspapers, but I can guarantee that the two of you aren't getting the credit you deserve. If it makes you feel any better then you can buy the first round of drinks for the rest of my life."

"We're not happy about this Harry," Hermione said.

"I know you're not, but is it worth wrecking a beautiful friendship over?"

"No," they both replied after a pause.

"Good, I'm glad that's settled. Now Gin are you sure you don't want this blessing thing, with posh frocks, a fancy cake, a few flowers, and hundreds of guests saying how beautiful and radiant you look?"

"No I've told you Harry I'd rather wear jeans, and have a Quidditch match in a howling gale."

"Well that may happen because while I was in the Ministry Bagman's replacement at the department of Magical Games and Sports wanted to know if his department could do anything for us. So I asked if he had any spare tickets for the World Cup Final," Harry paused there for effect enjoying the look of anticipation on Ginny and Ron's face.

"Well did he?" Ron asked.

"He most certainly did. I am now the proud owner of four tickets to the Final in Japan."

"But its England versus Bulgaria it sold out months ago," Ron said.

"So are you lot up for it? I must warn you though that we'll be forced to stay at a five star hotel all expenses paid, no tents for us this time." There was a sudden chorus of excited yes's. "There is more however, he then asked if we would like to meet the team before they went out to Japan. I said I'd prefer to fly with them, but whatever he could arrange would be great."

"So what did he arrange? "Ron said almost unable to breathe now.

"On the eleventh of August we'll be training with the team. I'd have liked to have kept it a surprise Gin, but I thought you might like to practise on the new Firebolt I'm getting you for you birthday before hand." Ginny's jaw dropped and a half strangled noise came out, but Ron was more vocal and began to leap around yelling and whooping like a Banshee.

"Harry you're a bloody marvel. I can't believe it the first time England gets to the final in forty-four years, and we're going to see it and play with them. Charlie is going to be so jealous! Do you know what Harry if you can plough Preacher the seeker into the ground maybe you can replace him for the final."

"Calm down Ron that's not going to happen, and he's the best chance of beating Krum to the snitch we have. They also have a great reserve seeker in Tommy Quick."

"Yea but he's rubbish compared to you, and Preacher."

"Are you alright Ginny?" Hermione asked as she was still in a state of shock.

"I don't know I think I might still be in a coma. This is all too unreal," she answered in a hoarse whisper. "It's like all my birthdays come at once." Harry put his arms around her feeling all the mixed emotions she was having and enjoying ever single one.

"Well this is all weeks away, and we haven't had a honeymoon yet, but I may have a great one lined up if you agree."

"I don't know when they're going to let me out of this place yet," she stammered.

"It doesn't matter its all open ended. We can come and go from this place as we please," Harry said with a very self satisfied grin on his face, having Ginny speechless was making his day.

"What have you done now Harry?" Hermione asked as Ginny seemed incapable of doing so.

"Well when I was with the Chairman of Gringotts, he insisted on seeing me again, he seemed very put out that I hadn't received any sort of commission in the disposal of Death Eater funds and assets. Their first estimate was apparently way too low, especially once the number of new names of Death Eaters rose dramatically after the Hogsmeade battle."

"How much are you talking about Harry?" Hermione asked.

"He reckons it's getting close to half a billion galleons."

"That would have made your five percent commission worth twenty five million galleons Harry."

"Yea I guess it would have, but I told him a deal was a deal."

"What has this got to do with a honeymoon?" Ginny said now recovering from her shock.

"I'm coming to that. Anyway when he found out about you and me being married, he thought I might be interested in a small island. It covers about a square mile, in the Caribbean that is invisible to all but those in the know."

"You didn't turn him down did you Harry?" Ron asked aghast that he might have done.

"I asked who had owned it previously, in case they came looking for it, but he replied the family had died out recently, so I said I'd be interested in bidding for it like anybody else."

"Oh no Harry you could have snapped it up cheap," Ron moaned.

"Just wait Ron I've not finished. He then went on to say that he thought I'd say that, so he was pleased to offer the island as a wedding gift to Ginny and me, for all the good services that we had done for Gringotts."

"Merlin's beard you're joking Harry?" Ginny said again flabbergasted.

"No I'm not, and I want to make this clear right at the out set. This is a gift to all four of us, but Ginny and I will be using it first."

"How are we going to get there?" Ginny asked.

"Reusable portkey it resets each time you use it to it's previous location."

"Let me get this straight Harry, when I can leave the hospital you're taking me on honeymoon to a Caribbean island with a brand new Firebolt."


"For how long."

"Well I thought we'd come back for my birthday, and then Ron and Hermione could use it if they want."

"That sounds great, and then we'll be playing Quidditch with the England team, and watching them play in the final in Japan. Blimey Harry you sure know how to give a girl a good time"

"Neither can live while the other survives, well it's time to live Gin."

"I'm so going to love being with you Harry." Harry just smiled back at her while gentle rubbing his scar.


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