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#01 – Air

She feels only slight guilt anymore; mostly just on days when the wind is at it's strongest (she swears she can feel Aang's spirit berating her "Katara, how could you?")

#02 – Apples

The taste in his mouth is tart—he's not sure if it's because of the fruit or her glare—he just wishes it would go away.

#03 – Beginning

The first time their eyes meet, there is only a spark of recognition (Oma?), a brief flood of memory (Shu?) before it too fades away into the nothingness of a forgotten past.

#04 – Bugs

She is, perhaps, the stronger waterbender in the world; yet still she amuses him whenever they run across the creepy-crawling things of the forests ("Zuko come kill this bug now!")

#05 – Coffee (companion to #2)

If his breakfast was tart due to her glare, her coffee was bitter due to his snarl.

#06 – Dark

Iroh wondered why Zuko never really was interest in Mae, or Tai Li, or even that earth girl, Song, until he realized Zuko's eyes lingering on the smooth dark skin of the water tribe girl; then everything suddenly made sense.

#07 – Despair

Will you wait for me, in heaven? He gets no response; instead he is left to drown in his despair, she's already gone.

#08 – Doors

She can try to shut him out all she wants, but locked doors aren't the only way into her heart.

#09 – Drink

She holds the cantina out, taunting him in the desert sun---he's half-tempted to just drink her, for he's sure her lips taste just as good as the water she bends.

#10 – Duty

It's his honor, his duty, to capture the Avatar—why can she not understand that?

#11 – Earth

Toph was blind, but then again, one needed no eyes to know where (or to who) Katara wandered during her evening strolls (how come Aang and Sokka couldn't figure it out?)

#12 – End

There was no end, she realized as he held her hand during the sunset, just a different sort of beginning.

#13 – Fall

The awkwardness of a foot, the misplacement of a log, and suddenly she was having to explain to her brother why she was seen kissing the Prince of the Fire Nation under an old oak tree.

#14 – Fire

'Don't play with fire unless you are willing to be burned'—or, in her case, you're a waterbender and can heal such burns, both emotional and physical.

#15 – Flexible

The twirl of a broadsword, the gentle twist of an icy dagger, and he learns quickly just how flexible that stupid waterbender can be.

#16 – Flying

Who would have thought he was afraid of heights, even still, she keeps a comforting hand on his back, trying her hardest to stifle her giggles (that can wait until after he's done vomiting).

#17 – Food

The way Sokka ate disgusted the Prince, but he held his tongue (how was he suppose to ask for his sister's hand in marriage if he won't stop stuffing his face!)

#18 – Foot

One step, then two, and suddenly, they're dancing, not fighting, and it's no secret which one they prefer.

#19 – Grave

It's not much of a tomb, barely fitting for a peasant, much less a Queen, but he doubted she would have liked it very much if it was.

#20 – Green

She knew it was crazy, but sometimes she would look into his eyes and they would look green, not gold; all she had to do was blink and they'd be back to normal, but still

#21 – Head

One thing he knew for sure was that Katara did love her head games--the not-so-gentle teasing she did was enough to rack anyone's mind, much less the sullen Prince's already messed-up one—but that was just one of the many reasons why he loved her.

#22 – Hollow

The house they shared never seemed so empty until she was gone, leaving after another of one their numerous fights, and he was remembering quickly just how much he hated the silence.

#23 – Honor

"If you loved me like you say you do, you'd give up your honor and your stupid task of capturing the Avatar, but I guess you don't actually love me, do you?"

#24 – Hope

"Sokka, please," she was shaking, the gun quivering in her fingers as she moved it towards her brother, "Don't make me choose between the one I love and my family."

#25 – Light

Love shines brightest in the dark, read the inscription on the cave, though she doubted she would ever like Zuko, whether there were lights in the cave or not.

#26 – Lost

They were so intent on completing their mission (finding each other) that the secret lovers did not even realize they had pasted one another on the stairs until after the other was long gone.

#27 – Metal

The clinging and banging the ship made was far different than what she was use to; she was going to have to learn to be quieter from now one ("You were in his room again, weren't you?" How did Sokka know?)

#28 – New

"Because that's what parents do, Koda," a pampered, blue-eyed Prince giggles as he leans into his father's embrace, "When something attacks their babies, they bite, like this," a playful tackle leads to laughter—funny, it doesn't really seem all that new.

#29 – Old

Azula always lies; "Your wife is dead," Azula always lies; "A shame, really—she would have been pretty if she wasn't a waterbender," Azula always lies; "Now that she's gone, will you marry a Fire Nation girl, I wonder?" Azula always lies—why would she stop now?

#30 – Peace

A steady breath, a gentle kiss—where once there were two, now they are one.

#31 – Poison

The words fell from his lips like poison ("I don't love you.") but whether it was to kill her or himself, he had no idea.

#32 – Pretty

She never considered herself to be very attractive; he made it his mission to prove her otherwise.

#33 – Rain

It's noon on the warmest day of the year, not a cloud in sight, and he allows himself a small smile (there's no way he can't win); then, out of nowhere, it begins to rain and suddenly he doesn't have the advantage anymore.

#34 – Regret

There were a lot of things the Prince regretted, most of all was losing her, and he would give it all to have her back.

#35 – Roses

She only wanted to stop and smell the flowers for just a second; why did he have to take that second her guard was down to attack!

#36 - Secret

She feels a hand wrap around her waist, another across her eyes, and a quick peck on the cheek, "Guess who?"

#37 – Snakes

"Did it bite you?" he rolled his eyes: "No, I was just rolling around in pain for fun."

#38 – Snow

It certainly was an odd way to be humbled; "You want to try to hit me again, peasant?"

#39 – Solid

What he hated most about water was that it never stayed; where once there was water would one day be ice or steam—he just hoped she wasn't like the water she bended (he would not know what to do if he lost her).

#40 – Spring

In the spring she is decorated with lilies and lilacs, and he has never found a more heavenly combination.

#41 – Stable

He smell like the ostrich horse he's been caring for, and in a way, she finds that endearing (finally, he has been brought down to her level).

#42 – Strange

"You are so weird," he says as she takes another bite off of her fish, ("Try it, it's good, I promise," Like he was going to trust that.)

#43 – Summer

It watches the comet from the opposite side of the palace—the last place he thought he'd be—and holds her hand gently; finally, they have reached the end.

#44 – Taboo

There was something unspoken and forbidden about lovers from two different nations, but that did not stop them, only encouraged them.

#45 – Ugly

She holds her child—a blue-eyed firebender—as she cries; why is different always considered ugly?

#46 – War

Were it not for the war, she would have loved him; were it not for the war, he wouldn't be interested.

#47 – Water

There is something terribly frightening about water, due to his element of course, but still he stares as she enters the lake to bathe—for some reason, he can't make himself turn away…

#48 – Welcome

"You are not welcome here, Daughter of Water," came the stern voice of some of the more haughty Fire Nobles, "And we will never accept you."

#49 – Winter

It's cold in the south, too cold for his taste, and since she is gone, he doubts he'll ever feel warm again.

#50 - Wood

There is something to be said about a pair who are willing to make love in a forest, with sticks and trees and bugs interfering, but you must give them points for trying.


I actually started writing a different set before deciding that that set really didn't work for me, and I started on this one. However, I do have a few (20 or so) sentences already written, so you get something extra.


When they fought, they fought in circles, rings, continually dancing around one another, but never really getting anywhere, either.


Zuko wasn't a hero—it just wasn't his thing; that did nothing to stop her, however, from finding a savior in the blue-and-white mask and the man behind it.


She stops and stares at the young gentleman she just pasted on the crowded Earth Kingdom street, racking her memory because she knows she's seen him before; he turns his head and suddenly she remembers quite clearly who he is and why he's there.


At the end of her bed there is a box where she kept all of her precious items; in the end, the box was the only one who knew the roses he gave her existed at all.


"Tired of running away from me yet, girl?" She'd smirk in response: "Have you done anything worthy of me staying, Prince Charming?"


The wind around her whirls, and through the dust she can see wide eyes glowing and she thinks that maybe telling Aang about her relationship with Zuko might not have been the wisest thing she's ever done


She walks by with a coy smile and in a little black dress; he can literally feel his heart grow wings and soar.


He thought everything about her would be cold like her element, but he found out quickly just how warm she was; there was nothing cold about Katara of Water (except maybe her words).


His hands were stained with the blood of life, the death of innocence, and all he sees is red, red, red—where once, there was blue.


He's far too close for this late at night, and in the darkness he pulls out a simple trinket—"Does this belong to you?"


"What are you trying to do—kill me?" She smiles, "Don't tempt me."


The view from Appa must be exceptionally good tonight; for why else would he not meet her in the eyes?


She would have never took him for a musician, (he always seemed too serious for something like that,) yet, when she heard him play the Sugi Horn at Iroh's funeral, she learned quickly that the Prince had many talents he kept skillfully hidden.


His people are known for their silks while her's are known for their furs; both feel foreign to the pair and are quickly discarded for better things.


The only thing that separates them is a thin silk cover, but honestly, she would have it no other way.


There are a thousand broken promises in his kiss, each one reminding her of the thousand more broken in her own.


He watches slowly, carefully, and fearfully as the Fire Lord orders his guards to take her away—(not even in his dreams does he get both things he wants).


One of the first lessons for a Firebender is to control the flame of a candle—but that does not stop Katara from worrying as her daughter leans in to catch it.


It takes talent to be this skilled at bending, he thinks, or maybe he's just overestimating her again.


There were no words after their last argument—there were no need for them, either, for tearstains said enough.


He doesn't know what hurts worse: the fact that the adventure is over, or the fact that he won where she lose.


Her eyes went wide with disbelief; who would have guessed that the Blue Spirit was also a firebender?


Few things scare her anymore; maybe this is strength, or perhaps it is just foolishness.


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