Pairing: Aang x Toph
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Theme Set: Alpha
Rating: G--PG15ish

#01 – Comfort

I see no love in your future—because really, fifteen is too young to know what love is, (it's also too young to die), and he never could love anyone after her.

#02 – Kiss

There's something oddly sensual about his second kiss—she kisses his nose, his ear, before finally finding his lips—but really, he likes it this way.

#03 – Soft

Toph was not a soft girl, not a quiet girl, and when she was it worried Aang more than anything else.

#04 – Pain

It hurts, loosing someone, and it's a pain that just won't go away (he doesn't want it to—he doesn't want to forget).

#05 – Potatoes

The lack of food has put everyone on edge, and out of nowhere, Toph kicks the ground and the dirt clad vegetables pop up, and to Aang's surprise they've never tasted so good.

#06 – Rain

She isn't afraid of the rain, she says, but of the thunder and lighting, because she can hear it but never see it when it strikes, and he promises her that he'll be there with her during every storm so she won't get caught unaware.

#07 – Chocolate

"There's something on your nose," how she knows this he'll never know, "Don't be silly, every girl can sense when chocolate is around."

#08 – Happiness

Happiness is overrated, he thinks, or maybe he's just become so accustomed to mourning he no longer remembers what it feels like.

#09 – Telephone

It's a silly game that they play, whispering back and forth to one another while giggling; the others watch and remember that, in spite of everything, this powerful little Earth girl and the world's last hope are still just children.

#10 – Ears

You'd think her ears would be bigger with all the stuff she manages to hear ("Did you just whisper my name in your sleep again, Twinkletoes?")

#11 – Name

Don't answer to Twinkletoes, it isn't manly—but it's the name she picked out for him, and that means more to him than any piece of damage to his pride.

#12 – Sensual

Blood rushes to his face as her feet 'accidentally' brush against his leg; he's just thankful she can't see him blush.

#13 – Death

The swamp shows us who we love, who we've lost—he knew she was going to die before he met her, he just wished he had listened.

#14 – Sex

There is blood everywhere, Toph and Katara can't be found ("They're just out talking in the woods, Aang, just girl-talk, you don't want to know.") but when they comes back she stares at him unseeing for a moment, hesitates, and then screams.

#15 – Touch

There is a soft smile, a quiet touch; "Your stance is wrong," but when she's this close to him he finds it hard to breathe, much less care.

#16 – Weakness

Her eyes narrowed heavily, "Wait, Toph, I didn't mean it—" But still, it hurt whenever someone mentioned her sole weakness, her greatest strength.

#17 – Tears

He's not really one to cry, not really, but he can't help it—she's gone.

#18 – Speed

He's faster than anyone she's ever faced before, and she doesn't know if she's scared, or excited.

#19 – Wind

The wind blows through her hair, pulling it down from it's usual bun—er, thing ("AANG, STOP WITH THE WHIRLWINDS ALREADY, YOU'RE MESSING UP MY HAIR!")

#20 – Freedom

The Fire Princess has finally caught him, he's bound and chained and helpless; but it's not his freedom he wants, but that of the other prisoner, even though he knows Toph would not leave without him.

#21 – Life

Atop the flying bison with the wind flaring wildly around her and the curious airboy (Twinkletoes) beside her, she wonders if this is what it's like to truly live, and she hates her parents just a little more for never giving her this chance.

#22 – Jealousy

She doesn't hate Katara, she tells herself, but she doesn't like the way Aang stutters when he's trying to talk to her and for that she avoids the other girl like the plaque (she's not jealous…really).

#23 – Hands

If his hands shook any more from nerves than her ears might bleed from the vibrations; it is because of this and only this that she takes his hand and holds it steady in her own (that's what she tells herself, at least).

#24 – Taste

She tastes like dirt and rocks and salt, and to his surprise he likes.

#25 – Devotion

There are times when he wonders if this is what his destiny really is (just saving the world) but then he feels her hand and knows there must be something more to it than this.

#26 – Forever

He's not worried about dying; he has eternity, after all; but as she takes her last breath he can't help but wonder if forever is as overrated as it seems.

#27 – Blood

The problem with not seeing, she muses, is that she can't tell if the wet stuff on her fingers is blood or something else (She'll take Aang's sharp breath as a hint, though).

#28 – Sickness

There is an odd uneasiness in her stomach when Aang's around that feels a bit like butterflies; Sokka laughs at her ("That's called love, Toph.")

#29 – Melody

He can't sing and neither can she, but they both try and for some reason when they're together it doesn't sound as bad as they thought.

#30 – Star

He knows Katara didn't mean anything by her comment about the stars, but he still notices how Toph's gaze lingers towards the sky and can't help but wonder how deep of a wound that really is.

#31 – Home

How strange--they both ran away from home, and now they have no home to go back to.

#32 – Confusion

She sits on Appa quaintly, rubbing her hands on the metal of husk, before quietly asking "Are we on a ship?"

#33 – Fear

"What are you afraid of?" Losing you, but he can't find the words to say it, so he merely smiles, "I fear nothing."

#34 - Lightning/Thunder

He finds her as a huddled ball in a self-made temple of earth; it takes only one roar of thunder to know why she hides from the storm.

#35 – Bonds

There are some bonds that can't be broken; he clings to Katara like an affectionate sister or a warm mother, she likewise clings to Zuko as if he was the older brother she always needed, so it's really no surprise that when Zuko and Katara come as lovers Aang and Toph are quick to follow their example.

#36 – Market

She's never cared for shopping; it's annoying and the noise and vibrations hurt her ears, but she can tell he enjoys it and for that she'll bite her tongue and endure it (just this once).

#37 – Technology

There are advances, they say, there are things that can make you see, but she turns them all down; Aang, she knows, is better than any false sight technology can give her.

#38 – Gift

He didn't know exactly what to give her for her birthday; she grew up a spoiled rich girl with her every need taken care of and wanted for nothing, so he gives her the one thing she's never gotten before (a kiss) and is surprised to find she returns it.

#39 – Smile

He decided early on in their friendship that he would do anything for her smile; it's not until a long time later does he realize exactly what that means.

#40 – Innocence

"Toph doesn't have an older brother, and I have to hear it from Sokka every damn day, so you listen to me Aang: Avatar or not, Toph better still have her innocence or there's going to be some problems between you and me, you hear me?"

#41 – Completion

He feels whole when he's with her, complete; strangely enough, he never knew he was broken to begin with.

#42 – Clouds

She can't see the clouds, she only feels the moisture on her face, and he laughs lovingly as she pushes away the clouds in an attempt to dry off.

#43 – Sky

The green-eyed infant reaches towards the sky longingly, at this Mr. And Mrs. Bei Fong look at one another and wonder if it means something.

#44 – Heaven

There is a place in between heaven and earth, and he wonders if he's found it in her arms.

#45 – Hell

He wanders the Spirit World looking for her, watching the lost souls struggle, and he prays that he won't find her here, not here, anywhere but here…

#46 – Sun

"Oh, quit whining, you big baby!" (It was his own fault he got the sunburn, he should have known better than to stay out in the sun that long.)

#47 – Moon

The moon dances along her skin and with her pale eyes, and she looks more than human, like a goddess almost, but he finds he's okay with that (he's a bit more than human, too, if being the Avatar counts).

#48 – Waves

She's falling, faster and faster, until she feels him pull her up and suddenly she's okay again ("You should have told me you couldn't swim!")

#49 – Hair

It's only when they kiss and she goes to run her hand through it does she realize that Aang doesn't have any hair (no one bothered to tell her).

#50 - Supernova

Katara is frightened by his Avatar State and rightfully so; Toph merely stands still, calm like a rock, and muses aloud, "I can't tell a difference."


14---Some people get confused with this one: think birds and the bees and an awkward Toph who doesn't know how to act about that sort of thing.

40---Zuko's saying it. ;) I can imagine Zuko and Toph having a brother/sister like relationship, so I figured Zuko would be the one to give the "If you touch her you die" talk.

35---Yes, it's zutara. I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!

Also, like, half of these were inspired by easytodistract, so blame her.