Summery: This is a rewrite of the original Naruto story, with a Naruto with altered powers and personality. He is strong and wise when it comes to fighting, clueless when it comes to life matters, in others Son Goku personality (Dragon Ball). His powers come from being Kyuubi's vessel, the ability to control and to be immune to fire. Pairings: NaruSaku? SasuSaku?

Will of Fire

Disclaimer: Naruto is a product of Masashi Kishimoto, so I don't own him.
Legend: "": quote, "italic": thought, italic: Japanese word, (): translation/explication, underline: techniques (check the end for invented techniques).

Chapter 1: Meet Uzumaki Naruto!

Our story begins in the country of Fire, a land covered by lust forests and magnificent valleys. At the heart of this land was situated the village named Konoha, known for their courageous and fierce shinobis and the heart of country's military force. Although militaristic, it was a beautiful passive village, where peace, justice and unity were at the core of their beliefs and held above all. It was led by the Sandaime Hokage, the head shinobi and leader of the village. It was surrounded by a rocky mountain by the south on which was sculpted the faces of their Hokage's, a great waterfall by the west and two dense forests by the east and north.

However, all was not well in the village, it was true that the villagers were kind and caring, but there was an exception that is if you happened to be a boy named Uzumaki Naruto. Twelve years ago, the village was attacked by the greatest demon of all, Kyuubi no Youko, the god-demon of Fire and in order to save the village the Yondaime Hokage sacrificed his own life to seal him in a new born child. That child was Naruto. Yondaime's final wishes were for the boy to be treated as a hero, but the villagers thought of him otherwise. They were a very proud people and had lost a lot of relatives during the event. What made them angrier was that they felt guilty about being unable to anything when it had happened. It was the first time they felt so helpless and it made them feel weak. So to part with that weakness and remorse they put all their hate towards Naruto, who they considered as the demon itself. Thus from birth Naruto lived a miserable and lonely life, which was constantly in danger, so much that the Sandaime Hokage, who retook leadership of the village due to the death of his successor, was forced to decree a forbidden law to protect the boy's identity from the children of his age. Thus all adults who knew about his secret could no longer transfer their hate to their children. It would give the boy an opportunity to grow up with the same privileges of others of age. However, Sandaime had underestimated his own people, as it still didn't stop them from making Naruto's life a sorrowful one. He lived under their constant glares and hate, ignored or ousted by his peers, denied from friendship and recognition.

Over the years, those punishments had dramatic effect on the blond haired boy. He never understood why they hated him so much. He figured it was because he was an orphan, after all in this world everyone picked on them. They had the least chance of retaliating and were the most vulnerable. He knew the only way to break away from his current situation was to gain their acknowledgement. Thus he made up his mind to become the next Hokage and not just any Hokage, one that will surpass all others. It had become his dream and sole purpose in life. Unfortunately, he discovered pretty quickly that his wish will be hard to earn. Not to mention that the glares were getting even harder to suppress, it was so bad that he decided to become a mischievous prankster to gain some attention. It was his counter for the glares as now he knew they were glaring at him because of something he did, rather then being the innocent victim.

At the age of 6 he was admitted at the shinobi academy, much to the dismay of the villagers. The first two years were tough. He received no aide and was isolated in class, as the other students were told to avoid him. Not to mention that his prankster attitude usually got him kicked out from classes with earned detentions. The third year began studying the history of the legendary Yondaime, who instantly became his idol. It was also the only subject where he fully paid attention in class. The story about the great man, whose academic records were similar to his that is the last in class, gave him a new inspiration. Now he knew that he did not have to showoff in the academy to become a Hokage. This new revelation was great new for Naruto, who had realized that the teachers always complicated his life when ever he got good at something. Now he could simply do the bare minimum in classes, average in exams, pass academy and then start amazing the villagers, just like he did. Yondaime was also responsible for Naruto's nindo that is a solemn promise that he would never go back down from his words, no matter what, which also happens to be Yondaime's one.

He also knew that skills didn't drop from the sky; he needed to improve by himself secretly. Thus from the age of 9, Naruto started his secret training, where Naruto would spend his nights self-training like a mad dog in a secluded training field. There alone he would work out intensively on his taijutsu and physical stats. He didn't have much to train in ninjutsu as he was only given a few ninjutsus at the academy, which he had mastered and unlike the other kids he did not have the benefit of getting some from relatives. So it was basically an extreme physical training, which included running, shuriken and kunai weapons training, weight training and of course his personal taijutsu style improving. Since no one was willing to help him learn a true art, Naruto developed his based on his instincts which resembled fox like attacks. It was an unorthodox style, but since his body felt comfortable in it, he didn't mind. He also always wore 100 pounds of extra weight on him, which didn't include his suit which was much heavier then normal outfits.

These intense exercises lowered his status as the class clown, as he was too tired to play them. He had realized at an early age that he had a lot of stamina and he used it to its limits, so much that he was virtually exhausted during class times, which he usually used to recover his sleep if the class was boring. For Naruto, anything that did not involve new jutsus, physical training or Yondaime was considered boring. So it was no wonder he was the last of the class and often considered stupid. He really wasn't dumb, just that he needed motivation in order to learn, which he never received and thus he hardly ever paid any attention to class. The teachers did not care anyway they wanted him to fail. They were always cold on him, except Iruka but even had his bad days. In fact, by the time of his graduation Naruto would only prank around when it was Iruka's class, because it was the only place where wouldn't get immediately kicked out of the class. Naruto also never showed his progress in taijutsu or physical training, because he hated venomously the teacher who happened to be Mizuki, the teacher who hated his guts the most. He knew that if he showed too much, in other more then basic taijutsu, and mediocre agility, that bastard would give him some rough tasks to perform, in order to grade him lower. Hence, in the academy his stats were mediocre in taijutsu, speed, and strength, low in ninjutsu and zero on the rest apart his stamina which was high. While, in reality, his physical stats were high along with his taijutsu, average ninjutsu, mediocre in seals and intelligence and still zero in genjutsu.

Naruto was also the creator of his personal brand of ninjutsus. The orioke (sexy centerfold) was one he had created after realizing that men tend to have a weak spot for naked girls and it had become his premier jutsu to knock out Sandaime who happened to be a big pervert. However, he also had two other jutsus and one of them was still in development.

The first was a taijutsu attack he calls janken rendan (rock-paper-scissors combo). He came out with this jutsu after realizing that he tends to release a lot of chakra when he is angry, now Naruto doesn't really know what chakra did apart that when he did release that amount it made his physical attacks much more powerful. Thus he came out with this combo, which he planned to use on his opponents during those tense moments. It is shear luck that till this day not a single person made him mad enough to receive the janken rendan.

The second one was much more devastating then first. He accidentally came upon this ability at age 10. While training a complicated series of shuriken and kunai exercise which he saw in class, which he couldn't perform it correctly. Naruto got so mad that he noticed that his chakra turned into a flame-like aura around him, this amazed and scared him at the same time. He realized that if he concentrated his anger he was able to create this effect on his right hand, which would get covered in flame. This led to the creation of his first fire jutsu, the okaen (inflame). A jutsu where he would charge his right fist with this flaming chakra, which in reality was fire but Naruto was oblivious since he didn't realize he was immune to the element, then slam the fist on the ground creating a blast of flames that surrounds him and engulfs everything around him within given radius like a fiery shockwave. The first time he tried it the blast was so huge that he scared himself, as he had burned everything within a five meter radius. After that day, he never practiced this attack within the forest, as he hated the fact that the attacked had burned the trees that surrounded him, whom he considered his confident as he used to only tell them about his sorrow. He also knew that the jutsu was a hazard, since he had no control over it and in most likely case if he used it anything surrounding him will most likely be burned to ashes. The last thing he wanted was to be labeled a pyromaniac, so he promised himself to never use it till he completely mastered it. Unknown to him that chakra happened to be Kyuubi's, which he releases unconsciously when he is in extreme rage. It was part of the side-effects gained due to caring the demon that is the ability to release fiery chakra at will, as well being immune to fire attacks and having a larger reservoir of chakra do the chakra merger between his and Kyuubi's.

That being said Naruto hardly trained either of the two jutsus, mainly because his knowledge of chakra was low, so low that he never distinguished that the chakra used for janken rendan, which was his and okaen, which was Kyuubi's were totally different and his chakra control was even worse. So considering that he had to learn how to control his chakra and thus making sure of what range and intensity he wanted the okaen to be, it would take him a lot of years to complete it. Meanwhile, he was happy enough with the janken rendan that alone was enough to put someone in a painful position.

At the age of 12, Naruto finally graduated to a genin and that also on the red line. The reason, as always Naruto never paid attention in class, to make it worst, he had totally forgot it was exam day and had trained late the night before. So he was drowsy and when Iruka, asked the class that the test would be on bunshin (clone), Naruto was sleeping. When he woke up, he asked the guy next to him what jutsu they would be doing and he wanting to see Naruto make a fool out of himself told him to perform kawarimi (body substitution). So as usual, Naruto entered the test chamber and since it was Iruka, he pulled the orioke to give him a bloody nose. After getting scolded by him, he performed the kawarimi which really irritated the chuunin teacher. Iruka was about to fail him, but Naruto realizing he had been tricked begged for a final chance on his knees, which the teacher finally granted him. Naruto then completed the correct jutsu and passed the test, but given that it took him three times to perform the jutsu and to mention his numerous other mishaps over the years, he was ranked last in the class. He wasn't much disappointed by the results. After all he always thought it was going to be a fight between him and Shikamaru, his in class sleeping partner. Now he clearly had the underdog status and can use it to start owning his doubters, just like his idol did.

The villagers were shocked to hear that the demon-boy had passed, but were at least happy that he ended up being the last in class, that made them feel superior to the demon. The only one who wasn't surprised was of course Sandaime, who had kept a watch on the boy throughout the years with his crystal ball and he was aware of Naruto's little secrets. He saw that although Naruto had a childish mentality, he was responsible of his actions, by keeping his concerns out of the reach of his doubters. Indeed if the villagers knew he had inherited such power, they would have imprisoned him and treated as a hazard. Instead they now think of him as an idiot-demon-brat who barely passed as a genin, boy are they going to be in for a treat when this boy lights up. Sandaime was also the first to guess that Naruto was immune to fire, after seeing him practice okaen a year ago. It was clear to him, because such a technique would be the strongest at the epicenter which happens to be where Naruto is standing, thus he had to be immune to fire or he would be the first to be incinerated. He made a note to tell about his powers to the jounin who would take in charge, after he had accepted him. He wanted Naruto to master that jutsu and to do that the jounin would have to train him on mastering his chakra control, thus give him the final key indirectly. He decided to not alert Naruto about his secret powers yet since that would certainly prompt the boy to ask why he had them, which would lead to the Kyuubi discussion, which he felt the boy wasn't ready for yet.

Unfortunately that very same night Naruto would learn about the Kyuubi due to the incident that unfolded when Mizuki attempted to steal the scroll of forbidden seals. He succeeded his plot by disguising himself as Naruto with henge, him being a fervent Kyuubi hater knew that the villagers were most likely to suspect him, than any other candidate, while he could easily escape with the scroll and its contained jutsus. Just like he assumed his plot worked, as the guards fooled by him, put out a search warrant for Naruto, while he got away. Unlucky for him however, his escape route happened to be by the secluded training field 51, were Naruto was secretly training for his upcoming coronation. Meanwhile, Sandaime had also changed the warrant quickly as he happened to be watching over the boys training in his crystal ball. So everyone was back on Mizuki's trail, they would arrive to late however, because by the time they found him, he had been beaten into a bloody pulp and the first recipient of Naruto's janken rendan. They were also too late to stop Mizuki from revealing Naruto about the Kyuubi, which was the reason why he got the pounding of his life. Upon arriving there the shinobis lead by Sandaime found Naruto sitting with his head down on his knees the scroll of the sealing tightly tied on his back and a barely breathing bloody Mizuki a few meters to the side. Realizing the tense situation, Sandaime ordered caution and went near the boy. He realized that Naruto was crying quietly, which was quite acceptable given what was told. Never in his 12 years did he ever felt this much grief, everything made sense now. They treated him badly because they considered him as the monster that was trapped inside him. Sandaime seeing that he no longer posed any danger ordered the others to leave both of them alone. The group silently withdrew with taking Mizuki with them. He was on his way to the interrogation squad and would most likely face the utmost punishment for not breaking one but two forbidden crimes.

"I know this information is a very painful one, especially considering what you have been trough for all these years, but know that Yondaime never wanted it to be a punishment for you. He thought the villagers would treat you like a hero considering you have given your body to become a prison for the demon and thus protected the village from ever getting harmed by it. Unfortunately, people aren't as sympathetic he thought they would be. So if you want to blame anyone, blame me for not being able to upheld the world he thought he left you in", said Sarutobi.

"So he really is in me… Tell me, will I … will I become him? Isn't that why people hate me? They fear me, because they believe I will become him", asked the boy.

"Naruto, you shouldn't believe everything people say to you. First of all, he is a full fledged demon fox, you are a human. That is like comparing dogs ands cats, there is no way you will ever become him", responded Sarutobi.

"Then why? Why do they fear me? What did I ever do to them? I stay away from them as much as I can. I never hurt them or acted anything like a monster and yet I am still showered by their hatred", asked the boy.

"It's not your fault it's because people are dumb. They hate the fact that they were powerless when it happened and now simply let their fears of being powerless get the best of them. You are simply their victim nothing more. If you weren't here they would probably put it on someone else. Its how human nature is, we aren't perfect. We fear what we cannot understand. There is also another reason, but I don't think you need to know that now", explained Sarutobi.

"No tell me everything, I don't want anymore secrets. I had enough of all the secrets, they never aided me, so what is the point of keeping them?" yelled the boy.

"Naruto that secret was put so that you get to have a fair treatment from those of your generation. Sure the adults would still hate you, but there is always a chance that if their children did not know, they would allow you to prove yourself before judging you. So if you follow the dream you set up for yourself, you may one day regain what was taken from you. As for your first request, fine I will tell you. You see you are what we call a Jinchuuriki. There have been many others throughout the Five Shinobi Nations who have a demon sealed in them. They were made as weapons for wars as a person with sealed demon would possess the ability to use its powers. But that power has a price to pay, the person usually turns out to be unstable and mentally disturb. In other words, they become a menace to their own people. You however are different from them for some reason", explained Sarutobi.

"So that is it then, not only am I forsaken to be their object of hatred for the rest of my life, but I am also a weapon of war. Oh and to make it better, I got a 50 chance to either get them to recognize me as myself or become an unstable menace to society. Isn't life just great", mocked Naruto.

"No Naruto, you are not a weapon of war. You are far different then them. They tend to be possessed by their demon and are born with the demon in them, you are not. I don't know what Yondaime did but whatever he did, it seems that your demon has no power over you, even though you seem to be able to use its abilities. Well more like your own abilities developed as a side-effect of being the prison barrier for Kyuubi. You already started to experience that power, it is the one that awakens when you get angry", explained Sarutobi.

"Of course, that flame-like chakra, it must be his. So all this rage I feel is from him, this is his rage isn't it? No wonder it feels weird every time I get angry. I guess he tries to use that to use me as his tool, so in order to stop him I must control my anger", decided the boy.

"Not quite, like I told you earlier your powers are mysterious, because you are one of a kind. From what I see, that rage is yours not the Kyuubi's. Think about it, if that rage was his, do you think he would trying to help you train or would he simply rather go and use your body to kill? So it cannot be him, but if it was your rage it is understandable. You have been hiding your pain deep inside you for a long time and that is bound to come out sooner or later. So the power Kyuubi gives you is activated by your anger now because you can't control it yet. Anger is related to hot-temper and heat is Kyuubi's power. So theoretically, the more you will gain control of your anger and your power the less anger it will take to activate it", said Sarutobi.

"So how do I control it, because I am somewhat confused by what you said. It is true that I seem to release this thing with my anger. It is also true that I seem to be able to concentrate it on my right hand by concentrating my anger there, but when I use my jutsu I have no control over it", asked the boy.

"Ah you mean your okaen? Yes I have noticed that, but that is easily fixable with the right training, the problem has nothing to do with your ability. I think the best approach is that you consider this power like your chakra, but a heated version. I will tell your sensei tomorrow on what to train you to fix that little problem on your jutsu. As for how to control your power, well for the moment I suggest that you do try to work on controlling your anger by concentrating it at one point. It will indirectly work on controlling your anger and your ability to release easily. I am not sure yet, but it seems like your power takes two things to work correctly", replied Sarutobi.

"Hey, how do you know about okaen? I thought I kept it under close guard. Erm, how about telling me now and the teacher can help me if I still don't get it. Wait what is the other thing?" kept questioning Naruto.

"Patience little one, I know it isn't your strong point but you will need to have it to learn that thing. You really didn't think you could hide a jutsu from me could you? I can see everything, maybe you will understand what I mean by that one day if you can replace me. I will tell you one last thing for tonight. You seem to have two abilities as far I can see: the ability to draw fiery chakra and immunity to fire. Now how about handing me that scroll you took from Mizuki", said a smiling Sarutobi.

"Oh you mean this? What's in it anyway, that bastard gym teacher seemed like he was on top of the world with it", asked Naruto while handing the scroll to the Hokage.

"Ah so he didn't tell you what was in it? You didn't open it either, I see", said Sarutobi.

"Why would I open something that doesn't belong to me for?" asked the boy.

"I guess you wouldn't be faithful if you did. Fine I will tell you. This is the scroll of the forbidden seals. It contains all jutsus that Yondaime Hokage considered to dangerous for a shinobi to learn for their own sake. That is why it is called forbidden", explained Sarutobi.

"Then I guess it's a good thing I never peaked in. Wouldn't want to learn anything to put me in an even greater risk then I already am", laughed Naruto.

"Just one more thing Naruto, there is something you must always remember. Great power comes with great responsibility. Given your power, you are responsible for it, so I would advice you to not use it till you understand it. If you show your power to quickly people will start fearing you more then ever, so use it at your own discretion and unveil it slowly. Till you have fully understand your abilities, use it only if you are in a real danger or if you must protect someone from a great danger, understood? By the way, I am curious to know, what you did to Mizuki to look that bad beaten?" asked Sarutobi.

"Dude, you don't have to tell me that twice. I don't plan to use okaen even after completely mastering it, unless I am far away from those I am about to protect. So don't worry about it, I don't want anymore of those villagers glares for potential friendly accidents, got enough glares already. I gave the bastard a piece of my mind", laughed back Naruto.

"Good, I am glad we have an understanding. I suggest you go home and rest, you got a big day tomorrow. I thank you for the great service you have done for Konoha and now I must bid you farewell", added Sarutobi before disappearing from the field.

Of course, Naruto never listened to the last suggestion. He kept on training all night long, with an added determination. So he barely had any sleep by the time the class started. He was the first to enter and the first thing he did was to take a nap while the others slowly entered on their turn barely noticing the blond haired orange dressed shinobi. That is until one Haruno Sakura walked in and shoved him out of his seat so she could sit next to his neighbor, who happened to be Uchiha Sasuke, the number one rookie of the class. Naruto didn't mind ignored but he didn't like being shoved while sleeping and was about to give the person a piece of his mind till he realized that it was a girl and second it was Sakura, to which he quickly backed a way and searched for a new seat, only to find that the rest of the seats have been filled by the others apart the one next to her. So he covered his head and quietly sat back.

The reason why he wanted to get away from her was due to an incident that occurred 8 years ago. She was the first and only girl he ever got interested in, in other words his first crush. However, that crush lasted for a day thanks to her parents. Even before he could approach her, they shone him away with their glares, declared him an evil influence to the well being of their daughter. Now he felt humiliated for being call that but remained passive. That evening he found her being harassed by three boys, so he defended her, but in return the parents of the boys as well as her parents gave him a beating for which he suffered for the next three days. He was four at that time and he never forgave her for not stopping her parents of wrongfully accusing him for the crime he had just saved her from. Ever since that day he decided to stay as far as he could from her, he wasn't interested on saving her butt again and he knew that his conscious would force him to go to her rescue if he was near her.

Sakura however had totally forgotten about that incident and was pretty much totally oblivious to his presence. To her he was a dumb clone with bad fashion sense. All that mattered to her was that she was sitting next to her Sasuke-kun, the hottest and coolest boy in class and her first and only love. She was also happy that she had beaten Yamanaka Ino, her rival in love, by stealing this seat. Unlike Sakura who was chuckling, Uchiha Sasuke was brooding while doing his cool cold pose. He was annoyed by his fan girls, whom he found useless and annoying. To him all that mattered was to be the best and vengeance anything else was a nuisance, unproductive and would only slow him down. So one could easily guess what Sasuke thought of Sakura: a useless nuisance that would slow him down.

Naruto and Sasuke were from the opposite side of the scale on pretty much all aspect of life. The only thing Sasuke respected of Naruto was the fact that he was an orphan like him. While the only part of Sasuke that Naruto accepted was that he was lone wolf like him. Anything else and they were fire and ice, Naruto being the fire while Sasuke being the ice. What Sasuke couldn't stand of Naruto was the fact that he was the loser of the class, while Naruto couldn't stand Sasuke's elitist showoff attitude. In fact, one could not stand the others presence near him.

So given their relationships between each other, it was clear that neither of the three were happy to hear their names called together under the same team. Thus team 7 was formed under the guidance of the elite jounin Hatake Kakashi. On one side was Haruno Sakura, a book worm in red, the other Uchiha Sasuke, the blue dressed number one rookie who also happens to be the last and sole survivor of the Uchiha clan and finally Uzumaki Naruto, the orange dressed former prankster who also happens to be a Jinchuuriki. A match made in hell. During lunch a joyous Sakura tried to bond with her love only to get totally ignored. While Naruto kept on trying to recover his sleep by skipping lunch for his nap.

After lunch, the new genin teams were to meet and be picked up by their new sensei. Unfortunately for team 7, they had to wait three extra hours then the rest till Kakashi showed up. He gave one of his elaborate excuses to explain his lateness, but no one was fooled, since Naruto was still drowsy, Sakura didn't buy it and Sasuke didn't care. Kakashi took them to an open terrace and presented himself then ask to each of them to introduce them selves. It started with Naruto, whose presentation made him the laughing stock of his two teammates, as he claimed his dream was to become the greatest Hokage ever. Then it was Sakura's turn, who blushed so much while looking at Sasuke that it didn't take long for either Kakashi or Naruto to figure out her interests. Finally, it was Sasuke's turn who revealed that he plan to rebuild his clan and to kill a certain man. Kakashi then revealed that they were to meet him tomorrow at training ground 7 at 6 A.M. for a field test and asked them to not bring any food, nor eat any, as the test may cause nausea. He also revealed that should any of them failed his test they would be returned to the academy and their genin status suspended, so they should be prepared for the worst during the test and disappeared from the view.

After he left, the three got up and parted their ways, well more like Naruto went one way and Sasuke went the other with Sakura trailing behind him. Sakura decided to try her luck again and attempted to get a date with Sasuke. But Sasuke being Sasuke put her down hard, claiming that he didn't have time to spend with weaklings and suggested that if she cared about their future she would go and make sure that Naruto is knew what to do. Sakura acting like his dog automatically went after Naruto with her new mission. She found him at the Ichiraku Ramen, eating his lunch, which happens to be his favorite food in the world ramen. She asked to be at his company to which she got a weird glance from him as it was the first time any girl asked his company. He told her that it would be a bad idea, as he tends to make a bad influence on others. She told him that she wasn't looking for a date, which she reminded that she wouldn't even if he was the last guy on earth. She simply wanted to know him better so she would know what parts to cover so their test won't turn out to be a failure like him.

"Like parents like daughter, keep coming with your insults Haruno, the more the better, God I am so going to enjoy putting that smock off both of your faces", thought Naruto.

Just then they were met by team 10 of Ino, Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Chouji. Ino being her usual self, started to push Sakura's buttons, by revealing that she had just seen Sasuke practicing at training field 10 and that it seemed to her that he already didn't like his team. She hinted that maybe they weren't worthy of a man of his skills and she planned to go and train with him after their conversation. That was enough to start the verbal cat fight between the two. Meanwhile, Naruto, Shikamaru and Chouji greeted each other, they were all detention buddies and possibly the closest thing to friends Naruto ever had. They talked a bit, before Naruto was virtually yanked out of his seat by Sakura. She tried to force him to come with her at training field 10 to train with Sasuke. Naruto laughed at her request replying that it would be better she went alone. After all he, Naruto, was the weakest link of the group and she should know how Sasuke hated weak people. So he, Naruto, would go and train by himself, in order to catch up to their expectation. His cleaver trick worked and thus he managed to finally go back to his daily activity, self-training at area 51.

In spite of his effort this would not be his last meeting with Sakura of the day. As luck would have it she and Ino both got dumped by Sasuke hard and he reminded her that she should go and watch over that dobe Naruto, so that he doesn't mess up their day tomorrow with his stupidity. Thus Sakura again played her role as the dog of the last Uchiha and went for the hunt of Naruto. It would have been a hard task if it wasn't for a certain Hyuuga Hinata of team 8, which included Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino. Hinata was known to have a crush on Naruto but she was too shy to tell him in fear of rejection, so instead she used stalk him when ever possible. She knew that Naruto trained somewhere around area 50, which was the limit her father, the clan heir, had permitted her to walk without an adult escort. So instead of 2 hours it only took Sakura 30 minutes to find Naruto's location.

When she did find him, she was surprised to see him performing some complicated taijutsu moves she never seen before. She decided to spy on him for a while before intervening, thus she hid herself near the bushes 20 meters behind him. The stance Naruto was performing resembled like the tiger stances of shaolin kempo, his own version that is and was very complicated as it had about 7 steps. What Sakura didn't know was that he had an additional 100 pound weights strapped on him for a total of 200 pounds of additional weight without counting the weight of his orange suit and it was his first day trying it. This made his stance slow resembling the agility described in his academic records, which was still faster then her agility. So she was impressed that he was doing such a complicated stance, she had figured taijutsu would be his strong point but not by this much. However, her spying mission ended quickly thanks to her indiscretion, as she accidentally twitched one of the vines of the bushes. This immediately alerted Naruto, as he retaliated by throwing a quick kunai at her direction before she could move. She screamed in fear, but she wasn't hit, instead she found the kunai stuck on the tree behind her inches above her head and Naruto in front of her with a menacing look.

"Damn it, he used the kunai to sniff me out. Either that or he missed but I revealed myself out by screaming. Either way I am screwed", thought Sakura.

"What the hell are you doing here? Did you have a death wish trying to spy game with me? I nearly killed you by accident, you know? This isn't a place to joke around, there can be real predators here", yelled Naruto to her.

"Calm down, I just came to train with you. Sasuke-kun didn't need any sparing partner so I thought you would be interested. I saw you concentrated of your combo so I decided to wait till you finished, but I wasn't discrete enough, no need to over do it, you know? Wait what you mean real predators?" asked Sakura.

"Like wolves, foxes, snakes, centipedes. This is the outer zone of the village there is no protection here. This isn't the place for an amateur. You came to train with me? Do you seriously think that I will believe that you Haruno Sakura, biggest fan girl of Show-off boy came here to train with me? Speak the truth, what happened did he dump you again and asked you to spy for him? Or maybe he sent you here to remind me to not mess up his glory tomorrow. I mean you do like to be his lap dog don't you? So which is it?" interrogated the boy.

"Stop saying nonsense, I am just trying to know you better for the sake of the team, no need insult me for that. Sasuke-kun wanted to join us also, but he had checkout something about Kakashi-sensei. Besides, last I recall this field isn't own by you so I am entitled to train here just as you are", lied Sakura.

"Liar! I knew it, you are so into him, that you didn't even realize you came here because of his request and now you are even trying to defend him. That egoistical bastard is so full of himself! If it wasn't for the fact that he is on team I would have made him eat all his words. Fine you want to train here? Train, but don't disturb me", yelled back Naruto towards Sakura, who knew he had caught her tongue.

"Fine, I will! I can't believe I actually wanted to help you. What a jerk", yelled back Sakura.

Thus concluded their conversation, both went to train on separate directions, neither trying to bother the other. Naruto kept on working on her stance while trying to adjust his body to the additional pounds of weights, while Sakura decided to work on her kicks and punches on the specially prepared three with a covered fighting pad. The two glanced at each other time to time but never talked to the other till the end, when Naruto had to help her find the way back to the village, as it was dark.

End of chapter 1

A/N: Well what you think. For those who are wondering no Naruto isn't uber strong. He is simply good at fighting and anything related to that and of course when it comes to solving emotional problems. He is hesitant, lacks social values, has zero understanding of chakra control, has a lot of will power and potential, very determined and has those abilities which he hardly going to use unless he has his back on the wall (i.e. last resort).Anyway, next test, Bell test and training. Read and Review, Please!

New Techniques

Janken Rendan / Rock-Paper-Scissors Combo: B rank taijutsu created by Naruto, where he starts with a hard punch, follows up with a palm strike and finishes with a scissors kick, with a lot of his chakra infused on the hits making it very painful and resulting to a lot of bone fractures. Usually it's a punch to the gut, palm strike on the pectoral and the scissors kick to the head.

Okaen / Inflame: A rank ninjutsu created by Naruto where he blasts the area surrounding him with a wave of fire on a given radius and height. The burst of flames acts like a heat shockwave and engulfs anything on its passage, in which only Naruto is left unharmed. (Check Enflame skill in the game Fable for a resemblance it's the exact one)