Will of Fire

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Chapter 5: The Devil of the hidden Mist

It had been only a day since team 7 had started their first C-ranked mission and already the team was at its limits thanks to its client. Tazuna's constant bickering about every little thing was getting on the team's nerves. Especially for the most explosive member of the group: Uzumaki Naruto. He had already contemplated on killing him a dozen times and he felt he had every reason to do so. Tazuna was a loud perverted alcoholic and a complainer. If that wasn't enough he had also irritated him by calling a 'shrimp' and was teasing him to no end. So much that even Kakashi feared an imminent eruption from his hot headed student. This was a concern for him as even by now he was still unsure of Naruto's limit in power or if he even had any. This meant that in the most likely case, Naruto would end up killing their client before he could stop him, as it is much harder to stop an angry young man as irrational as Naruto.

However, that was the least of the jounin's worry, as he noticed that for a man who had hired four qualified shinobis for a simple escort mission Tazuna was highly anxious. Was he hiding something from them? Obviously he was way too nervous the little bandits they may encounter on route. Kakashi didn't know the answer yet but he intended to find out. For the moment he put extra effort to watch out for abnormalities. Sasuke being vigilant also noticed his sensei's concern and shared the same opinion, something was up in the air and he wasn't going to be the one to get caught with his guards down. On the other hand Sakura was too busy making sure Naruto didn't end their mission abruptly.

Tazuna was indeed anxious. He had purposely omitted the fact that he was a wanted man by a wealthy business tycoon and mob boss named Gato. The mobster had hired assassins from Kiri to end his life and he knew very well that neither he nor his village could afford the price for an escort protection of that level. So he opted to hide this fact to turn a possible B to A rank mission into a C rank mission. It was a great risk since first his protection wasn't assured with only one jounin and if the assassins attacked before they reached his village and they managed to survive, the team could decide to simply go back to Konoha to rectify and up the charges. He hoped that if he was to be attacked it would be after they reached his village where he could use its destitute position to possibly gain some compassion from this team and persuade them to stick around till his project was complete.

As their day began the typical Naruto was still drowsy, early morning was simply not his thing. Thus he was walking with his eyes closed. This didn't last long as Tazuna, who was even more agitated from the previous day, decided to put him back in line by violently smashing his travel stick on Naruto's head. Much to his shock, his stick broke upon impact and that left him unarmed versus fiery Naruto who was about to kick his butt to hell, if it wasn't for the valiant Kakashi who grabbed him just as he was about to clobber the old man. Naruto pleaded Kakashi to release him. He claimed that he needed to teach this drunken geezer a lesson by beating him into a bloody pulp, but Kakashi wouldn't listen.

The jounin told him to behave because although Tazuna had a bad attitude he was still their client and recalled that it was he, Naruto, who had picked up this mission, so now he had to assume his responsibility. While he reminded Tazuna that for his own good he should also control his actions as Naruto bites back hard and unless the old man wanted to see true terror at first hand he better stop. Of course, the old man defended himself by claiming that as client it was his right to notify when he felt he wasn't being protected and that is how he notified to the particular protector and should have the right to do so when ever he felt the same way. Naruto was about to curse him with streak of foul language but the Uchiha stopped him. Sasuke then shut the old man down by notifying him that he had nothing to fear and should calm down and relax, as he was privileged to have four well trained shinobis escorting him against a measly bunch of bandits they may encounter on their way. He also added that considering the type of the mission, Naruto alone was enough to take them out, unless of course there was something he, Tazuna, had forgot to mention before the start or this mention.

It would be the last of Tazuna's complains of the trip, as now he feared he was raising their suspicions. The final seal would come from Naruto a few hours later, as he trashed the first group of bandits they would encounter during the trip. He did so by unleashing his frustration on the poor thieves who had the unfortunate luck to set up a toll station on their path and demand it from them. They were first beaten into pulps by him via taijutsu and then adding insult to their injuries found them selves 'wedgied' on the surrounding trees. After the demonstration, Tazuna knew enough to not anger the boy any longer. He simply didn't want to end on the wrong end of his good nature.

By midday, a few hours later then their encounter with bandits, the group reached the borders of Fire country, where troubles awaited them. As they walked on their way towards the Wave country, Kakashi noticed a strange puddle of water on the side of their road, which got him suspicious. There was no way a puddle of water could be there naturally as it was a very warm day and it hadn't rained for a while. He hid his suspicion from the others and continued the journey. Just for insurance he slowed down his pace from the others to position himself as the man in the back and without alerting anyone he switched his position with a kage bunshin (shadow clone) and hid himself in the trees.

Soon enough two identical shinobis with their face covered with breathing masks leaped out from the puddle and headed straight for his clone. The observant Kakashi quickly realized that they were the Oniyodai (demon brothers), two twins who were former chuunins of Kirigakure, now nukenins (missing-ninjas). He recognized them by their large metal clawed gauntlet that each of the brothers wore on their opposing arms, which were connected by an edged chain. This allowed them to use their aum no ansatsu (spiritual balance assassination) style of attacks, where they would wrap the chain around their victim and then rip him apart by pulling the chain towards opposing directions.

Kakashi knew that they have been on the run ever since their failed coup d'état in the Water country, but he wasn't certain if they were raiding travelers for loot or were hired to eliminate their client, so he watched on, knowing very well that his team can handle to their actions, to find out who they were after. Gouzu and Meizu, the two brothers, unaware that they were being watched, preceded their offensive by first entangling Kakashi's shadow clone and ripping it apart, which made Sakura scream by the brutality of the action. This alerted Naruto who was still cat nipping as he walked.

"One down… Two down…" said Gouzu, as the brothers then proceeded to their next victim which happens to be Naruto.

At first he was caught by surprise of Kakashi's sudden demise, before realizing that the man had faked his death with a shadow clone.

"Two down my ass, fools!" replied Naruto, as he anticipated their attack and greeted them with a double mule kick (wrestling move).

The counter caught the brothers' right in the chin and pushed them backwards, but Naruto was careless and Meizu profited the opportunity to at least scratch his right leg with his claw, which was induced in poison. Although the cut was small Naruto started to feel its immediate effect that is numbness in the leg and haziness.

"Hah you're the fool, even though you managed to repel our initial attack you got hit with my poisonous claw, now you will die slowly. Let's go for the girl next brother," said Meizu, as they lunged for their next victim, Sakura.

"Tazuna-san get back", replied the girl as she stood in front of the old man in a defensive mode with her kunai drawn.

Naruto tried to leap in front of her to take the next blow but the poison's effect made his movement much slower. Meanwhile, Sakura stood her guard in hope that the brothers would miss their attack by some miracle. Just then her prince charming, Uchiha Sasuke came to her rescue. He had already identified the attackers' weakness, their chain link, and leaped in to action by suddenly appearing in front of them thus catching them off guard. He then halts their movement by locking the chain on the tree behind them by trapping it with a kunai he threw while hitting them with a drop kick (wrestling move) with his legs extended. Then he landed their gauntlets while performing a back flip to avoid their free hands and followed up with a double toe kick (wrestling move) on the brothers' chin, which pushed them flying backwards. Satisfied of his action he finished by showing his teammates his proud grin.

"Sasuke-kun is so cool! No wonder he is the number one rookie, he didn't sweat or flinch in the face of danger," thought the girl with dreamy eyes, whose inner-self added a "Shannaro (Hell yeah)!" to the thought.

"Show off, just what you would expect of a monkey. Damn poison, if it wasn't for that I would have easily saved Sakura and the old man," thought Naruto, as he grimed in pain.

"Are you alright Scary cat? I am surprised you didn't notice their weakness and allowed yourself to get injured like this. Any moron would know that when you're connected with a chain, you can easily be stopped by having that chain blocked into something", taunted the proud Sasuke, which received Naruto's glare.

"Heh, did you hear that Meizu, this brat thinks he has figured us out. Let's give our winner his prize, shall we?" asked Gouzu to his brother.

"Even better, let's exchange our prizes at the same time brother," smirked Meizu, as they detached their chain connection and went for an X-formation attack.

This complicated Sasuke's situation, who wasn't expecting this outcome. He realized that it meant that now he could only take on one of the two targets as, the formation made each of them cut their way diagonally on the inside, meaning that they would come out much farther apart and on the opposite side their startup. They further complicated his situation being varying their velocity of approach. Seeing that he has no other choice, Sasuke opted to take on Meizu who was approaching towards him. He easily avoided the shinobi's claw swipe and pinned him with a head scissors arm-bar (wrestling move) lockdown.

This left Gouzu open who was aiming straight for Sakura and Tazuna. He figured that at his current velocity he would easily be able to puncture through Sakura's frail body and reach Tazuna who was just behind her. Unfortunately, Naruto had other ideas. He was still feeling hazy from the poison but was given just enough time to place himself in front of Sakura and take the blow. Kakashi tried to stop the chuunin but was too late as he had opted to attack from underground. Thus Sakura screamed again as she saw blood flow, as Naruto took the blow near his right shoulder blade. The attack left his whole left arm paralyzed and him very angry. He figured it to be another of their poisons, but he concentrated on his goal which he had succeeded.

"Yo Naruto, are you all right? Just hang in there. I'll end tying this one in a minute. Sakura help him and stop screaming like a little girl, you're a shinobi for god's sake," yelled Sasuke, as he was tying Meizu down.

"Heh you really are a fool. First you let yourself get poisoned by Meizu, now you are victim of my paralyzing drug. What a futile attempt, now you can't even move your right arm and got a hole in your shoulder. Not to mention that you are still going to see your girlfriend dieing by my hand. See the poor girl is already traumatized by her stupid lover's sacrifice… what's this why can't I pull my claw back?" yelled Gouzu who was smirking evilly a minute a go till found himself stuck on Naruto's shoulder and so Naruto's eye glow.

"I may have been unlucky until now but now you took over that curse with your three insults. Boy, you really must have gone something really bad in your life to deserve this. First you insult me. Then you call Sakura my girlfriend, which isn't going to happen in a thousand years, even if she preyed for it every night. But wait, you just had to make your fate even worse by telling me that you are going to kill my teammate in front of me? You should have kept your mouth shut or at least made sure I didn't have a fresh arm and leg to kick your butt to oblivion. Who's got who bitch? Time for your punishment," replied an angry Naruto.

Just then Naruto clenched his left fist and delivered a direct blow at Gouzu's extended and exposed elbow shattering it into pieces. As Gouzu screamed in agony, the remaining muscle which was holding his arm together tore off leaving his forearm and gauntlet still stuck on Naruto who at this point jumped up and delivered a thunderous enzuigiri (wrestling move) with his left leg on his head sending him smacking head first in a nearby tree. The event lasted a second, but the brutality of it was enough to make Sakura faint on the spot, while both Sasuke and Tazuna turned white.

"By the way, you forgot your forearm. Here allow me to return it to you. Oh look it landed perfectly on your butt. I guess I missed my cue; it landed on the only place you didn't need to be paralyzing at the moment. The fool he thought he had me," added Naruto, as he pulled out Gouzou's forearm from his shoulder and threw it straight at the unconscious shinobi's ass like a dagger.

"Erm, Naruto don't you think you overreacted a little bit too much for three insults?" said Kakashi as he reappeared from under the ground, while the boy sat down to take a breather.

"Huh? Nah not really, he is lucky he only lose an arm after claiming he will kill my teammates. I should have broken him bone by bone for that and suggesting that Sakura is my girlfriend, but then I remembered I hate violence and killing. Don't worry he isn't dead, he's only knocked out. Hey Sakura, get up! Stop sleeping on your job damn girl," replied Naruto as he tried to wake Sakura up.

His action made Kakashi shake his head. Here he was, with a superficial injury on his shoulder, losing blood and had another one injury on his right leg, acting like nothing has happened to him. Not to mention that he had just broke and ripped a guy's arm off and shoved it up his ass in cold blood. Sasuke was literally stunned by Naruto's for a minute. He never thought the boy had it in him to be this rough when duty called, especially considering his usual friendly attitude.

Kakashi was about to help Naruto but before that he approached Meizu and forcefully opened the shinobi's mouth to retrieve the cyanide pill shinobi's from Kiri are known to carry with them in case they failed their mission. He then congratulated the nukenin on keeping on par with his tradition. By then Sakura woke up thanks to Sasuke's assistance.

"I am sorry, I didn't intervene earlier guys. I needed to see if their target was Tazuna-san or not. You guys did a pretty good job, although next time Naruto pay attention. Your carelessness got you nearly killed today. As for you Sasuke next time try to not show off too much, it is great that you can do those acrobatic moves, but trying to do too many complicated moves can lead to death. As for you Sakura, good job on protecting Tazuna-san," announced Kakashi.

Just when Sakura had fully regained her composure Naruto made her scream once more by sticking a kunai on his right leg and open up the location where the poison had entered him to bleed it out.

"Would you shut up? I am just getting the damn poison out stop screaming every time you see some blood," yelled Naruto at her.

"You dumbass, you are loosing too much blood at this rate you will die due to the lack of blood in your system, you should first stop your bleeding and then worry about taking out the poison and not the reverse," yelled Sakura.

"She is right Naruto. It is good that you let the poison out but it could have waited. Sakura since you are carrying the medical supplies please patch him up, while I interrogate our friend here. Sasuke go check on the other one. Tazuna-san, please follow me I think you got some explaining to give me," ordered Kakashi.

The group divided themselves for the tasks. Of course, it was obvious that the only ones who didn't like theirs order were Naruto and Sakura, but obeyed as Kakashi imposed his glare upon them. Tension was still up between the two, Naruto's comment for a possible relationship between the two was still fresh in Sakura's mind, especially his physical reply. She didn't know why he made such hurtful comments about her, she knew that she wasn't interested in him, but still he made treated her harshly when it came to that subject. He just had to let everyone know that she had no chance with him, even Sasuke didn't do that to her and she was crazy for him. Either way, she had a job to do now and she didn't want to waste much time on the person who claimed to hate her.

She gently wrapped Naruto's lower right leg injury which was located near his ankle with bandages. Naruto felt awkward by her treatment, as it was the first time anyone was giving him a treatment. He had been injured various times and even poisoned by deadly snakes, but could only count himself to treat them. well more like he had Kyuubi for the job, since his injuries would heal up at an exponential rate. It was one of those special powers for which he was glad to have Kyuubi in her earlier life. The current injuries were also healing fast, but this time he had to allow Sakura wrap him, as his abnormal regenerative powers would most likely raise suspicions about his hidden secrets and he certainly didn't want that.

However, that did not mean he wouldn't put up a resistance, especially when it came to wrapping his next injury, as it required him to expose his upper body to her. Kakashi had briefly mentioned that the paralyzing drug had most likely an effect of 24 hours, so Naruto will just to wait till wears out, but he still needed to be patched, as he was loosing blood.

The first problem was that unlike his last injury this one required him to take off his jacket and that meant he would be exposing one of his training secrets, the training weights he wore in his forearms, which he didn't wish to reveal. The ones on his legs were concealed on his tibias just under his knee so it didn't raise any suspicion but these ones would certainly be found by Sakura who certainly wasn't dumb enough to ignore them. He didn't trust her for such things to be revealed to Sasuke, since as far as he was concerned she was still his dog. His resistance would be in vain as she would still manage to take it off, thanks to glares from Kakashi and eventually discovered his little secret. But then in an unexpected turning point she decided to keep the secret for herself.

The second problem was of course his skin exposure to her. He wasn't a shy guy, but he knew enough about girls to know that liked a well built man and he had no intention of turning Gouzou's dream into reality. But again he was defeated as she generously reminded him that his little secret was still exposed and unless he opened up and allowed her to patch him up before the Uchiha returned from his little investigation it would be out. This was her kryptonite against the boy, as she had discovered during training that his competitive nature against Sasuke made him vulnerable to such blackmail and she loved abusing it to get some training tips against him. A power she wished she also had on Sasuke, but the boy was to stiff and arrogant to have such weakness much to her dismay.

Defeated once more, the Uzumaki revealed to her his upper body and urged her to hurry up and patch him up, which she did. After finishing her job however, his perfect body caught her attention much to his displeasure. First, she loved the sexy abs and well defined chest he had developed due to his training and second she was curious about the giant looking seal on his on his abdomen, which would have been the third reason he didn't wish to expose himself to her in he hadn't totally forgot about it. Luckily for him, she didn't know something about sealing method in that giant forehead of hers.

"Wow what is that, a tattoo? How did you get it? I didn't know young boys could have one," as the inquisitive Sakura, catching him off guard with her latest comment.

"Oh this, yes it is indeed a tattoo. Thank god this bookworm hasn't memorized sealing methods yet. It is the reason why your parents believe I am a bad influence. After all, good little boys don't tattoo themselves now do they? Bad little boys like me, however, do it to make our self look cool," replied Naruto, who was now using this to repulse her away from him.

"I guess you have a point. Now I understand why they told me to avoid you at all cost. You are brutal and you're a bad boy. Luckily, my Sasuke-kun doesn't have those problems," vented Sakura, trying to force Naruto's physique out of her mind.

"Yes, a good looking boy like that Uchiha doesn't need such things to be cool. Not to mention that he is most likely better physically built then ugly bad boys like my self," added Naruto, reinforcing his earlier point.

Just like he had expected it worked, as Sakura was now day dreaming about her beau Sasuke, while he took the opportunity to get himself dressed before that annoying Uchiha showed his face. It was another trick he had learned from his idol's anthology. That is that if you wanted to get rid of a girl's attention off of you, simply lower your status by heightening another boys one via compliments, a recipe that worked every time.

Sasuke returned soon after only to receive starry eyes from Sakura, which he suspected was due to something Naruto must have said about him. He knew his rival was the greatest assistance when it came to having Sakura jump in his arm, but at the moment it was least of his concern and he had a bad news to announce.

"The man is dead…" he said with a disappointed look in his face.

"What? He can't be dead, I just knocked him out, you sure he isn't just unconscious or something," demanded Naruto who wasn't appreciating the fact that he had actually killed a man.

"Nope, he is dead. He must have accidentally eaten that cyanide pill Kakashi-sensei told me to retrieve off of him. His face shows traces of the poison. I have a good news though, sensei was right, that paralyzing drug he used on you will only last for the next 24 hours," added the Uchiha.

"Oh well, that's good. I guess that's one more soul I won't have to send to hell. I just let his brother take his pill after being a stubborn mule and not revealing any info. Those Kiri shinobis sure love death more then life. Luckily Tazuna-san came out and revealed our current situation. He is indeed the target of an assassination attempt, which makes this mission a B-rank now. Since this team is composed of genins our priority would have been to return to Konoha, but after much deliberation I decided to continue it anyway. After all, if he returned it would surely assure his death and squash his villagers hope of ever freeing themselves from their current tyranny, since none of them can afford the payment for a B-rank mission. Either way, congratulation on your first kill Naruto, don't worry you will get used to it as time passes," added Kakashi.

"What? I didn't kill him! Or did I? Damn it, I didn't to start my life as shinobi known as a murderer. I couldn't have killed him… I can't… what have I done…why does these things always happen to me!" yelled Naruto who really wasn't appreciating the credit.

"Hey now, calm down there. You did what you had to do to ensure the safety of your teammates and your client. It's a fact of life. don't blame yourself for such things. No one would argue against you for it. You simply did your job. Now let's get back on track I want to get this over with," said Kakashi, as he patted Naruto on the back.

It didn't help his situation much. If there was one term he wanted to avoid associated with himself that would be 'murderer' and here he was on his first mission already marked with it. All that could run in his head for the next few hours were the word 'murderer'. A term he was certain the villagers of Konoha have been waiting to stick on his back. On the other hand, Sasuke was disappointed, Naruto had beaten him on the first step, he had already a kill to his credit and that frustrated him to no end. He was supposed to be the killer of the group, he needed to me, and he wanted to be the one. Now he was poised for blood, he must also kill an opponent. He felt it was an experience he had to accumulate to prove him self and have the nerve to kill his brother one day and avenge his clan. Those the team was plagued with the first of its ironies, the boy who wanted to kill didn't achieve it, while the boy who hated associating himself with killing ended up being the killer. It was also another proof that both Sasuke and Naruto were from the opposite sides of the scale of life, while Sakura again found her self in the middle of both worlds. She wanted to comfort each of them, but nothing she could do would break them from their recent emotional distress.

Kakashi had other matters to consider now. He was taking a big risk, although the mission was now definitely out of their jurisdiction he was confident that as a team they could handle it. What he feared now was that Gato would most likely send a much stronger shinobis against them and he had the money to hire the worst kind. He just hoped his compassion wouldn't lead him to the death of these kids. As they proceeded further into their way to Wave country the team encountered another set of bandits. This time it would be Sasuke who would wipe the floor and unlike Naruto he went at him with killing intent. Thus four of them died by his hands before the bandits ran for their lives. Sasuke was about to chase them, but he was stopped by Kakashi who reminded him that an honorable shinobi didn't run after opponents who have given up the fight, especially when his mission isn't about killing them. Naruto wanted to also intervene from stopping Sasuke from killing the bandits, as he didn't like such violent act, but his frozen arm didn't allow him such luxury. It would be a painful night for him, as he had to sleep in a very uncomfortable position, luckily Kakashi allowed him to sleep on the trees which nullified some of his discomfort.

The next morning, the team reached the borders of Wave country and paid extra attention as they entered the country. There was anxiety in the air, there hadn't been another shinobi attack since the Oniyodai and that only meant their next encounter was now eminent. To their surprise they still didn't encounter any obstacle as they arrived at the entrance of Tazuna's village, but they were still vigilant as the mission was far from over. Tazuna lived near the riverside, which was at the opposite end of the village, which happened to be an island apart from the main land, and a bit farther from the main concentration. The village was most likely crawled with Gato's goons. Luckily for them, one of Tazuna's friends, a boater was waiting for them and he suggested escorting them safely by the river streams of the lake that divided the village from the rest of the country, which the team agreed. After all, all is good as long as they can avoid trouble. Naruto was still stiff from the effects of the paralyzing drug, which had just worn off. Having his arm in the same position for a full day also meant it would take him some more time get readjusted to its normal duties. So this trip was certainly one Kakashi could not miss, not to mention that it would allow them to get a look at the bridge their client was building, which would connect the village to the main land. The kids were amazed by the great bridge. It was the largest thing they had seen up till date, a marvelous construction. It gave them additional motivation to complete their work.

They entered the village unnoticed under the foggy weather that covered the trail of the small boat they rode by. The villager dropped them of about ten blocks off Tazuna's house, which was located at the end of an empty suburban road that followed the oceanic shore on its right and a small bushy forest by their left. A perfect place for an ambush, but it was one they must take as it was the only way to go to the old man's house by land. They thanked the villager for risking his life for escorting them and continued their walk towards the home.

However, as they walked on, they were about to realize that those ten blocks would be their first encounter with a nightmare. Gato had indeed hired another shinobi. What the Oniyodai hadn't revealed to team 7 was that they were part of a group whose leader was the original man hired for the job. A shinobi named Momochi Zabuza. He was a former arrogant elite jounin from Kirigakure, known for his ruthlessness, his silent assassination skills and a bloody past that gave him the title: Kirigakure no Kijin (Devil of the hidden Mist). He was one of the famous Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shu (Seven Swordsmen of the Mist) and was currently on the run after attempting to take over the leadership of Kiri by a coup d' d'état. After his failed attempt, he had been taking jobs in the underworld and finally found himself hired by Gato for his services. He hated the man but needed his money to finance his second attempt to forcefully take over the title of Mizukage.

Earlier in the day, he was yelled by Gato upon receiving word that his two minions had failed their task. So to keep his client happy, Zabuza took the matter on his own hand. He had been fed up for quite sometime and the news that some powerful shinobis were coming made him very thirsty for some fun. So killing Tazuna and his hired protectors was perfect for him as it filled both his needs: his urge to kill and his need of the bounty on Tazuna's head. Being the great assassin that he was Zabuza decided to wait for them at the halfway point of the only road that lead to his victim's house. It suited him perfectly, as the bushes allowed him to hide and observe while the nearby ocean meant he could abundant amount of sources needed for his jutsus.

When he saw the group he immediately recognized Hatake Kakashi. The jounin was well marked in his bingo book, for being one of the most renowned shinobis from Konohagakure. Now he understood why his minions had failed, but his case would be much different. He was a much stronger then both of the brothers combined and he had Haku by his side for assurance. Still he felt that his pupil wasn't necessary for the job, especially considering that Kakashi was accompanied by three insects. Instead he told him to hide and observe. He wanted him to study the famous sharingan (copy cat eyes) that Kakashi possessed. The boy could notice in his sensei's face that the man was thrilled at the prospect of facing the jounin. He just wish he wouldn't throw caution to the wind, but this was Zabuza he was talking about, the man who throw it away even if he was facing 100 men and it's not like he, Haku, had the power to control him. Thus Zabuza positioned himself to prey upon Tazuna at the first instance.

Meanwhile in team 7, Naruto seeing that Tazuna was extremely tensed made the old man ease down by telling the story on how Sakura almost became the wife of a gorilla in Konoha, which earned him a beating from the pink haired girl. The joke was so funny that it spoiled Zabuza's initial attempt, as it made Haku giggle, which revealed his position in the bushes from where he was planning to spy on Kakashi, as he accidentally stepped on a twig. This was highly uncharacteristic of the boy, who was hailed by his sensei as a prodigy and the perfect tool. Naruto being impulsive and picking up Haku's mistake, as he was the closeted to him, didn't waste the moment and launched a shuriken straight at his location forcing the boy to retreat via kawarimi (body switching) with a white bunny he had kept in a cage for such occasion. He made his escape and positioned himself farther away upon a tree where the group wouldn't think to look and kept observing from there.

"Damn, I didn't expect people from Konohagakure to be this mellow. That boy totally caught me off with that joke of his… and then their beating scene was way too funny to not laugh at. I didn't know people like that could be accepted as shinobis. Hmm, I better watch myself. Zabuza-san must be fuming in anger for my apparent mistake already. It was certainly a close call," wondered the teen before refocusing his action on Kakashi.

Kakashi had also felt the disturbance with his superior senses and leaped towards the region to investigate only to find a white show rabbit, scared to death. This earned the blond haired shinobi another punishment in the hands of Sakura, this time for attempting to kill the beautiful creature. Hidden from the view, Haku was still confused by Sakura and Naruto's childish actions. It was the first time he was seeing this from a shinobi as such immature acts wouldn't be tolerated in Kirigakure. While the others sighed as Sakura was giving Naruto a piece of her mind, Kakashi studied the rabbit and was quick to realize that it fur should have been grey, as it was spring instead of white. This told him that the animal had been kept in a cage for substitution purposes, which meant that they were indeed being watched.

However, before he could look for Haku, Zabuza interrupted Kakashi's search by throwing his trusty kyodaina kubikiri hocho (giant head cleaving sword) towards him like a boomerang from his location near the reef.

"Everyone, get down!" yelled Kakashi as he sensed the giant sword approaching from behind and struck the tree near him.

Everyone escaped at the nick of time. Sasuke was the first one to get up and spot Zabuza's shadowy figure as he was above them. The Uchiha took evasive action by throwing a few shuriken towards him, but he evaded them easily and landed on his sword. Naruto was about to launch at him but Kakashi stopped him.

"Well, well, looks like Gato lives up to his fortune. Although I never expected a guy like you to go this low and do his bidding, Momochi Zabuza, nukenin of Kirigakure. Guess no one else wanted to hire you after the Mizukage put you head for bounty huh? Guys leave this guy to be and protect Tazuna-san. This guy is at a whole new level. I'll end this quickly," ordered Kakashi, as he lifted his hitai-ate (headband) to reveal his left eye where resided his secret weapon the sharingan.

"I didn't expect you to be hired by a poor bridge builder too Hatake Kakashi or should I say Sharingan Kakashi (Copycat Kakashi) of Konohagakure. Guess you guys were lacking jobs in your so called peaceful nation. I am sorry, but this will one mission you may wish to forget about, because the old guy is mine. Then again, maybe you shouldn't, after all I intend to make this the last mission for you and your little insects. Oh what's this? You really give me too much honor by already starting with the sharingan," replied Zabuza.

"What, he can't have the sharingan! Only the Uchiha can and even that is to a limited few," thought an irritated Sasuke.

"Huh, what's the sharingan? What's with that eye of yours Kakashi-sensei?" wondered a confused Naruto.

"It doesn't look normal, some kind of special ability perhaps?" added Sakura, as she looked at Kakashi.

"Hmm, so this is the sharingan Zabuza-san just talked about. I wonder if its abilities are real or a simple illusion," thought Haku, as he spied from a tree.

"The sharingan is a bloodline ability that only a few select Uchiha's can have. It is said that it can read and defeat any types of ninjutsu, taijutsu or genjutsu. How can you have it? You aren't Uchiha or are you?" questioned the Uchiha to his sensei in an irritated voice.

"That isn't all it does. It has an even scarier ability. It is said that it also copy the opponent's jutsu as it sees them. When I was in Kiri, I had a bingo book with your name on it and said you hold a 1000 jutsus in your inventory thanks to it", added Zabuza.

"Cool! You're the man Kakashi-sensei. Wait a minute Sasuke said it is an ability of his clan that means he most likely knows it too. Damn cheater, no wonder he is able to learn all those jutsu fast. I better keep mine away from him or he will try to steal mine too," thought Naruto, as he found another reason to hate the Uchiha.

"Wow, I didn't know Kakashi-sensei was so famous…" said Sakura.

"Guys stop talking nonsense and stick to the plan. Do not intervene got it! As for you stop adding in, I thought you weren't much of a talker. Stop venting around and start fighting," ordered Kakashi, who wasn't like the distraction he was causing.

"You are right. I am usually not much of a talker. So get ready because here I come, ninpou suiton kirigakure (ninja art water element hidden mist)," said Zabuza as he jumped of the tree while pulling his sword out and landed on the water in the lake.

"Hmm, he is releasing a high amount of chakra. He is preparing something big," thought Kakashi.

"Hey what's with this mist? It's getting thicker. Damn he is gone," asked Naruto.

"Damn, so this is what you were planning. Guys be weary of this mist and stick together. It's a technique of his, he specializes in silent killing. This mist is to blind us from his attacks, once our visibility is down he will try to attack with his ninpou muon satsujin (ninja art silent assassination) from a blind angles. You don't even notice till you are already dead. So watch out for any disturbances, it's not like I can use the sharingan perfectly, but don't worry his target is me," explained Kakashi.

"Hmm, 8 choices: liver, lung, spine, clavicle vein, neck vein, brain, kidney, heart. Which one should I choose?" asked the hidden Zabuza.

"This guy is really starting to freak me out", said Sakura quietly, as sweats of fear started to pore from her head.

"Don't worry Sakura he is just trying to intimidate us. It's all just talk, just stay focused and nothing will happen," replied Sasuke, to comfort her.

"You call that an intimidation? Here I will give you some real intimidation: ninpou shikumi (ninja art death viewing)!" said Zabuza, as he temporarily froze the team with his killing intent.

"Damn this is crazy it feels like I'll be killed if I make a single move. Is this the intensity of a jounin? It feels like I am going to be squeezed till death I can't take it anymore," thought Sasuke as sweat started to pour out of his as well.

"Sasuke, calm down and don't worry. I'll protect you guys even if it kills me. I don't let my comrades die," said Kakashi with a smile.

"Heh… we'll see about that… It's over," said Zabuza, as he appeared in the middle of the group just in front of Tazuna, taking the kids by surprise and ready to wield out kubikiri hocho for the kill.

"Not if I can help it!" said Kakashi, as he jumped at the shinobi and stabbed him with his kunai on the chest revealing it to be mizu bunshin (water clone).

"Sensei, he's behind you," yelled Naruto, as Zabuza appeared behind Kakashi and sliced him into, revealing him self to also be a mizu bunshin, but that didn't stop Sakura from screaming once more.

"What this can't be. Damn, he managed to copy my mizu bunshin even in this foggy weather," thought Zabuza.

"Don't move it's over Zabuza," said the real Kakashi, as he held a kunai to his neck.

"It's over? Don't make me laugh, you won't defeat me with you monkey-like imitations, but that was impressive of you. You copied my mizu bunshin and replaced yourself with it, while you were comforting this vermin and used it to have me attack. While the real you hid in the mist and watched me fall for your trap. Nice plan, but as you can see you have failed once more," said Zabuza, as he appeared behind Kakashi with a kunai of his own.

Kakashi immediately took him out only to realize that he had been tricked as it was another mizu bunshin, while the real Zabuza was the one who was in front of him. Before he could move Zabuza tried to slice him in two with his giant sword, but misses his swing, as Kakashi ducked just in time. However, that put Kakashi in a disadvantage as he got hit by a hard savate kick (wrestling move), while trying to get back up. The hit send Kakashi flying and Zabuza tried to capitalize on the situation by trying to slice him in mid-air but was stopped as he stepped on some makibishi (throwing nails) thrown by Sakura. This bought Kakashi some time as he fell in the ocean.

Zabuza was pissed by the disturbance then tried to slice Sakura in two but missed as he pushed himself away from her, as Naruto and Sasuke appeared in front of him and attempted to him with a side-kicks (wrestling move) at the same time. The boys realized that he was equally good in taijutsu and much faster then them even though he was carrying such a large sword.

The man then jumped back in the waters and headed towards Kakashi. Kakashi then got up cursing to fall for such a novice trick, but before he could get out the water around him got thicker. He tried to force himself out but pretty soon found himself in a sphere like water prison made by the Kirigakure no Kijin.

"Heh caught you! You were a fool Kakashi; you played right into my trap. It's stupid to fight me with water element, no matter how much monkey-imitation you try there is no way you can beat me at my own field. Hope you enjoy your stay in my suiton suirou (water element water prison), while I take care of these pests. Don't try to move much you'll only waste your energy its unbreakable from the inside," said a smiling Zabuza, as he summons another mizu bunshin to take care of Naruto and company.

"Damn he is much stronger then I thought. It's going to take a miracle to get out of this mess," wonders Kakashi, as he still tries to break free.

The water clone first launched towards Sasuke but as he was about to hit him, he speeded up and went for Naruto instead with a hard flying kick on the head. The impact sent Naruto knocking on a tree while his hitai-ate landed under the clone's feet. Seeing Naruto taken out so fast made both Sasuke and Sakura shiver, as they now realized that this man outclassed them in every level. Meanwhile the assassin enjoyed taunting the kids as he gradually tried to crust their spirits with a hard lesson on the life a shinobi.

"Heh, you kids never thought your day would end like this now did you? Well welcome to the real world. To bad it will be your last, you should blame your dumb village for making you shinobis and putting your hopes up by making you think that by simply wearing the hitai-ate made you real shinobis. A real shinobi is someone who has survived numerous brushes with death, not some brats like you who think the world is all bright and shinny. Basically, once you're good enough to be listed in my hand book then you can start calling yourselves a shinobi, which fools like you don't deserve," explained the water clone.

"Oh man, I knew this mission was going to get worst. We weren't ready for this kind of challenge and now I am going to die without having the chance to kiss Sasuke-kun," thought a fearful Sakura.

"Is that so? Well then eyebrow-less freak. You better add my name in that book of yours. I am the man who is going to be the next Hokage of Konoha and also the man who is going to turn your life into hell," said Naruto as he got up, much to the surprise of everyone.

"Well, well, you turned out to be much more resistant then I expected. But your still an insect who's all talk and no show to me vermin," insulted the clone.

"You guys take Tazuna-san and run away! You have no chance of beating him! As long as he's keeping me trapped in this prison, he' can't move. His water clone cannot go very far from his real body. Just runaway now," yelled Kakashi.

"An excellent proposition Kakashi, it's been a while since I haven't played cat and mouse," added Zabuza with a smirk.

"Sasuke-kun now is our chance you grab Naruto and I will watch over Tazuna-san. Let's get far away from here," asked Sakura.

"Nobody is going anywhere. Running away won't get us anywhere. Sasuke get ready, we are going to apply that tactic we have been working on. Sakura stay put and protect the old man," ordered Naruto, as he prepared for the assault.

"Good point, Naruto I am also getting tired of this guy's shinobi lectures. We'll just have to shut him up like we did to his goons," added Sasuke.

"You guys are insane, he's a jounin and he's even stronger then Kakashi-sensei. We can't win against him," reminded Sakura.

"Will you shut up? What do you think running away will achieve? Where can you run? This isn't Konoha you know? Our only option is to march forwards and besides did you forget why Kakashi-sensei made us pass? Those who abandon their friends are lower then trash. I am not going to lose and I refuse to lose or bow down to a guy who doesn't even have eyebrows," yelled back Naruto at Sakura.

"Naruto is right Sakura. From a strategic point we have no choice to engage. The only place we can go here is Tazuna-san's house and he is our way. Ready when you are Naruto, let's start this with a bang," added Sasuke, as he prepared his projectiles.

Just then Naruto started his run towards Zabuza's mizu bunshin while Sasuke covered his approach by distracting the clone with his projectiles. He threw a few shurikens towards him to get him off balance this allowed Naruto to land him with a few of his unorthodox taijutsu attacks while he picked up his hitai-ate at the same time. Then Sasuke threw a kunai attached with an explosive tag in front of the clone and ignited it, forcing the clone to leap in the sky. Naruto also jumped with him, but given that Zabuza was much stronger he held the edge in the climb, which left Naruto at his mercy or so he thought. As he tried to descend on the boy with his big sword and slice him in two, Naruto used shunshin (body flicker) and appeared at his height. Being caught in mid-air and with his sword already swinging downwards the clone couldn't defend against Naruto's patented janken rendan (rock-paper-scissors combo), which hit him on the spot and turned him back to into water. The real Zabuza seeing this tried to catch Naruto off guard by throwing a few kunais of his own at him, but those were countered by Sasuke's own projectile who again covered Naruto's back as he landed back on the ground.

"Your clone just got his express to hell, no-eyebrows. Guess you didn't expect it to lose this quickly to insects like us now did you? Guess what your next in line to get your ass whooped by these two little insects. Sasuke get ready for phase 2," taunted Naruto at his turn, while Sasuke smirked at his turn.

"What's this feeling… why I am getting so excited? Is this because of Naruto?" thought Sakura.

"Hmm… this kid is sure not one to be underestimated… but still if he thinks such tricks will work on Zabuza-san he's got another thing coming for him. The mizu bunshin have only 1/3 of Zabuza-san's actual power," reflected Haku from his position.

"You've got a lot of arrogance for kids I will give you that, but did you seriously think defeating my mizu bunshin would you make you any greater in my eyes? They are only 1/3 of my actual stamina not to mention that I am only using them with taijutsu and you know the worst part of it? With the amount of water in this area, I can easily create another one as you destroy one. Well that is as long as I have any chakra left which is still more then anything you three can muster," laughed Zabuza, as he summoned another mizu bunshin.

"This is bad… What are you guys doing? Run away! This fight was over the moment I was caught. This is not a game. It is our duty to protect Tazuna-san at all cost. Did you forget that?" yelled Kakashi.

"I know this isn't much, but since I am one who got you guys in this mess in the first place. I am not going to stop you from fighting now. Besides, just like you kids have said, I have nowhere to go but my home here and that happens to be ahead and not behind… so fight as much as you want I won't hold any grudges if this leads to my death," replied Tazuna.

"Well Kakashi-sensei it seems even the old man is against your plan. So we will just have to proceed with we started," added Sasuke, who was getting excited.

"But you guys… even if we all attack him at once there is still two of them. How are we going to handle him if he keeps popping a new one every time we destroy one?" asked Sakura.

"Lend me your ears guys I have a plan," said Naruto, as he gathered them near him.

The very suggestion of Naruto made Zabuza laugh evilly. Just seeing the work as a team disgusted him.

"You have a plan to counter a person of my caliber? What's that teamwork? You guys will never grow up. Going to keep 'playing' shinobi, eh? What did you think this is… a game of shougi? Look at you, you are all about to die and your still expecting that I will allow you to sit down and make a plan to fight against me. This isn't a game. The rule is kill or be killed. The only thing that matters is survival. There is no mercy, no fairness, and no second chances. The first thing that anyone who wishes to become a shinobi is that he is nothing more then a tool for killing. If you're told to kill you kill, there shouldn't be a second guess. There is no time for team work it's every man for him self. When I was about your age… these hands were already dyed red with blood and it is the sole reason I am still alive," said the man with a fierce look in his eyes, which made everyone uncomfortable.

"Devil Zabuza…" said Kakashi.

"Ah… so you've heard a little about it. Mind telling these kids of yours about it? I am sure they will believe you more then me", said Zabuza with a smile.

"Tell us what?" asked a scared Sakura.

"Long ago, Kirigakure was known as the village of 'Bloody Mist'. It was because each year the students wishing to become shinobis had to pass a final test before their graduation. That is a fight to the death between all the students until one student per table remained. These were students who had formerly helped each other and shared the same dreams. They were friends, brothers and sisters, but pitted one against another. This practice was stopped fifteen years ago after a young boy who wasn't even a student, had slaughtered over 100 of the students without a pause or hesitation… all for pleasure and that student's name was…Momochi Zabuza, the Kirigakure no Kijin" informed Kakashi, as his student's were shivering in their pants.

"Oh so you knew the whole story after all… ah the sweet memory", said the man, as tears of joy ran down his eyes.

"Impossible… this guy is a psychopath…no a monster!" said Sasuke, who was stunned by the proclamation.

"Yes, I am and now it is your time to die and join my other dead victims," said the water clone as he charged towards them at full speed.

The kids were still stunned upon hearing the gruesome story as they felt death approaching them. Sasuke being the fastest when it came to sensing immediately took his kunai out and tried to stab the approaching mizu bunshin of Zabuza, but his attack was easily blocked by its sword. He then tried to hit him with his taijutsu but his fancy foot works were still no match for its sheer power, with which he grabbed him and slammed him on the floor. The clone then took out his giant sword and was about decapitate the Uchiha who was now trapped under his boots but Naruto intervened just in time by with his own taijutsu while Sakura showered him with shurikens thus forcing the clone to take a step back.

"Damn Sasuke, how many times do I have to tell you not attack without proper backup? You nearly got killed this time, Sakura come and retrieve him while, I will keep this bastard busy. Damn, clone I had enough of you, two can play the same game: kage bunshin (shadow clones)," said Naruto as he summoned four shadows clones to hold down Zabuza's water clone.

However, before he could mount any assault, his clones were destroyed by the real Zabuza who threw his shurikens at them, thus freeing his clone who in turn got up and kicked Naruto who absorbed the impact as he was pushed back towards Sasuke and Sakura.

"Damn it Naruto, this isn't working," yelled Sakura.

"Just shut up and wait for the signal Sakura. When I give it you shower them all projectiles you got. Sasuke get ready. This time I am going to up the tempo: tajuu kage bunshin (multiple shadow clones). Okay clones start your attack now!" ordered Naruto, as 20 of his shadow clones jumped on the Zabuza's water clone destroying it.

Zabuza once again easily replaced it with another mizu bunshin but this time this one was much closer to him as Naruto's shadow clones had taken the opportunity to charge at the real Zabuza.

"What is he doing? Looks like an all out assault on Zabuza-san. Things like this won't on him. This guy is really not logical is he?" thought the observant Haku.

"Ah kage bunshin, finally you show something interesting. I never expected an insect like you to be able to use a jutsu like that and especially not so many of them, but if you think you can get me with only that you got another thing coming, vermin," yelled the real Zabuza, as the 20 shadow clones jumped once more on his water clone.

This time however, the mizu bunshin was ready for them. It blocked their attack with his giant sword and then flung them in the air and then sliced them into pieces. Their deaths clouded Zabuza and his clone's vision from seeing Naruto transform one of his newly summoned kage bunshin in a fuuma shuriken (evil windmill shuriken) by using henge (transformation) while he replaced himself with another of his kage bunshin and went to hide underground. The as their visibility returned they saw the shadow clone, who now they believed to be the real Naruto, pass the fuuma shuriken to Sasuke, who seeing previously what Naruto was doing figured out his plan. The Uchiha then grabbed the shuriken and combined it with it own. He then jumped up and threw it using the kage shuriken (shadow shuriken).

"Huh, a shuriken won't work against me. Oh what's this? Now I see, you were aiming at me and not my clone, but that's not going to be enough. On the other hand now you leave yourself open for my clone to attack you," said Zabuza, as he caught shuriken with his free hand.

"Sakura, now!" yelled the acting shadow clone, who gave Sakura the signal to fire her shurikens and kunais.

"Oh no your not, I won't let your filthy clone approach my Sasuke-kun. Take this and this!" yelled Sakura who threw two volleys of projectiles towards the water clone who was attempting to jump and intercept Sasuke in mid-air.

Her first set, was composed of three kunais attached with explosive tags which landed near the water clone's launching area, while her second set, composed of 10 shurikens, were thrown in the air to stop halt the clone from his interception, forcing him back on the ground. Now that the mizu bunshin was grounded he decided to take upon Sakura, but before he could do that Sasuke had a little surprise for him from above, as he unleashed his katon goukakyuu (fire element great fireball) upon his zone. The clone easily avoided the flame, till he realized that he was surrounded by Sakura's three explosion tags, which blew upon contact with Sasuke's flaming attack and thus destroyed the clone.

Meanwhile, Zabuza was impressed that the Uchiha could use fire jutsus at his age, but still wasn't concerned about it, as he tried to summon another mizu bunshin to replace the last one. The clone never came out as Zabuza found himself plagued by another problem. He found himself right in the path of a second fuuma shuriken which was approaching from the blind spot of the first one and caught him by surprise. Now he had a serious problem, both his hands were full and this shuriken was approaching right on him. He also couldn't move much as his right hand contained Kakashi in his suiton suirou and he was heavy as well.

"What another shuriken? Damn I knew it was a bit too easy, you are trying to full me with kage shuriken. Good tactic, but still not enough! You forgot I still have legs powerful enough to jump over it," yelled Zabuza as he jumped over the projectile.

Sasuke and Sakura were disappointed that he managed to get out of their little trick but at the moment they had a smirk in their face, their plan was almost about to succeed. To prepare for the final assault, the kage bunshin Naruto had left behind also leaped in the air to act like a spring board for Sasuke so that he didn't land in the area where his fire attack was still burning. Sasuke bounced on the clone and landed on a safer zone. Upon seeing t he shadow clone disappear as his job was complete Zabuza was confused, as he realized he couldn't find Naruto in his view. Just then he heard a puffing sound behind him and turned his head toward it.

"Got you fool!" yelled the final shadow clone as he threw a kunai straight towards his exposed right arm with all the power within him.

This forced Zabuza to release his hold on Kakashi, as his alternative would result into loosing his right arm instead, which allowed him to dodge the kunai. But as he did, he tried to throw the fuuma shuriken on his left hand straight at Naruto.

"Die you damn brat!" said the shinobi, but found his attack blocked by Kakashi.

"Not in my watch buddy," replied Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei, move out of the way, Sasuke-kun is attacking!" yelled Sakura, which alerted both jounins.

The Uchiha had unleashed his katon housenka (fire element mythical fire flower) towards Zabuza in his moment of distraction to finally kill him once and for all. Kakashi seeing the attack evaded it via kawarimi, while Zabuza now angrier then raging dragon, deflected the fireballs with his giant kubikiri hocho towards Naruto's clone with much difficulty.

"Guess you finally learned something about survival brat, but now it's your teammate who is going to die by your own attack," laughed Zabuza.

"Damn it!" yelled Sasuke, as he realized his mistake.

"Shit, Naruto move out of the way!" yelled Sakura, who was horrified by the outcome.

Of course this only lasted a second till all four of them realized that it wasn't the real Naruto but another of his last of his shadow clone. This made all of them wonder where the real Naruto was. It would last long, as Zabuza felt the earth rumbling under him.

"Killed by friendly fire, me? Sorry no-eyebrows I am not the one confused here, you are and here is your present from the great underworld, my fist: shoryuuken (rising dragon fist)," yelled Naruto, as he burst from under the earth and hit Zabuza.

The move caught everyone by surprise once more as everyone found themselves fooled by the mischievous fox, but more so for his next phrase. Despite all his hard work and all the great planning and upon landing his punch, Zabuza wasn't still down, as Naruto learned the hard way that the man had a jaw of steel.

"Aie, my poor fist. What the hell did you put you chin you damn bastard, reinforced steel? I should start calling you steel-jaw now," insulted the boy.

"…" replied Sasuke and Sakura.

"Why you little piece of …" replied the angry Zabuza, as he was about to drop his sword on the boy only to be blocked by Kakashi and then hit with a spinning heel kick (wrestling move), which sent the Mist shinobi crash and slid on the ground in the opposite direction.

"Pieu, just in the nick of time, thanks a lot Kakashi-sensei. I seriously thought he was going to slice me this time. Just remember avoid hitting his jaw… I think I just broke my right hand thanks to it," said Naruto who was relieved to not feel Zabuza's giant sword on him.

"Hey, I got to keep my motto of protecting my comrades too, don't I? Nice plan Naruto and good application Sasuke and Sakura. You guys have grown up. Just next time, please avoid trying to get me killed along the bad guy, okay? I nearly got a heart attack this time. Now it's my time to take over, you guys have done enough, clear the area, this will become a very dangerous zone," replied Kakashi.

"Yes sir!" replied all three as they made and Tazuna in a jiff.

"Damn insects, you got lucky I got distracted and released the jutsu on your teacher…" said an angry Zabuza.

"Wrong, you didn't release it. You were forced to release it. It will teach you to not underestimate my kids. Now let's finish what we started I am getting tired of listening to your ugly voice," said Kakashi.

Thus round 2 between Hatake Kakashi and Momochi Zabuza started as both warriors locked their eyes on each other. While Sasuke and Naruto took a little breather both satisfied that they had proven their worth. Meanwhile, still hidden in the trees and unnoticed by the crew, a young boy looked on the battle from afar.

"Those kids sure came up with a great plan… so many distraction I hardly noticed the ending till it was too late. Hmm, Zabuza-san you nearly got me worried there. I better get closer to you. The real battle is about to start… Hatake Kakashi doesn't seem to be the type to make the same mistake twice. I wonder what he will do. Will he finally show me the secret of the famous sharingan?" thought Haku, as he looked on.

End of chapter 5

A/N: All right, finally finished part 1 of 3 of the Wave country arc. Hope you enjoyed it. It took me 22 pages… (sigh). Anyway, as you can see I changed a lot of things here and there to change the flavor of the storyline from the original setting. It's also a bit bloodier then the original Manga. Get used to it, because I ended to make it add a bit more of that in the third part of this arc, which will hold the final battle between team 7 and Zabuza and Haku. Now you may be wondering what is up for the next chapter. Well I have been thinking a lot and I figured that it would be nice to have Naruto and Haku meet each other and build a friendship for about a week till they finally meet again in battle. It will make the ending even more memorable, especially what I intend to do with Kyuubi and Kyuubi Naruto. Just to add a few more things, as you can see I am trying divide the path between Naruto (light) and Sasuke (dark) already and I intend to keep doing it as the story progress. In won't be the only major conflict in this story. There will be another similar one between Naruto (light) and Kyuubi Naruto (dark).

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New Techniques

Shoryuuken / Rising Dragon Fist: C rank taijutsu used by Naruto, where he comes out from under ground and hits his unsuspecting opponent with a straight rising uppercut on the chin. He actually copied it from Street Fighters. Later on given its effectiveness both Kakashi and Sasuke will use it.