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Calliegh stood at the window gazing out at the sun as it went behind the clouds. It kind of depicted her mood for the day, dreary and angry. She looked down the hall to see an even angrier Delco come slamming through it. "I take it court didn't go your way today, either."

"Calliegh, no offense to your dad but lawyers suck!"

"On most days my dad would agree with you. So what happened to you?"

"That lawyer for David Roster got my wheel treads and Valera's DNA thrown out."

"What! Eric!"

"Yeah, I can't believe it, he may walk after all. But at least we have your ballistics report."

"Not exactly," said Calliegh under her breath.

"What do you mean, not exactly?"

"My evidence got trashed too."

They both silently stared at each other and then turned their gazes to the clouds forming outside.

David Roster was accused of murdering his wife after finding her in bed with a mystery man. He supposedly stabbed her 11 times with an ice pick, and then put a bullet in her head for good measure. The only evidence found at the scene was the ice pick with the victim DNA on it, the bed sheets where semen from two guys were found, one was the husband, the other unknown. The only prints found in the bedroom were those from the wife and the husband.

David claimed he was at a bar when his wife was brutally murdered, but there were no witnesses.

Eric Delco and Calliegh Duquesne were able, thanks to Valera, to find epithelia's belonging to the husband on the ice pick. There were tire treads outside the house, from a Ford F-150 truck, the same truck as the husband.

"How is this possible?" asked Calliegh. "How did the District Attorney get all of our evidence thrown out? We handed her an air tight case. What did the defense do to trip you up?"

"She tricked me, all right to be fair; it was a valid question, but still..."

"What did she ask you?"

"If it was possible the husband parked his truck in front of his own home."

"Good question."

"Yeah, and she used the same argument for the DNA on the ice pick."

"So we have nothing."

"Exactly, we need to go back to the evidence, maybe we missed something. Calliegh my gut tells me he did it."

"My gut says the same. Ok, I'll run the ballistics again, maybe I missed something there."

"But it got thrown out Calliegh, you can't use it."

"I can if I tie it to something else, then I can piggyback it in."

"Ok then, I'll see if Valera can get any DNA off the gum we found at the scene."

"Ok, let's go get our man."

Horatio Caine stepped out of his Hummer and walked toward Detective Frank Tripp. "What have we got here Frank?"

"Dead body inside that house there, Alex is in there now."

"All right, thank you Frank. What do we know so far?"

"Victim was stabbed to death, male, no I.D. on him. We're checking to see who owns the house now."

"All right, let me know when you find out something, I'm going to see what Alex can tell me."


"Alex, what do we have?"

"Adult male, approximate age 34 to 40 years old. From looking at him, I can tell you he died painfully. He was stabbed at least 20 separate times. He took blows to the upper torso, abdomen, arms, legs, this poor boy was slaughtered Horatio."

"Time of death?"

"I'll know more when I get him back to the lab, but from the smell I say he's been here for at least one week, maybe more. I'll get the results to you as soon as I can."

"Thank you Alex," said Horatio as he moved aside to allow the stretcher to be brought in.

Ryan walked in after the stretcher, "Hold up!"

"What is it Ryan?" asked Alex.

"I haven't taken pictures of the body yet."

Horatio turned, "You what? Did you just get here?"

"Yeah, Delco needed me to run some information. I got here as fast as I could. I'm sorry, I should have come faster."

"We'll talk about this later, for now just take the pictures. This case is already cold, time isn't on our side."

"I'll take them as fast as I can, Alex, sorry to make you wait."

"Don't apologize to me baby, he's the victim," said Alex as she crossed the room and walked out the door.

Ryan got busy snapping photographs of the body, after about 5 minutes he signaled for the paramedics to load the body on the stretcher and let them leave.

He then walked around the room and rest of the house snapping photos of things he deemed evidence. He knew he had to photograph before he could bag any of it for testing back at the lab.

Horatio came into the room where Ryan was collecting evidence, "You mind telling me what evidence Delco had you running?"

"His evidence got thrown out in court this morning, so he asked me to rerun some of his samples. I didn't find anything yet that would help him though. Some of the tests actually show the opposite."

"What do you mean?"

"From the evidence it appears the Defense has every right to want everything thrown out. There is not a smoking gun piece of evidence."

"Are you saying that Eric has the wrong man?"

"I'm saying it's quite possible."

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