Chapter 4:

Calleigh and Delko waited in Horatio's office for him to return. They knew they finally had their proof of David Roster's Guilt.

Horatio walked in followed by Ryan, "Ryan, are you sure?"

"Yes, Horatio, I am positive."

"All right, tell Frank to release Roster from lock-up."

"What?" asked Delko. "H, we have proof he's guilty!"

"What proof?" asked Ryan.

"Calleigh matched the gun used to kill Marsha Roster to Davis Roster. She was also killed using a ice pick, just like Trisha."

"Horatio, I think I know what happened," said Ryan. "I'm right that he didn't kill Trisha, but I think they're also right that he did in fact kill Marsha."

"Explain Mr. Wolf."

"Ok Valera was able to get a DNA profile off the gum found in Trisha's mouth. It wasn't hers, it belonged to her killer. He lost it when he kissed her. All right, the DNA came back to Robert Smyth, Michael Smyth's older brother.. He is also the brother of Marsha Roster. I think he killed Trisha in order to reopen his sisters murder case. "

"That would make sense," said Calleigh.

"Where is Robert Smyth?" asked Delko.

"Being brought in as we speak," said Ryan. "I was just telling Horatio what I found. I admit I couldn't figure out the clues until Delko mentioned Marsha Roster. I remembered coming across that name in my preliminary findings."

"So we got our man?" asked Calleigh."

"Yes we do," said Horatio. "Leave David Roster in jail Mr. Wolf. We have enough evidence to prove his guilt in the murder of Marsha Roster."

"It is good thing murder doesn't have a statute of limitations," said Delko.

"Yes, it is Eric, cause then very few people would get any justice."

"They would have to be like Robert Smyth and take justice into their own hands."


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