This is my first fanfic, please go easy on me! ;-;


Research in Aftermath of Chaos Energy, also known as R.A.C.E, has become the world's greatest and most powerful organisation to date. Ever since the Chaos Emeralds were recognised as sources of power to supply the world with unlimited environmentally friendly energy, all fossil fuels and nuclear plants were shut down and dismantled. For nearly 10 years, the Chaos Emeralds have supplied the inhabitants of Earth with their amazing energy and in doing so the Earth has been given the time needed for it's ozone layer and it's eco-system to repair itself given the pollution it's been handling for so long. R.A.C.E were the first to realize the benefits the world would gain from the Chaos Emeralds and were immediately thanked and rewarded by the highest ranking leaders of the world.

This gave R.A.C.E a chance to rise above all and become the world leaders themselves. Though no one sees it fully, even the presidents, the prime ministers, the leaders and the royalties of the countries among the Earth have to answer to R.A.C.E for everything. The organisation may seem to do what is best for the planet but deep down inside the darkness of them, weapons are created to truly enforce R.A.C.E's dominance over the planet. All kinds of destructive weapons go into research underneath the surface deep within their underground labs.

From simple handguns to experimental BIO-Weaponry, those who knew of what R.A.C.E were truly up to had different methods of trying to expose them only to fail and either be destroyed or become B.O.W's themselves. There are others who know of the organisation's deep dark secrets but only so few are willing to risk their lives to shine the light among the truth, the rest keeping in the dark. This is where the story begins with one black hedgehog who's doing all he can to earn a life in this twisted world…

Sorry the prologue's so short. Don't worry! The good characters will show up in the next chapter which I promise will be longer:D

R.A.C.E. is © to Khran (AKA myself).

Chaos Emeralds are © to Sonic Team of Sega.