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Chapter 11:

Three days later…

Things weren't the same since the fall of Angel Island. Thanks to the only three witnesses to the horror that befallen it, rumours and remarks spread like wildfire through the community of a secret weapon GUN had stashed away and could use at any time. When reports were issued against them, the high commanders of the organisation denied all facts that they ordered the destruction of the icon of the sky nor did they issue the construction of a battleship with enough fire power to destroy a city. However the rumours continued to spread and GUN was on the verge of collapsing. Though no one believed them, there were some who felt something was not right.

To avoid unwanted attention by the public, Knuckles hid himself in a dark black hooded winter coat that covered his entire self completely as he walked the streets of Westopolis. Luckily the storm that was experienced at Angel Island before it was destroyed assigned itself a path to the city and eventually grew cold enough to turn into snow on the way. Everywhere was covered in deep snow and everyone was found wearing something large to keep them warm and most just hid their appearances which helped Knuckles blend in. The guardian walked over to a newspaper stand outside a garage and read one of the papers.

'GUN continues to report denied claims of sky icon's destruction' was the headline. Though it was somewhat pleasing people took interest and care into the fall of his home, the echidna still felt angered by how the most obvious group on the entire planet wouldn't own up to being responsible. There were no other organisations out there with the firepower or the well known wealth to create, let alone buy, such. The echidna threw down the paper onto the rack he found it upon and stomped away in the snow while cursing in his head.

Since the fall of Angel Island, Shadow, Amy and Knuckles have been taking refuge in Tails' workshop. While the young twin-tailed teen worked on his new jet, Amy was busy cooking up some food for them after finding some comfort in her new life with no need nor desire to go gallivanting after Sonic. She still felt some loss and sorrow over it but finding some enjoyment in helping her friends settle down after the incident three days ago really helped take her mind off it. It was only when she accidentally lost her thoughts in Sonic that she broke down but she did her best not to.

Shadow stood among the roof-top of the workshop. Since the destruction of Knuckles' home, Shadow was more determined than ever to make sure no harm would come to Tails'. Keeping an almost twenty four hour watch over the building, the dark hedgehog paced up and top the roof and always prepared himself for the unimaginable. The sky seemed calm enough but not all things were always as they appeared. Shadow remained faithful to his senses as the wind blew roughly through his fur among his body.

While he worked on the engine of his jet, Tails ran several songs from his iPod through to his headphones and into his ears. Playing one of his favourite songs in his head, the young mechanic hummed the tunes while twisting about a few gears then slamming down and locking the hood. The twin tailed fox then twisted his tails and used the propulsion of their spinning like rotor blades to lift off into the air and fly over to the other side of the jet. While Tails hopped onto the rear wings of the stealth, Amy walked in through the small gap of the hangar doors and inspected the large craft in all its glory.

"Wow… You built this all by yourself?" Amy cooed in amazement. Viewing the entire plane in front of her was really exciting. Tails peeked over the side and grinned with joy she asked such a question.

"He he, sure did!" He smirked happily and flew down in front of her. "It's been fitted with all kinds of new technology in aircraft designs. It cost a lot to get the equipment and parts but I know it'll all be worth it in the end." Amy chuckled at his grown confidence in his work and admired his art. It was definitely a change in aerodynamic vehicle generation designs and she knew Tails would become famous among the world should he actually sell his blue prints. Then again she knew he wasn't the type to just sell out.

"Has it got any special transformations like your previous planes?" She blinked and stared at Tails in curiosity. His smirk quickly turned into a large grin which only grew confusion in Amy's mind.

"He he, I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see." He winked to tease her, flew back to the top of the jet and went back to work on the interior. The pink hedgehog placed both hands on her hips, smirking and thinking of ways to try and get the surprise out of him. She quickly grew bored of thinking, however, and decided to leave Tails to it, making her way out of the hangar and back into the workshop.

Through all the terrible amounts of snow and the harsh winds that had just recently blew their way over, Knuckles pulled the door open and walked inside before shaking his entire posture to rid himself of the white flakes that stuck to him. Slamming the door behind him before any snow could get inside, the red echidna yanked off his coat and placed it onto the hook drilled into the wall among other hooks then placed himself on the sofa nearby. It was only a few seconds after his arrival that Amy made her way inside and noticed how the guardian had returned from Westopolis. She sighed and felt the sorrow of the poor echidna who had lost everything when Angel Island fell and drowned in the deep dark abyss of the sea. Walking over and sitting beside him on the couch, the pink hedgehog reached over and held his hand.

"… We'll get them back for what they did, Knuckles." She reassured him. The blood red furred guardian looked over to Amy and didn't seem so sure about anything at the moment. Looking away, he sighed and began to think to himself. Amy took her hand off Knuckles and got to her feet, looking down on him in pity and walked into the kitchen to prepare for tonight's dinner. It wasn't long before Knuckles managed to urge his hand to drag itself along the arm of the sofa to find the remote to the TV and flick on a few channels. Most news channels were centred on the top story of the destruction of Angel Island. He didn't need this, not the pity or the shame that he couldn't save his home. After some more flicking through the channels, he arrived on some movie and let it run its course, hopefully will take Knuckles' mind off his home's destruction.

A few minutes had finally passed before Shadow made his way into the workshop, his black fur seemingly replaced by white which was the snow he had brought in with him from the storm that raged on outside. Shivering from not only the freezing cold but the stupidity of his ignorance to stay out there to look out for any attacks like from three days ago, Shadow shook the snow off of him and made his way onto the chair to warm himself up against the large pillow thrown on it. Amy walked in from the kitchen a few seconds later and blinked in surprise at Shadow's unexpected appearance from the cold outside. She noted how the black hedgehog was shivering madly and figured the icy winds must have finally got their way past his fur. She walked on over with hands on hips and stared down at him like a mother would do to her child to get an explanation out of them. Shadow, however, was no child and had an attitude to go with that fact. Looking up towards her, he replied back with a glare just as simple as the question that followed.

"What?" Shadow could never tell what was going through the mind of a female and the way they looked when they seemed to be eyeing up the obvious only made him more concerned about what was going to happen next.

"You're freezing to death." Amy replied back while stating the blindly obvious.

"Yeah, so?"

"So you're gonna have a bath, mister."

"… Wait, I'm what?!"

Knuckles let out a sudden and pretty loud snort in amusement to Amy's demand considering how old and mature Shadow is. This of course made the dark hedgehog feel a little embarrassed and fluster a small blush across his cheeks. He ignored the freezing cold for a bit and stood to his feet, coming eye to eye with the young female.

"I don't recall agreeing to hand over all my choices in life over to you." He made a slightly intimidating glare but this didn't phase Amy one bit.

"And I don't recall agreeing that I wouldn't be tending to your needs. Now bath!" She rose her tone of voice higher than usual and pointed outward to the stairs that led up to the bathroom. Shadow leaned away slightly from her scary demand and sighed, giving in and made his way up the stairs while holding his arms together to keep himself as warm as possible till he made it upstairs. Amy simply smirked and walked back into the kitchen while Knuckles just sat there while trying to hold a straight face. Turning back to the television actually helped there.

A steaming hot bath was ran and prepared for the onyx hedgehog within the bathroom. The windows were closed and the door was locked to prevent any unwanted intruders. After throwing down his gloves and shoes, Shadow sunk into the warmth of the full tub and sighed into the water with bubbles popping under his nose.

"This is so embarrassing…" His eyes crossed into a glare to the other side of the wall and his hands clenched on the sides of the bath.

"I'm a powerful Chaos Energy wielder, how did I come so low as to take orders from a pink hedgehog?" He asked himself after letting loose of the bath and let his arms hang over the sides.

"… Those eyes… They look so much like gems…" Shadow lost his mind in thought of Amy's bright green emerald eyes till he quickly shook his head and got his own attention.

"Wait a minute! What the hell am I talking about?! Good god, if anyone heard this then I'd be screwed. It'd be worse with Sonic, he wouldn't dare let me live it down…" The poor hedgehog sat up in the tub and rubbed his forehead while trying to force the images out of his head. Sadly trying to forget only made him remember them more. He isn't supposed to feel this way, it isn't right.

"C'mon Shadow, get a grip." He smacked the side of his head and splashed his face with the water he bathed in to wake himself up. After all that has happened, he felt he was growing a small link with Amy. Remembering the times she held onto him so closely, it felt nice yet wrong.

"Oh god, get out of my head!" He threw himself back till he was completely under the water trying to drown out the images, literally. It took nearly half a minute before he slid back up to the surface and coughed up some water he accidentally inhaled through his nose. His eyes went a little bloodshot red but died back down to its original white colour, hiding behind his eyelids as they slid down shut.

"Something's wrong with me…" Shadow wiped a hand over his face to wash away an imagined facial of dirt. Opening his eyes again through the gaps of his fingers, the hedgehog sat up and washed the water through his quills.

Down below, Amy walked by and passed a plate of well-prepared food onto Knuckles' lap. The echidna smiled, nodding thanks and dug into the delicacy in front of him. Timing couldn't have been more perfect as Tails made his way into the room from the garage after some more intense mechanical configuring and building of his new jet.

"Finally, I thought we'd never get to see you anywhere other than your play centre." Knuckles jokingly mocked the young fox. Tails simply glared at Knuckles and shrugged, ignoring the mock and fell back into the sofa.

"Well you'll be seeing me more often now, I just so happened to have finished everything on my newest masterpiece!" Tails smirked with a confident grin that of a child who couldn't wait to try out his new stuff.

"Really? That's great! We gotta go fly in it when the weather's calmer!" Amy smiled happily and pleased the fox even more with a plate of food on his lap. He quickly dug in, obviously hungry beyond what was expected of him. This amused Amy, feeling a sense of joy how the two were more than satisfied with the food she had prepared. The clock ticked on and eventually night had fallen upon their current home once more.

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