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Summary: Over the summer Hermione activates an ancient, powerful magic and is thrown back into the time of the Marauders. There, she meets our friendly Hogwarts crew, and some other colorful characters. In the past she faces danger, death, and the terrifying possibility of never going home again.



Hermione sat on her bed with the book she needed in front of her. She was now 17, ready to begin her seventh year at Hogwarts. The current date was July 30th, so she only had one day left to get Harry his birthday present.

As she chanted the spell out of the ancient book laying on her bed, she felt a pull at her navel, almost like a Portkey. 'It's working!' she thought in excitement. She was about to cheer aloud in joy when, suddenly, the pull increased, and she felt a strangely familiar feeling pulling at her. "Oh, bloody he-" she managed before she disappeared in a flash of light.


Peter Pettigrew blinked. He was lying on the floor of an unfamiliar bedroom. He looked around him in stunned shock for a moment before it all sunk in… he wasn't in Hogwarts anymore. As everything suddenly overwhelmed him, he found the darkness closing in and welcomed it.


A/N: Sorry that this one is so short. I'm going to make the rest longer but I just wanted to do a little background on what was going on.

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