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After a late night of figuring out spells, Hermione fell into bed. The next morning she awoke to someone pounding on the door. "Please open up! I really need your help!" Hermione could hear the desperation in Lilly's voice, so she rolled out of bed and went to open the door.

The fiery redhead rushed past her and almost knocked her over.

"Oh goodness, I need your help!" She was clearly having a little bit of a breakdown.

"With what Lils?" Hermione went to sit down next to her.

"Planning the wedding! The wedding planner just walked out on us and took all the plans with her!" Hermione left her friend's side to go to the desk, where there was some blank parchment.

"First thing, write down anything you can remember, and get the boys to do the same. Anyone that knew any plans, so we can get as much information as possible." Lilly nodded. "I'm going to go wash up and get some breakfast, why don't you meet me down there?" Again Lilly nodded, scribbling fiercely across the page.


Peter looked around, still unsure about this whole 'future' thing. I bet this is a trick the guys are playing on me because I messed up with the wedding planner. "Okay you guys, I'm sorry about the wedding planner, can we just move past that and get me out of this strange place now?" He asked the empty room. When there was no reply, and no change he began to get nervous. "Please you guys?!" Still no answer. Slowly it dawned on him that maybe it was actually the truth. He had been somehow sent into the future.


Harry closed the last photo album. He knew that where ever she was, Hermione was probably happy for the moment. He learned that she had gotten to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts and had loved it. He learned about her love for a fellow teacher, and how much it had destroyed him when she left. Harry put the Baby Harry book back into its place on the shelf and went to join the others for dinner.


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