Title: Great Things (yeah I suck at titles)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco (implied)
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter terms used in this horrible drabble are not my own, they are respected inventions of their proper owners.

They say he should have been a Slytherin.
They say he would have done great things in my house.
Great things with that stupid parseltongue of his.

What does that mean?
What is a great thing?
Talking to snakes?
Yeah, sure, whoop.

Or... Is a great thing what else he does with that stupid, stupid tongue?
That tongue.
That parseltongue that slithers in and out of sight, strikes when you least expect it.

That idiotic tongue that makes me feel when I thought I was void of all emotion.
That snake-loving tongue that arouses whimpers and squeals from the depths of me.
Is that not a great thing?

Or his hands...
Would he have done great things with those?
Oh, play quidditch. Wow.
Is that greater than touching, tickling, rubbing, holding, loving?

Those hands that pull me close right when I need them to...
The same hands that accompany that idiotic moronic stupid tongue.

But... I need to know.
What great things...
Could he do with those eyes?

Those freakishly beautiful eyes.
What could he have done?
Read? Watch?

Those are the eyes that with their piercing emerald stare, can see me. Can see me.
Those eyes know me.
Understand me.
Hold me, want me, love me.

They say he would have done great things.
He's already doing them.
Because he knows, I know.
What greater thing is there to do than love?