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1: The Alpha

Was it a dream? Another nightmare?

Kim shot up from bed, breathing hard. She quickly reached for her head, which was pounding. She had a headache… again. She had been having headaches for almost a month. They would fade away and then come back full force, like her skull was going to split open. Accompanying the headaches, there were fevers on occasion and her body sometimes felt like it would burst into flames, causing her to break out into heavy swats. Along with that, there were times when everything smelled like sulfur and smoke.

These symptoms were consistent with some all-around terrible nightmares that she had been having lately. The nightmares seemed so real and at times she felt like they were touching her, scratching at her skin, pulling her to her doom, drowning her, burning her, burying her alive. They tormented her and made sleep harder and harder to come by. It grated on her nerves and patience, especially as it became more and more the norm.

Soon this shell will be mine. It is perfect for me and we will get along perfectly. We will work as one.

The redhead crawled out of bed and staggered out into the living room of the apartment. She looked around for her girlfriend, but saw that Shego was nowhere to be found. She glanced at the clock on the wall and found the numbers blurry. She rubbed her eyes until her vision cleared and saw that it was late in the afternoon. She could see why she was alone. Her lover was probably out, leaving to allow her the chance to have an uninterrupted sleep.

Kim had not been feeling well lately. At first, Shego had taken care of Kim as if she had a cold, making her soup and tea and things to make her feel better. She had gone out and got headache medication for her ailing girlfriend, but those were of no help to Kim. After a while, she just told her Princess that she needed to get some sleep and she tried her best to make her girl take naps. The redhead tried, but she would still wake up minutes into the sleep thanks to horrible visions and her head would be pounding again like it was being slammed with a sledgehammer. So, Shego more than likely went out when she saw that her girl was finally sleeping soundly and the pale woman had done just that because she did not want to risk waking her precious Kimmie up. Yes, Shego could be considerate, but usually only to Kim.

Kim began to massage her forehead, hoping to ease the tension in her head and get the pain to stop. She decided to have an aspirin, even though they did not help. In fact, Shego had made her stop taking them, even though she had been the one that bought them for the hero. A couple of weeks ago, the green-skinned female had caught Kim trying to take over ten aspirin at once and that had been when she put a halt on any kinds of headache medication for the younger woman. Shego argued that if Kim felt that she needed that many at once, then she did not need any at all. It was only when her headache had passed that Kim realized what she had done and what she could have done.

"Just one," the olive-eyed female ordered herself as she entered the bathroom.

The petite hero went to the medicine cabinet and opened it without looking into the mirror. She grabbed the bottle of aspirin and shut the cabinet back. She happened to lazily glance into the looking glass and was startled. Gasping, she jumped, dropping the bottle of pills, as she noticed an anomaly on her head.

"What the hell?" Kim shouted as she noticed that she had two huge knots on her forehead.

The redhead immediately reached out to touch the lumps and discovered that they were as hard as bone. The weird thing was, aside from the fact that she had two giant bumps on her skull, they felt like they were getting bigger and they hurt like nothing that she ever felt. She gritted her teeth, certain her head was about to explode. Quickly, she exited the bathroom, hoping to make it to the phone or her Kimmunicator. She wanted to call Shego or her sister or just anybody to request aid because she was unbelievable agony. She did not make it very far.

Kim fell against the wall in the hallway. She groaned loudly because of the dire pain and anguish tearing through her from head to toe. She held her head as she could suddenly feel the knots pulsing. The knobs ripped through her forehead like newborn snakes escaping their mother. Kim screamed in pure, utter torment as blood dripped down her face. It felt like knives had just erupted from her skull and tears poured from her eyes as she hollered in absolute distress.

It will hold up and I will live whole again.


A neighbor knocked on the apartment door of Kim and Shego. She had heard horrible screaming from the apartment. Now, she knew the two young ladies that lived there were a bit odd. In fact, the pale one was downright obnoxious. But, the redheaded one was a sweet and polite girl and the neighbor wanted to make that everything was all right. It only took a few moments for the door to open.

"Excuse me, I just heard some screaming and I wanted to make sure you girls are all right," the neighbor explained as the door continued to open, slowly revealing the sweet, polite little redhead.

"Everything's fine," Kim answered in a low voice as the door finally showed her whole face.

The neighbor gasped in complete horror, but that was about all that she had time to do. Kim grabbed the woman by the throat and smirked, showing off some very pointy canine teeth. She then snapped the woman's neck with greater ease than tearing paper. She tossed the body to the side as if it was useless garbage and then stepped out of the apartment. She was sporting a pair of sharp, bull-like horns where the bumps on her forehead had been.

"That did feel good," Kim commented to herself with a small smile.

Kim Possible could not explain it, but she felt exhilarated and free suddenly. It was like everything that she thought about, cared about, or needed to do no longer mattered. There was nothing and she was everything. She liked the unreserved feeling and she decided she would remain feeling such a way and to do that, she might want to get rid of things that could stand in her way.

Yes, once everything is gone, only I will remain. It will be mine and I can have what I truly desire.

The redhead walked to the steps of the building and in her wake, things began to blacken, crumble, and turn to dust as they rotted away like they were dried out wood or old fruit. The walls seemed to turn to soot, as did every step that she placed her foot on. The banister turned to ashes under her smooth touch. When she reached outside, she smiled contently, stretching her arms out in the vast air.

"The light is so warm. It's been so long and I do so like this light. He will like this light, too," Kim commented to the air while hugging herself for a brief moment.

The hero strolled casually down the street and the same phenomenon of things turning to onyx-colored powder followed her along. The radius to which the happenings occurred gradually became larger and it seemed like smoke was coming from Kim. People stared in sheer terror as they noticed what was happening and for those that got too close, they seemed to just collapse as the redhead passed by. Their flesh rotted and slid from their bones until their skeletons were left sitting in smoldering skin piles.

Kim did not pay anyone any mind as they stared or fell as she went by. She just felt the need to remain free as she was and for that to happen, she needed to make sure that nothing could stand in her way. She had to need nothing.

She also felt as if she wanted to just tear things apart. She just did not care because they did not matter to her. So, she would destroy whatever did not matter to her because it was worthless. Everything was worthless.

I will grow stronger and this will be mine and soon it will all be mine.


Shin made a puzzled face as his phone went off. He started patting down his pockets, which he had plenty of thank to the pants he had managed to sneak out of the house in. Trin had been buried deep in a thick book when he left the apartment and did not notice what she would have considered his crime against fashion, thus she did not force him to change. He checked all eight pockets only to realize that he had put the phone in his bag. He hit himself in the forehead with the heel of his hand and answered the call. He was surprised the person calling had not hung up after so many rings.

"Wade?" the half-Japanese young man said in a puzzled tone when he saw who was calling him.

"Shin! I need your help," Wade informed the older computer genius.

"Yeah, why?" Shin asked in a confused tone. Wade usually did not call him for help. He called him to brag about how he had recently kicked his butt in some online game, so he always knew better than to ask for aid.

"There is a wave of murder and destruction going in and around your town at a phenomenal speed," the boy-genius stated in a panic.

"Yeah, so what? That sounds more like Kim deal and she's totally home, so you can call her," Shin pointed out.

"Kim's causing it!" Wade shouted.

The older male scoffed and laughed. "Kim's causing a wave of murder and destruction? Yeah, right. I'm hanging up now." He really thought Wade was messing with him. The most destruction he believed Kim could do was to eat all of the dessert after dinner, which actually should have been a violation of the Geneva Convention as far as he was concerned.

"Don't hang up! I'm not kidding!" Wade screamed in a frantic tone, which did keep Shin on the line.

"You really want me to believe that Kim is killing people? Come on, she can't even kick kittens," Shin remarked, not that he kicked kittens.

"She is! I'm going to send you some satellite footage and you'll see."

Shin's face showed he was still incredulous to the whole matter, but he could tell Wade was seriously freaked out about something. He would see what it was and try to calm Wade down after that. And then he got the live feed and believed his own eyes liars. He saw a good, clear bird's eye view, but he would know Kim if she was just a grain of sand on a beach. He noticed the horns growing out of her head and how everything seemed to just die from being near her. Buildings fell apart like crumbled crackers, the streets eroded into sand, people seemed to just collapse and decay, and even birds fell from the sky when they got close to her. The picture was so clear that he could see the toxic, smoke-like vapor coming from her.

"She looks like a demon," Shin said without thinking and then he realized what he said. "Kim is a demon," he concurred with his impulsive statement.

"I don't know about that," Wade replied because he did not believe demons were real. "But, she is killing people, lots of them, for no reason at all. The scary thing is that it looks like she's headed toward Middleton and she's moving fast, but you should be able to cut her off."

"Right, whatever. Look, whatever you do, Wade, do not tell the fucking harpy about this," Shin ordered.


"Don't tell her!" Shin snarled. His evil twin would not be able to deal with the situation. She would not be able to take the fact her redheaded clone was slaughtering people, whether it was on purpose or not, and that Kim was possibly a demon. He did not want her to have to deal with that, so she did not need to know what was going on and from the way he had left her at the apartment, he knew that the only way she would know was if someone called her and told her what was happening.

"All right," Wade readily agreed because of Shin's tone.

"I'll handle this. Just get me to the little fox," the half-Japanese male said.

"A ride's coming already."

"Good. Later, Wade."

Shin disconnected the call and that bothered Wade. Shin never bid him farewell when they spoke and then ended the call. He had a bad feeling about what was going on. Something was very wrong.

Shin could not believe what he had seen and the thing that bothered him further was that he could tell he was scared. He trembled just from the sight of Kim and the aura that surrounded her. He could barely control his breathing and his stomach rolled at the thought of facing her.

There was something about Kim that was beyond his comprehension and all he knew was that he was frightened. He hoped Trin was unaware of what was going on. He hoped she was still just reading her book and did not bother turning on the radio, TV, or a computer. It would break whatever heart she had to know that her little sister, her sidekick was out causing death and destruction. She had done everything in her power to help keep Kim pure, so there was no telling how Trin would take this.

The chocolate-eyed male did not have much time to think on anything. A black car pulled up and he was snatched into the vehicle. Shin yelped as he was pulled inside and then the small car sped off. Shin got himself together to see who had just abducted him or picked him up.

"Mommy?" Shin said in disbelief as he noticed he was across from his mother. She's stronger than she looked, he thought because of the ease she used to pull him into the car.

Shin's mother, Tashawna Toriyama, was an average-sized woman with caramel skin and hazel eyes. She had her long, thin braids pulled back into a tight ponytail. She was dressed in a black, sleeveless shirt, revealing her very muscular arms. She wore black combat boots, which let her son know that she was ready to go to work. She had a knife and a pistol on her hip.

"Take this and this," Tashawna told her son as she handed him one of his swords that he kept at their house and a gun.

"Mommy, I don't use guns," Shin pointed out, especially not on a kid that he looked as a little sister.

"You do now," the driver replied.

"Poppa?" Shin said in an incredulous tone again; his father was driving. What the hell is going on with today? Why are my damn parents picking him up and forcing guns on me to go stop Kim? What do they know?

"Take the gun, boy," his father ordered.

Shin did not argue and took the gun as commanded. He then turned his attention to his father, Shinichiro Toriyama, also known as Shin. The elder Shin was a short, but very muscular man. His face was devoid of hair aside for eyebrows and eyelashes. He had an oval-shaped face like his son and also the same chocolate-colored eyes. He was driving like a madman and he had his two swords in the passenger seat next to him. The younger Shin was just baffled by everything.

"Mommy, why the hell are we carrying guns?" Shin asked as he put the gun on his back and attached his sword to his hip.

"Because Kimmie has lost it. She managed to completely decimate almost all of GJ when they confronted her about an hour ago. She's not human anymore it seems. Nothing they threw at her could stop her. She couldn't be reasoned with and butchered every last soul that stood in her way. So, we're going to try to talk to her and if that doesn't work…" Tashawna trailed off, but her son got what she was implying.

"This is just bad. Very, very bad. Poppa, you're actually doing something for GJ?" Shin inquired.

"I'm looking out for my family. Besides, there is no more GJ. Your mother is the last one," Shinichiro answered. He had arrived just in time to save his wife from a slaughter not fit for cattle. He could not even think of what he would have done if he had gotten there one second later.

"She killed all of GJ?" the younger Shin asked in total shock. He doubted his mouth would ever close again from the way his jaw dropped.

"Yes, she even tortured Doctor Director before killing her. She pulled out the woman's good eye and crushed it on her face. Mocked her and then disemboweled her. She then just left her on the street to bleed to death. No one could help her," Tashawna informed her son while shaking her head.

"Damn," the young man muttered. He ran a shaking hand through his hair. How is Kim a monster? She was fine this morning!

"Yeah, so we're going to go talk to Kim, but that's probably not going to cut it now. At least if anybody's going to do what needs to be done to Kim, it should be people that care about her and know that she's just flipped, not that she's always been like this," Shinichiro commented.

"What a philosophy," the son mumbled with a frown and a shake of his head.

"Would you rather she continue killing people?" his mother inquired.

Shinichi did not argue anymore. He knew what had to be done, but he wondered why things had come to that. It had started out as such a semi-normal day. It had even been somewhat enjoyable with nice weather and the fact that he had been able to leave the house wearing clothes that he liked had been a huge plus. So, what the hell was going on?

All the half-Japanese male knew was that nothing was normal anymore. Kim had horns growing out of her freaking skull and it looked like her body was smoking. There was also the fact that the sight of her frightened him like the boogeyman frightened toddlers. He was seriously surprised he had not wet himself yet. She had killed so many people, all of GJ. He could not even wrap his mind around that. Hell, she tortured Doctor Director. Now, he was no fan of the woman, but she did not deserve to die and she definitely did not deserve to be tormented before death.

Shin did not even want to think about how many people Kim might kill if they were not able to stop her. He detested thinking about what they would have to do if the little redhead did not listen to reason. He hated that as they drew closer to her, he trembled even more.

"I have a very bad feeling about this," Shin muttered to himself. Little did he know, his parents felt the same.


Kim walked along a road. She had a determined look on her face, but a carefree stride to her step. She frowned slightly and fangs were now poking out of her mouth into her top lip. The pupils of her once warm olive eyes had gone from rounded to narrow, cat-like slits. Her fingernails had grown slightly and were much sharper, but she failed to notice the transformation. She turned around slightly as she heard a car rapidly approaching her. The car skidded as it was coming to a halt and the passengers caught her attention.

"Kimmie, don't move!" Tashawna commanded as she hopped out of the car before it even stopped moving with her gun drawn. Her husband followed her with his swords in hand, after the car completely halted.

"Auntie Tashawna, Uncle Shin," Kim greeted them with a smirk.

"Kim, what the fuck happened to your head?" Shin inquired as he exited the car, too. He had to will himself out of the car, following his parents' lead. He could feel horrible evil coming from her and it made him tremble again. Could my parents not feel this terrible aura or are they so steel-willed that they can totally ignore it, he wondered. He felt like it was the latter, which mean he had to pull himself together. He could not embarrass his parents.

"You don't like?" Kim asked with a smile as she ran a finger gracefully along her right horn.

"You've had better days, days were you typically didn't kill a few thousand people in an afternoon," the half-Japanese male remarked. He was trying to calm himself down with some banter.

"Kimmie, what in the hell do you think you're fucking doing?" Tashawna demanded with a sneer. She could not believe she was pointing a gun at a girl she had seen grow up, who she considered her niece. She used to babysit the kid, take her to school on some days, took her on vacation with her sometimes, and all other sorts of things. She took Kim to Pixie meetings when she was younger for crying out loud. So, their current situation was beyond unbelievable. It was like they had sailed to the end of the world and fallen off the side.

"Being free. It's so nice, Auntie Tashawna. It feels so good. I like being free. I want to stay this way," Kim answered.

"Kim, this shit isn't free. This is fucking crazy," the mulatto woman pointed out. She had a way with words thanks to working with soldiers for most of her life.

"Isn't it, though? Have you ever done it before? I know you have," Kim commented, obviously referring to the slaughtering she had done through out the afternoon.

"That's got shit to do with anything. What I do and what you've done are two different things," Tashawna argued.

"It has something to do with everything. I like being free. I like this freedom and all I want to do is expand it," the redhead said as if there was truly nothing wrong with her mercilessly and cruelly slaying masses of people.

"This isn't freedom. This is murder on a massive fucking level, Kimmie. Now, we all know you're no murderer. Stop this while you can, before it gets too bad," Tashawna urged her "niece."

In all truth, it was already "too bad" and they all knew that. Kim had slain almost everyone that had gone after her, GJ agents, police officers, federal agents, and military. She even killed people that were just on the street, in her path, and then there were people that dropped dead just from being too close to her. She had already massacred thousands of people in only a short few of hours.

"Why stop now? It feels so good to be free," Kim replied with a smile and she yawned, stretching her hands up. This caused the whole Toriyama family to tense, ready for an attack.

"Kim, don't make us do this," Shinichiro pled. He could still remember when she was little and so hyperactive. Almost the opposite of the person she was supposed to be a clone of, namely her sister.

Kim was always a daring little thing, he recalled. She was always trying to do what Trin and Shin did, even though she was three years younger than they were. She was the loud one when her sister was quiet. She was the crazy one, the one that liked to attack him out of the blue to show him that she could do as much damage as her big sister. She would crawl all over him, begging him to teach her like he did the older pair, and then he would tickle her and she would giggle so cutely. It was so endearing. He loved this kid like a daughter. He did not want to hurt her and he knew his wife felt the same way.

"I'd rather make you try," Kim replied with a brilliant smile. She looked so normal with that smile on her face, so good and kind, but she was far from that now.

The redhead took a step toward her "aunt" and "uncle," knowing they were fully capable of killing a hundred of her. Well, a hundred normal versions of her. Nothing can match me now, she thought, and she would grow stronger. She would remain free.

Tashawna put her gun in the side holster and went for her knife while Shinichiro reached for his long sword. Kim continued to smirk as she walked toward them. The younger Shin could only gawk and gulp as he watched the car that they drove in erode as the black aura surrounding Kim crept toward them.

Tashawna and Shinichiro glanced at each other, knowing exactly what needed to be done. They dashed toward Kim, fully intent on just subduing her without seriously injuring her. They just could not bring themselves to gravely harming their niece. They quickly learn the Kim before them was not the same creature at all as their regular little niece.

Kim laughed a bit as she threw her hand out and an invisible force stopped them dead in their tracks. Their blades shattered and they stared in disbelief at the circumstances. Shin was frozen in shock and fear. Things were only going to get worse and he could feel that, which made it even harder to move. His parents could understand his fear. They had never felt such a thing as what was emanating from Kim at the moment. It was as if they were in the presence of a devil.

The former hero aimed her palms at the couple and hit them with another invisible force. They felt as if charging rhinos had rammed them at full speed. They gasped and fell to ground. They both coughed up pools of blood. It felt as if their ribs were nothing by dust now, stabbing tiny fragments into their vital organs.

"Mommy, Poppa," Shin said and then he snapped out of his shock as he saw Kim stepping closer to them. He did not hesitate in drawing his sword. "Stay the hell away from them!" he commanded with a deadly glare.

"Shin, you'd pull your sword on me? Trin's baby sister?" Kim asked with a pout, putting a hand to her chest.

"You're just some bastard in her skin! Let Kim go and stay the fuck away from my parents," the half-Japanese man ordered.

"Let Kim go?" Kim tilted her head like she did not understand. "I am Kim," she replied.

"No, you're not! Kim would never do anything like this and she doesn't have fucked up headgear on her fucking skull. Now, get the fuck out of her body and stay away from my parents!" he ordered. He had never felt so many emotions at once. He felt fear, panic, sorrow, determination, and the urge to be valiant while also wanting to throw up because he might have to kill a girl that was like his little sister.

The redhead smirked again and seemed to call Shin's bluff. She took a step closer to his injured parents and Shin lost his grip on reality altogether. He was not about to lose his parents to some freak that had control over Kim and he refused to believe that Kim on her own could do such a thing as heartlessly slaughter as many people as she had.

The young man charge forward, intent on taking Kim down. Forget the fact that she was his twin's clone. Kim laughed and dodged his expert attack with unfathomable speed. Time seemed to slow down for Shin as he realized that he had missed his target entirely and he would not be able to recover. He could see his opponent smiling, as if she was all right mentally, as if she was the same person that used to steal cookies with him when they were younger. She then clawed him across the face. Her nails were worse than any knives he could think of.

Shin hollered in pain as four deep wounds felt like they were burned across his skin with the fires of Hell. He lost an eye to the assault and a lower wound went deep into his neck. His legs wobbled, but he remained standing because he was determined to take her down. He was determined to stop her from massacring anyone else. He turned to her with his sword still in hand.

She was still smiling at him. She had the nerve to look like the same kid who had grown up around him that liked to hear Edgar Allen Poe stories as she cuddled into Trin's side. She looked like she was enjoying the battle in the same way as she enjoyed that time together.

"Kimmie, you step away from my crybaby," Tashawna ordered, pointing her pistol at the teenager. She was crouched down on her knees, breathing heavily and in terrible agony from Kim's last attack, but she would not let anyone kill her only son.

"Yeah, get away from the boy," Shinichiro concurred, holding three shuriken in his hand as he tried to climb back to his feet.

"Which burden to lift from my path first?" Kim asked the air. She tapped her chin as she looked between each member of the small family.

"Let the harpy's sister go!" the younger Shin ordered as he charged the former hero.

Kim chuckled and looked so amused, like she thought that the move was cute. As he was about to bring his sword down on her, she flicked her hand out and sliced right through the steel weapon. Shin gasped as his blade fell apart right before his eyes and before he could figure anything out and lament over the loss of one his favorite weapons, her hand was in his chest. He gasped again, completely astonished about everything now. His blood ran down her hand onto her wrist and she smiled again as if she was wholesome cherub.

"Let Kim go," Shin whispered his order before coughing up thick ropes of dark blood.

"I am Kim," she replied and she yanked out his heart.

"Shin!" his parents cried as his body fell heavy to the dirt.

Tashawna opened fire and emptied her clip on Kim, but the bullets basically evaporated as they came within inches of Kim. The redhead dropped the half-Japanese boy's most vital organ. She then turned her attention to his parents and was on them in a flash. They never saw the deathblows. As the couple collapsed, just as dead as their only son, Kim turned her attention to the sun.

"Yes, I like this light. He should, too. The others as well. Soon, everyone, very soon," Kim promised.

Yes, this shell is perfect for me. Soon, it will be me.


Kim passed a sign that read "Welcome to Middleton" and it disintegrated into ash seconds after she went by. She felt the urge to come home because there were roadblocks on her path to freedom in the town. There were people she wished to see, but law enforcers tried to make things difficult.

The teenager had taken down several towns and cities on her way home with mere waves of her hand. All sorts of tactical teams had been sent to take her down because of that. She turned tanks into something less than scrap metal, helicopters were useless, and arsenals never touched her. The people that had gone after her were destroyed within seconds. Because of the carnage Kim caused, officials were attempting to evacuate Middleton as it was learned that was where she was headed.

The redhead was not deterred by all of the insects, as she looked at everyone and thing in her way, and continued onto her home. She walked a straight path to her parents' house. Buildings continued to collapse into dust as she went by them and everything within a hundred foot radius did the same. As she came to her parents' block and stood in front of the house, Tatsu met her.

"Hey, Trin-clone," Tatsu greeted Kim, like everything was normal, even though she was fully aware of what was going on. She was curious as to what drove Kim to do such horrendous acts, but she figured answers would be best after she was stopped.

"Big sis' girl, hey," Kim replied in the same casual manner. She usually called the mechanic "big sis's girl" whenever Tatsu was teasing her by calling her "Trin-clone" or some other nickname.

"So?" Tatsu asked.

"Did you know I was going to come right here?" the teenager countered in a curious tone.

"I guessed," Tatsu answered in a clipped tone. She still was not much for conversation and what was happening this day was not helping.

"Somebody as stupid as you never would have been able to just figure out that I was coming here. You know you're not match for me, serpent. You're a joke at best. I've already killed Shin and his parents. If they couldn't touch me, what makes you think you can do anything?" the redhead inquired.

"You killed Shin? What about Trin? Is she all right?" Tatsu demanded in a snarl of a voice. She did not know what she would do if Kim had murdered her blonde bombshell, but her blood boiled and her heart demanded justice from the mere thought.

"Maybe," Kim shrugged. Damn, I forgot all about Trin now that I think about it. Trin had been right there the second she realized that she needed to clear her path of burdens to remain free. She had left without even thinking about her sister. No matter, she would show Trin everything right after she got to the rest of their family.

"Did you kill her?" Tatsu demanded once more. She did not want to play around now. Her lover had better still be alive or she would gut Kim and feed her body to carnivorous fish.

"If I did?" the former hero asked curiously.

"Don't fuck around," the mechanic growled. She hated to think how Trin was probably dead. After all, Trin would not have let Shin face something so horrible on his own. She gritted her teeth, holding down in sorrowful emotions. She would deal with mourning after she took down Kim.

"I'm only curious about what you would do if I did, say, slit your bitch's throat? You're the weakest link in the chain, Tatsu. Trin probably pitied you when she agreed to date you. That's probably the only reason she stayed with you. After all, compared to her, you're something way below stupid and worthless, right?" Kim commented with a cruel smirk on her face.

Tatsu scowled at the words. She never thought like that, but she could see how someone might assume those thoughts floated through her head. She had never been surer in her life about something than the fact that her blonde bombshell loved her deeply, which was why she wanted to know what happened to Trin.

The mechanic put her hands up to show that she was ready to throw down with Kim, despite the fact that Kim was obviously having a weird day with the mutation and murder of course. Something in the back of her head tried to remind her that she was no match for Kim, but she was not bothering to hear that. She truly only wanted to know what happened to her lover, if Trin was still alive, and if she was, then where the hell was she?


Next time: who will stop Kim?