Jack wishes he could share his son's problems and gets more that he bargained for...

Like Son, Like Father

Short first chapter, but I seem to be good at that. Following chaps should be longer, but I'm not promising anything. I don't own Danny Phantom.

Jack Fenton was worried about his son. He had been coming home late and injured for almost a year now. He was constantly skittish and spent most of the time he was home in his room. He never seemed to get enough sleep, even when Jack knew he'd been in bed all night. He and his wife, Maddie, had thought that summer vacation would do their son good and give him time to rest up and relax, but it hadn't happened. If anything, the boy seemed more stressed out than normal.

It was obvious that Danny was lying about something, as were his friends Sam and Tucker, but Jack had been unable to find out what it was. He had talked to Vice-Principal Lancer on several occasions and found out that Danny had constantly received detentions for property damage and lateness throughout the last school year. That was worrying too. He thought he and Maddie had done a good job teaching their children proper behaviour and respect, but Danny almost seemed to flaunt that at every turn.

About the same time that Danny had started behaving strangely, his complete indifference to his parents' ectoweapons had changed into an interest, if not the fascination that Jack had hoped for from his son. Whenever Jack unveiled a new gadget, Danny always followed the same pattern. Cringe, run, avoid parents, come into lab nervously later and find out the basics, completely forget about the invention. A strange pattern, but if the boy was showing an interest, Jack could live with the other stuff.

The front door slammed and Jack was brought out of his reverie.

"Hi, Mr. Fenton! Danny kinda crashed his scooter and we're taking him up to his room. The injuries aren't bad, but he needs to rest. We'll do the first aid, so don't get up!"

That was another thing. Danny got into a lot of strange scenarios that resulted in him being injured. Jack was sure that at least some of those events had been made up to cover for whatever he was hiding, and he was pretty sure most of the others were directly related to the Something regardless.

Maddie assured him that he was being paranoid. Danny was a teenager and just needed his space. He was clumsy, sure, but it was just a phase. There was nothing wrong with him. And the disrespect he was showing in school, well, that did need to be dealt with, which is why parents invented grounding, curfews, and withholding allowances. Unfortunately, even with that, Danny seemed to get into just as much trouble as always. Jack didn't believe the paranoia argument, even if his daughter, the budding psychologist, agreed with it. Something was up.

However, being a good father and an understanding person, Jack knew that confronting Danny wouldn't get him anywhere, and would likely damage their relationship. So he'd just have to wait and hope Danny eventually trusted him enough to tell him his troubles.

"I wish I could share your problems, son. I really want to help you, and I don't think you can handle this on your own, even if you're trying to." Jack had buried his face in his hands, like he often did when he was worried, so didn't notice the unearthly green smoke swirling around him. But he did think he caught a husky female voice say, "As you have wished it, so shall it be." He dismissed that as his imagination and headed downstairs to tinker on his latest invention.

A/N: So, I guess I'm making a habit of weird becoming-halfa fics. Just thought this might be interesting to write. And hopefully this'll be the last one. Unless I go the other way at some point, but I don't know how that would work.