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Jenna: You're almost right. Sam and Tucker do know about Jack, but he doesn't know they know. Danny told them after he met Jack Phantom for the first time.

Rain: Not every story needs to have protagonist-antagonist conflict. The conflict here is basically Jack Fenton vs Jack Phantom and a little Jack vs Danny, all internal and mental stuff. I was aiming to make this a father-son bonding story and felt that throwing Vlad into the mix would just make it too complicated. And I had a really tough time with Maddie and eventually just gave up. Sorr, I know she's a little OOC..

That evening, Jack carried Danny downstairs and set him on the couch. Maddie wanted to hear her son's side of the story and compare notes with him about ghosts. Jack was interested in listening too, since he would likely hear some things that Phantom hadn't wanted to tell him before. Even Jazz showed up, for moral support.

Danny talked for several hours about how he'd learned to use his powers, how he had battled ghost after ghost to save the town, how he'd become frustrated several times at not being able to lead a normal life and being constantly accused of maliciousness, how he had to worry about being discovered at every moment, and how he'd gotten enemies in both worlds. He gave them details on all the major ghosts he'd fought, but left out as much as he could about his archenemy Vlad Plasmius, in case his parents caught on that he was also a halfa, and someone they knew.

Maddie was amazed by most of what Danny said, although she realized that being half ghost certainly explained most, if not all, of his unusual behaviour. She expressed her sympathies when he spoke of the depressions and difficulties he'd gone through, and tried to comfort Danny as much as possible. When he finished she left her chair and wrapped her arms around her son.

"I still can't completely understand why you didn't tell us, Danny, but I want you to know that we will always be here for you and that you can count on us anytime."

"I know, Mom. Thanks."

Jack cleared his throat. "There's one more thing, Maddie. About a month ago I was worried about Danny and wished I could share his problems. Unfortunately, that wishing ghost, Desiree, overheard me and, well, gave me ghost powers too."

His wife had to strain to hear the last few words because Jack had mumbled them. "Show me," she demanded. Jack complied and went ghost. Danny spoke up again.

"Like I told you guys, it's dangerous for you to know about me, and it's really dangerous for Dad to have ghost powers. If my archenemy finds out, it could be the end of our family, and I don't want to see that happen."

"Can we get rid of the powers?" asked Maddie. Jack shook his head.

"Not with machines. The ectoplasm's fused too much with the rest of my body to pull it out safely, and the Ghost Catcher does strange things to halfas, apparently. Danny says we should be able to get Desiree to do it, though." Jack sounded glum even though he was trying to put on the face of boisterousness and bravery that he normally wore.

"Jack? What's the matter?"

"I like the powers, actually. I understand I shouldn't have them and that it's dangerous to keep them, but I still want to."

"Would it make you feel better, Dad, if I took you flying every once in a while?"

"I guess so."

"And you would still get to fight ghosts with your inventions. You don't need powers for that," added Jazz.

"All right. I'll get rid of them. But only if Danny promises ..."

"I promise, Dad. Whenever you want."

"Okay, then," said Maddie. "We'll go find this Desiree as soon as Danny's well enough to move again. Until then, Jack, I'll understand if you want to enjoy your powers as much as you can, but try not to do anything rash. We don't want this Plasmius person to come after you." Jack reluctantly agreed.


It turned out that they didn't have to wait long to reverse Jack's wish. A few days after the big conversation, a rash of strange goings-on occurred at the Amity Shopping Center, most involving hugely expensive items spontaneously getting up and following people around, glowing slightly. Phantom and the Fentons were there in minutes. As they had suspected, Desiree was granting wishes right, left, and center. It wasn't very difficult for Danny to get close enough to her without her noticing.

"I wish that my dad, Jack Fenton, didn't have ghost powers any more."

"As you have wished it, so shall it ... oh. It's you." Desiree actually sounded somewhat disappointed. Who had she been expecting? Anyone but Danny, certainly. She wasn't too pleased about having granted Danny's wish. He was her enemy, after all.

But the green smoke had swirled around Jack and the damage was done. Jack was powerless once again, at least in the supernatural sense. Phantom and the Fentons bombarded Desiree with their entire arsenal until she was weak enough not to be able to fight back when Danny trained the Thermos on her. He flew off to put Desiree back into the Ghost Zone as his parents began the crowd control efforts that were always needed after a ghost attack.


Jack sighed as he and his wife made their way back to the GAV after finishing their work at the mall. He knew that not being a halfa was a good thing, but he missed it, a little. He enjoyed the freedom of not being recognized and the liberation of unaided flight. He liked the feeling he had when he was doing more to fight ghosts as one of their own. Granted, he'd never really liked the deceptions or the constant fear that being a halfa had generated in him, and it was better if no one had to live with those feelings, but he did miss the benefits. But if it kept his wife and his children safe (or safer, considering what they did in their spare time), then it was worth it in the end. At least he now knew what had gotten into Danny over the past year and could help his son out when he could. Jack realized he was a lot closer to Danny now than he had been in years, and smiled. He had his son back, and he was someone Jack could be proud of.

The End