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Italics indicates thought
Bold and italics indicates a location
Underlined and italics indicates Saito's thoughts.
Bold text (Outside of any normal context) indicates time.


FULL NAME: Saito Alexander Daniel Michael Nathaniel Alan Jeffrey Onago (NOW you know why he prefers to be called Saito)
19,563 (Appears 19)
DOB: October 13
HEIGHT: 6' 1.75"
WEIGHT: 145 lbs.
HAIR: Colored Auburn, bordering on flames. Has a tendency to stand straight up (ala Goku) ((Goku is © Toei Animation and FUNImation))
Color varies, depending on his mood. Ranges from crystal (very light) blue ((excellent mood)) to flat black ((STAY THE FCK OUT OF MY WAY!))
On another note, when he is in his true form, his eyes are blue with gold centers. They also have slit pupils.
SPECIES: Hybrid (Sorcerer/Angel/Kaiser Dragon/Vampire)
WEAPONS: Spellbreaker (razor chain) ((dark gray)), Durend (Shape-shifting sword) ((white with rainbow aura)), claws (only when he feels like it) ((dark gray))
ABILITIES: Innate pyromancy and aeromancy (control of fire and air), can also use any element (he just needs to work on his control): flight (YES, he does have wings), teleportation
POSITION: Weapon smith ((all)), Keeper of the Keys/Oricaltos (head draconic) ((draconics)), diralec (immortal) ((all))

Disgaea: Summons of the Oracle
Book three of the Oricaltos Cycle
By: Blade1986

Prologue: A summons from beyond
Dark Assembly: Overlord's Castle: True Netherworld
Time: It has been four days since the premier of Requiem of Shadows

"Well, it looks like THAT should end any debate about who is stronger!" Saito merely shook his head as he looked directly at Laharl. "You just had to try and do things your way, didn't you, Overlord?" he asked, shaking his head. "You call me here as a mediator, and then you go and beat the guy up anyway. Demons," he grumbled slightly, causing a few chuckles to rise from Aramis' throat. "Hey, don't forget that you're part-demon too." The Oricaltos sadly shook his head before looking over at him. "I know, Aramis. It's the one thing that I keep on trying to forget." There was a moment of silence as the silver-haired Zombie Master looked to the Overlord, and then the three of them simultaneously cracked-up.

It had been an excellent day of work in the Dark Assembly. Several beneficial bills had been passed, including one that allowed for communications to be established with the human world. In addition, there were many other issues that had been resolved without resorting to persuasion by force. Aramis rose from his seat and stretched. "I'm going to head outside for a little while." "Don't wander too far, bro. We're going to need your help with the next bill," Etna called, and Aramis nodded before proceeding through the double-doors at the south end of the assembly hall.

Main Plaza: Overlord's Castle

The young Zombie Master wandered out of the Dark Assembly and approached Pleinair. "How are the rest of the Senators treating you?" he asked out of habit, and the young woman gave Etna's younger sibling a gentle smile before responding. "They seem to be showing me more respect these days." "I wonder why?" "Well," came a male voice from the Dimensional Gate, "it might be due to the large number of angels who have joined the Assembly." "Hmm... You do have a good point there, Croix," Aramis responded, a smile on his face as he extended a hand to the angel. "How are things going in Celestia?"

The brown-haired angel shrugged before shaking Aramis' outstretched hand. "Things haven't really changed. Business progresses at it's usual, agonizing pace. And speaking of business, do you know where Saito is?" Aramis nodded before beckoning Croix to follow him. "He's in the Dark Assembly right now. Why are you asking?" "Well, we got a rather strange message from the Alternate Overlord about thirty minutes ago. Apparently, something out of the ordinary appeared in the middle of the Barren Wasteland..." "and she wants me to go check it out, right?" the mage finished as he stepped outside. "It's good to see you again, Croix." He nodded at Saito before turning back towards the Dimensional Gate. "Likewise, Oricaltos. And yes, Priere wants you to check-out the anomaly." The hybrid looked directly at Aramis before issuing a mental command. Gather my core group, and tell Laharl, Flonne, and Etna to do likewise. Why is that? I have a feeling that this is the summons that I have been waiting for. Okay. Should I send someone to find King Krichevskoy? Saito paused momentarily, but then shook his head. I'll go grab him and Setsuna myself, Aramis. Now get moving. Yes sir!

After the Zombie Master had gone, Saito turned to look at Croix. Alert Michael that the Oracle has issued her summons. Yes, Oricaltos. Is there anything else I can do to help? Find Team Defender, and assemble the remaining members of La Pucelle. Why should I do that? I just have a funny feeling that I'm going to need all of the help I can get. "Now get moving, Croix. We don't have all the time in the world." "I know that much!" the angel cheerfully responded as he proceeded through the Dimensional Gate. The diralec slowly shook his head before following Croix. Here we go again!

Ten minutes later...
Hall of Caresses: Veyer Castle: True Netherworld

"NICHOLAI!" A rather familiar yell caused the former Overlord to rise from his couch and stretch. Yawning, he turned towards the door in order to see that Rena was already up and about. "Do you know where Setsuna is?" she asked, and the elder vampire shook his head. "I have no clue where that other hybrid went." Don't worry, Krichevskoy. I already collected both him and Maderas. Just making sure. "What is is this time, Oricaltos?" Saito grinned as he looked at Laharl's parents. "I just received a summons from the Oracle of the Netherworld, and I was wondering if you would care to join me." The vampire and his human bride looked at one another for a few seconds, and then they both nodded. "Just give us a little more time to gather the others." "I was going to let you do that anyway, Nicholai. Now get moving."

It took a good chunk of time for everyone to be located and assembled, but then they were finally on their way...
Throne Room: Priere Castle: Alternate Netherworld

Year: 2006 AD (
WHAT? You were expecting some other strange number?)
Time: Three hours after Saito departed from the Overlord's Castle

Priere was pacing back and forth across the room. The red-haired Alternate Overlord was sick and tired of waiting for Saito to arrive. Everyone else had already appeared, but there was no sign of the Oricaltos. Marjoly was standing by the Dimensional Gate, tapping her foot impatiently. "What in the hell is taking him so long?" the witch snapped, and her question was answered rather abruptly. "Do you want to be the one to try and organize my affairs as Oricaltos next time?" Saito politely asked as he stepped out of the portal, followed closely by the rest of his core group. "I'm sure that I could arrange it sometime in the near future..." "No thanks," came the rather subdued reply, and Saito nodded his head before turning to look at Priere. "I thought so." Looking around and seeing so many familiar faces brought a smile to the immortal's face. "Well then, let's get moving!"

A rather brief walk carried them to the site of the anomaly, and not even Laharl was prepared for the sight that greeted his eyes...
Barren Wastelands: Alternate Netherworld

The Oricaltos climbed to the top of the ridge before looking down, and what he saw made Saito smile as he beckoned for the other leaders to join him. Laharl could not keep his jaw from dropping in amazement as he stared down onto the plain below. Turning to the diralec for clarification, the Overlord asked his question. "What is that thing?" "That, Overlord, is called a 'Makai Gate'. It will be our method of transportation for the time being." The other leaders had not taken their eyes from the foreign device, and so none of them noticed the young woman who was approaching. However, there were two obvious exceptions to the rule: Saito Onago, and Laharl Krichevskoy. The Overlord tilted his head to one side as he studied the woman. She wore her long pink hair down, with a ribbon tied over the right side of her head. With bright red eyes and slightly pointed ears, it was easy to tell that she was a demon. I can practically FEEL the mana radiating from her. No kidding! I believe that she is the Makai version of one of our mages. You're probably right, Laharl responded before looking down as the woman curtsied. She then looked directly at Saito. "I take it that you are the Oricaltos, sir?" she asked rather timidly, and the diralec openly laughed once before responding. "That is correct. I take it that Pram sent you, correct?" he asked, and the witch nodded. "She wishes to speak with you as soon as possible, so I was told to bring you directly to her."

Saito nodded once in agreement before turning away and giving a piercing whistle. Instantly, the core groups snapped to attention, and the Oricaltos grinned. "It is time that we once more head into the unknown. Are all of you prepared?" "YES SIR!" came the unanimous response, and Saito turned back to the witch. "Lead on, my friend. It's best if we do not keep the Oracle waiting." "I wholeheartedly agree with you, sir," the young woman responded as she approached the Makai Gate once again. It resembled a cylinder about Saito's height, and was rimmed with metal slats. They didn't all match-up, so there were gaps surrounding the core. A small blue sphere topped the Gate, waiting to be activated. The witch stopped short of the Gate before turning to the weredragon once more. "Do you need any help operating this?" "No. I just need the destination." At this, the messenger smiled before simply stating one word. "Home." Saito nodded before looking back at the others behind him. "Hold on, people. This is going to be one heck of a trip!" Everyone grabbed hold of the person closest to them, forming a living chain that stretched from Saito, who was standing at the very center of the circle, all the way out to Michael Lamington, resting on the extreme outer edge. The mage reached out and planted his right hand on the sphere as he intoned the ritual phrase. "The Makai Gate is now active." "Destination?" came a rather pleasant-sounding voice, and Saito merely replied, "Home." There was a brilliant flash of blue-white light, and by the time it had vanished, so had the Oricaltos and his allies.

Author's note2: And they're off! Wow, that was cheesy. Anyway, Saito, Laharl, and the rest are now on their way. What sort of surprises await them when they arrive? Find out in my next chapter, Welcome to the Makai. As always, please remember to both READ AND REVIEW. Thank you.