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Don't Eat Chao Fruit

"Nut!" The chao ordered to its owner.

Amy Rose the Hedgehog and Cream the Rabbit were visiting the childish garden of little creatures called chao. Chao are little blue blobs with a basic shaped body: two arms and legs, a body to support the limbs, and an oddly shaped head like a raindrop. Chaos are around to bring joy to the others due to their baby like personality. It's almost like taking care of your own child.

"Hold up Phooey, I'm coming!" The rose hedgehog called to the neutral cerulean chao.

She ran over to the blue blob, completely forgetting about the other chao she was bathing, who unfortunately couldn't swim. Amy swiped out her infamous red and golden mallet and smashed in into the nearest cocoanut tree. The vibrations of the assault pulsed upward, causing the nut to loosen and fall into the arms of the hungry chao. It munched away happily as his owner stoked its head tenderly.

Meanwhile, Cream was playing lifeguard with her chao, Cheese, trying to save the power type chao Amy had left for her own. She jumped in the shallow water, not worrying about her feet getting wet, and moved to the drowning baby before it when under. A huge heart appeared where her floating orb was once as it cooed affectionately from her savior. The rabbit sat the chao down, away from the watery grave and sighed at the hedgehog.

"Amy…" the cream rabbit started the scold. But what was the point. Amy always had her head in the clouds and would usually pull a careless stunt like this, yet the female really didn't mean any harm. She had a big heart full of compassion, just not her priorities straight.

"Amy, you mess with Phooey so much, he's gonna be awfully spoiled when he gets older." Cheese landed on the rabbit's shoulder with a smile across his lips, happy that the rescue mission was a success. "My mommy always tells me that I should let Cheese and Chocola do stuff on their own and not always help them."

The rose hedgehog looked at the rabbit with helpless eyes. "I know, and I'm sorry Cream. But what if some terrible tragedy was to happen, I need to be here to protect Phooey."

Cream blinked twice and sweatdropped as the hedgehog continued with her pampering. Not one word she had consoled had gotten through to Amy. In one ear and out the other, she didn't even listen to what was said earlier. Now she was finally able to understand why Tails never bothered any more to tell Sonic something was a bad idea, Sonic usually drown him out.

"I told my mom I'd be home at twelve, so I have to go. Are you sure you can watch these guys by yourself?"

Amy stood up and winked. "Of course I can Cream. I have to be able to watch them so, Sonic will respect me, and we can get married and have children of our own." Hearts began to form in her jade eyes, and faint blush covered her cheeks which meant the hedgehog was in Sonic mode again.

"Um…okay Amy, if you say so. See ya around." The rabbit walked off in a small jog. "Come on Chocola, Cheese, it's time to go." She vanished out the door with the two tiny creatures followed in pursuit.

Just then Amy's stomach began to growl from starvation, snapping her out of any daydream she was having. She grasped her belly and groaned. She hadn't eaten anything since last night seeing how she skipped breakfast. The hedgehog wasn't anorexic or anything, she was just rushing that she forgot to grab an apple or toaster pastry. Now the hunger was coming back with vengeance.

Her desire for food was growing fast with nothing to eat. As thoughts about what to eat went through her head, a light bulb clicked in her mind. The beach chao garden was loaded with fruit, she could eat here.

Without wasting any more time, Amy proceeded to the same process she did with Phooey's nut in the tree and patiently waited for it to fall. When it fell, she quickly bit into its course skin followed by a rich, smooth sensation. The hedgehog began chewing the fruit with its…distinguished taste. First it was real sweet and sent a tingling feeling in your cheek and then…

Amy's eye's widened in disgust, and she immediately spit out the remaining pieces. "Eek, it's bitter!" She stuck her tongue out as repugnance sketched its way all over her face. Chao sure did have an eminent taste in their food products.

The emerald orbed girl now defiantly wanted some water to rid her taste buds of tart taste. She glanced over to the water hole in the garden but quickly dismissed the idea.

"I guess I'll just go get some food in Station Square," she said, nodding to confirm her statement. "Come on Phooey, you can come with me."

The chao quickly accepted and hopped on to its owner's head; his favorite spot to perch upon. Amy closed her eyes and smiled cheerfully at the blob that mimicked her expression. They departed from the Chao Garden and entered the old flying fortress.

"Me no like in here," the neutral chao complained as it wrinkled up its nose in dissatisfaction.

The hedgehog nodded in response. "It's so ironic that the best garden is in the creepiest place ever," the hedgehog grimaced as she stepped over some broken glass and a dismantled robot arm. "C'mon, let's hurry and get outta here."

Indeed, the beach themed garden was inhabited inside the once known EggCarrier, one of the villainous Dr. Eggman's crazed inventions. It was used to wreak havoc and destruction all over the world, but luckily, Sonic the Hedgehog stopped him like always. Now it was just a sitting hunk of junk in the middle of the forest that lies in the Mystic Ruins.

The rose hedgehog descended down the stairs and scurried to the door before she was creped out any further. If it was one thing Amy hated, it was ghost, robots, milk, scary places, really high things…well the list went on but nonetheless, she didn't like this place.

The duo emerged from the EggCarrier into the woods with a sign of relief washed all over their faces. It was the middle of the day and the weather was pretty intense so, Amy shaded her hands over her eyes to get a look around. Right or Left? Either path took you to the ladder to get to the Mystic Ruins, but which path was quicker and less dangerous?

She proceeded with the right side and did a little sightseeing of the jungle. It wasn't any different from the last time she came with Birdie. A few trees here and there and an endless supply of water travel through the ground but nothing too hard to handle if you stuck on the outside. She wouldn't dare go in the internal heart of the forest.

"I wonder if Cream is still here. She left only about five or ten minutes be…fore I…did…"Amy trailed off and held her head because a dizzy sensation was coursing through her body.

The hedgehog stumbled on her feet and caught a nearby tree before she hit the ground. Her vision became blurred and disorientated, and her head began to feel feverish. Tears filled her eyes as she sank to the ground due to the overwhelming pain, and the female clutched her stomach as her face hit the ground.

"Amy-san?" the chao cooed, worried for her master's life. "Okay are you?"

"What's hap…pening to me…" Her voice faded out and became slightly higher pitched before her world went blank.


It was a bright, sunny midday afternoon in the Mystic Ruins and there was a large, black cloud looming ahead. A heavy sigh resonated from somewhere in the trees and the birds twittered away noisily. A lone black and red hedgehog sped across the forest trails, leaving nothing but dust in the air behind. He hadn't been there long, but he was already beginning to enjoy the solitude and the calming tranquility.

He himself hadn't been doing much of anything after Black Doom's attack. He'd probably been everywhere around the world in this short month and had most likely came back to the place he would consider living. It wasn't so remote that if he ever needed anything, it would be difficult to acquire. He liked the open space in this deserted area, came him time to think and be himself. The hedgehog wasn't anti-social (okay, maybe he is), he just prefer that his business stayed his own, which was a nearly impossible task in that forsaken city.

Shadow leapt into the air a performed some somersault stunts off a series of tree to avoid getting his feet wet before landing and continuing his run. He lowed himself closer to the ground to gain speed and closed his eyes for a second to rid them of the burning feeling in his crimson orbs. In an instant, the midnight hedgehog was thrown into the air and landed in an ungraceful fight to the dirt.

Luckily, he was caught by a caution fence put up for clumsy furries like himself, before toppling, oh I don't know, a couple of thousand feet. Legs in the air, head in the earth, and back supported by the safety gate, the hedgehog was in utter shock that he, Shadow the Hedgehog, had fallen in such a careless matter. He rolled off the wall and cursed at his stupidity. When running at the speed of sound, DON'T close your eyes. But the heck did he hit?

The ebony hedgehog looked at his previous path to find a clump of clothes in the trail. Great, the mighty Ultimate Lifeform had almost ended his life by tripping on some discarded clothing articles, how…pathetic. For this, Shadow himself had to sweatdrop as he dusted of any excess soil on his body. He was about to turn and leave when a small whimper invaded his ears. He looked over and saw a small pink hedgehog appear from under the clothing before retracting back in from seeing the stranger.

Although Shadow didn't see the face fully, he did see it was a child. Maybe about three or five, no older than seven. The kid had tiny rose quills that stopped short of her shoulder, but were curved at the end due to underdevelopment. She had huge jade eyes, and two bangs that rested in between them.

"Children playing games in the forest," he muttered disgustedly.

But this wasn't his concern. He twisted to leave but instead of running, he walked. The chibi watched the stranger embark from the area and bit her lip softly not wanting to be alone. Young Amy hopped from the clothes and followed the male into the forest.

After about ten minutes of walking, Shadow figured the kid would have just left to go find her parents, much to his annoyance, she did not. He would turn, the girl would hide poorly, and he'd proceeded like nothing back there. Finally fed up with it, the black hedgehog charged behind him and caught the girl by the wrist and raised her to his own eye level.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" He snarled, his voice barely holding on to its usually unemotional state. Not even bothering to listen to the child's response, he noted the child held a striking identical resemblance to Amy Rose. His thoughts were cut short as he heard sniffles emitting from the creature he still was holding rather roughly. Shadow dropped the child figuring this wasn't the right way to get an answer from a little girl nor should you drop them.

The girl must have had high pain tolerance because there were tears evident in her innocent orbs, yet she refused to let them flow. She wiped away her waterworks, sniffed a few times, and placed her head down before answering, "Amelia Woze…" It was so soft and muffled; the hedgehog was forced to come on his own knees to hear. "But my mommy calls me Amy 'cause I don't likes Amelia."

"Amy Rose?" he questioned, arching an eyebrow. Wasn't Amy Rose was that girl that he ran into at Cryptic Castle? She was at least thirteen or fourteen. There is not way this is that girl, but something inside him stirred the more he looked at the chibi. The hedgehog widened his eyes when an older projection of the rose female appeared around her then vanished like it was never there. So this child really was…Amy Rose! But how did she get this way?

"Why are you this current age?"

The little hog finally looked up at her stranger shyly with inquisitive eyes, then her face twisted with bewilderment as she remained quiet. She merely shrugged her shoulders not understanding the question.

Shadow's frustration was slowly drawing to a close at the girl when in reality she was just acting upon the way her mother had taught her: Don't talk to strangers. Then Shadow remembered some wise words Maria once told him: 'It's easy to gain a child's trust, but once broken, it's hard to earn back.'

The Ultimate Lifeform took a deep breath to calm his nerves, crossed his arm, and restated the question the way a three year old would possibly understand. "How old are you?"

The chibi removed her hands from behind her back and plopped down into the ground. Now curiosity overcame Shadow this time. The girl held out all of her chubby little fingers and started counting to herself, mouthing each number and correspondingly putting up a finger with each number. From what Shadow could tell she was getting stuck after one and two.

"One…two…two…" Her face was cross with aggravation and finally, after five minutes, she looked up at Shadow helpless. "What comes aft' two?"

The raven hedgehog closed his eyes and remained silent. "…three," he answered with so much malice, yet the naïve child went unaffected.

She smiled with a look that could melt anyone's heart, except for Shadow's. "I'm two an' a half of one."

That hit it right there. The child didn't even need to count to three! Shadow rage boiled over the top, and he turned to leave for he knew what could happen if his rage got out of control.

The chibi gasped in fear as she witnessed his actions and ran after him. "Will you help me find my mommy pwheeze?"

"Not my problem kid."

"B-but I'm wost," she pleaded, this time grabbing his clenched fist gingerly, but little did she know that such a small amount of affection would trigger such an explosion. Shadow quickly snatched his arm from her grasps and knocked the young chibi back a few feet, receiving a small cry of the girl. With his free hand, the hedgehog gather up energy for a Chaos Spear attack but instantly stopped and his anger had subsided.

The smaller hedgehog had the most pitiful, sullen face he had ever perceived. Large crocodile tears whaled up in her eyes, mouth frowning slightly, and her eyes crushed and lifeless like she had just lost her best friend. She shut her eyes and ran blindly in the forest, sparkling tears straying from her green orbs.

Dumbfound by Amy, Shadow sealed his eyes and was struggling within himself to go and find the little girl. 'If I go to find her, she probably wouldn't want to look at me.' But the child was completely defenseless and there where some pretty nasty creatures out there. He glimpsed down the path she had taken and sighed, and tore out in a light jog after the kid.


"That b-big m-m-meanie…" Amy sniffled, rubbing the tears falling out of her eyes with no avail. "I w-want my mommy…"

Chibi Amy strode along a muddy trail through a forest. The trail wound between the trunks and roots of the trees and dripping vines hung down like green nets, sometimes slapping her face and leaving grimy streaks on her pink fur. Birds screeched in the canopy overhead, but Amy paid no attention to anything except looking for her mother.

"Aw, is the little girl lost?" a voice called out from the trees startling the little chibi. It leaked of sarcasm and was awfully malevolence sounding. The hedgehog looked up to see a sliver wolf lying on a tree branch with a facial expression that matched his voice.

The girl turned to leave but met up with two golden orbs that pierced through her body and saw her fearful soul. Drool dripped from the side of his mouth, and a sly grin spread across his lips. "Didn't your mom ever teach you not to wander around a jungle?"

Amy rotated to leave these shady creatures but was cut of when the other wolf leapt form the tree, blocking the opposite path. The hedgehog's bottom lip trembled violently, and a tiny whimper jumped from her mouth. The wolves closed in further, making a circle motion like a shark before pouncing on its prey.

The carnivores crouched down low and readied themselves for the slaughter. They attacked suddenly with a burst of speed, but Amy ducked instinctively and ran into the moss covered trees with the wolves following in a dead close pursuit.

"You can run, but you can't ride runt!" the wolves called, which echoed through out forest, also reaching the ear of a certain black hedgehog.

He paused and surveyed the situation. "Gah, that girl…" He charged up his jet shoes and zoomed off in the direction he believed the sound came from.

The chibi swerved in and out of the trees which gave her an advantage being so nimble, yet she was stumbling on the uprooted logs and bushes. She rounded the corner of a stone mountain and to her dismay, toppled over the side of a cliff into a river.

The gray wolves paused hesitantly before proceeding down a safer path, skidding down the mountain side. Amy scrambled helplessly the reach the surface, which to her benefit, was at the shallow shore of the stream. The pursuers landed in the water in one piece and rushed toward the hedgehog that had made her way out the water. The first wolf increased his speed and tackled Amy down into the dirt with his padded paw against her head.

"This little pest is really starting to irk me," the other wolf complied, catching up with his partner.

"Shut up!" he barked, pushing down the female's head further into the dirt. "We caught her now so-" The creature stopped short as his was pulled into the air and was facing two fiery orbs. The hedgehog growled vociferously and showed off his sharpened teeth as he threw the sliver dog into the other.

"Back off…" he said in so much detestation that any that hear, received a chill down their spine. The chibi brought her mud covered face up and gasped at the figure kneeling down in front of her tattered body, focusing on the two wolves.

The second wolf hopped to his feet and grinned. "Two for the price of one." He squatted down and began to wagging his bushy tail. Shadow commenced to load up a full powered Chaos Spear attack, and directed Amy to stay put.

"Stop!" the first predator snarled at his friend. "Let's go."


"Fight battles you can win! Now come on." The first wolf ran off into the forest, and the second one unwillingly followed after sneering at the hedgehogs. The leaves rustled underneath their feet as they took the hasty exit.

The Ultimate Lifeform huffed and diminished his chaos energy. "Are you ok kid?"

"No sir," the chibi stated with tears in her eyes. This caused Shadow to look back over his shoulder in shock. The child seemed to be in fine physical condition, so what was wrong? "I cut my finger, and I gots a booboo now." She held up the injured finger for him to inspect. A small trickle of blood was gushing out, but she'd live.

"You'll be fine."

That response did not sit well with the rose hedgehog. "No, it bweeding and-and-and it hurts! It's 'cause I gots no clothes…" Tears were starting to build up in her eyes again, and Shadow lowered his eyes to her and turned all the way around. It was the first time he noticed that Amy didn't have any clothes on.

He looked into the sky and frowned. Night was drawing in close, and they had to find some place to rest. Yes they, Shadow decided the girl could tag along considering she wouldn't last five minutes alone. He may be mean, course, and unrefined, but he did have heart at times. He also wanted to figure out why Amy Rose was in this form. He'd find Sonic and his friends later that week, to deliver to girl. He was no babysitter.


Amy frowned that her cut was still opened up but followed her new found friend. The duo walked in silence, well didn't talk, for a while as they traveled to the stop in which they met earlier that day.

"What's your name Mister?" Amy asked, after she finished the song she was humming.

"Shadow the Hedgehog."

"Mr. Shadow saved me, so you're my hero!" she chirped grabbing his hand and entwined her fingers with his. Shadow's muscles tightened at her soft grip as he reluctantly held on. He had to remind himself this was a child that didn't know what she was doing, but what she did best: be kind. Her dirt smudged face also added a cute charm to her personality.

They finally made it back, and everything was as they had left it. Amy ran to the rags and held what looked to be a shirt up.

"Too big!" She tossed the object over her quills unto her body. The shirt sagged and loosely formed around her body and unto the ground. The hedgehog giggled and looked at Shadow for assistance.

The midnight hedgehog came a tied her shirt in a knot at the baggy bottom, up to her knees. Needless to say, it didn't look good. He would have to go buy the child an outfit as well. Amy seemed quite pleased to be covered up and started running around doing kiddy somersaults.

Shadow walked over and picked up her headband which had also fallen off in her transformation. It looked like it would fit so he called Amy over and put it on where he thought it was the last time he had seen her.

"What about shoes?" She held up her empty foot.

"You'll have to deal without them for a while."

"Can I get some gloves and a gold sparkly thingy like you have?" He figured Amy meant bracelet.

He picked up the power rings that severed as bangles of him and Amy and slipped them on her wrist. "I'll get some gloves for you later."

She smiled widely to thank him and ran of to play with a bird. Shadow sighed and thought inwardly. He really didn't want to go in Station Square right now. Maybe in a day or two but…

He snapped out of his thinking when he didn't hear chibi Rose laughing anymore. There she was standing; looking absolutely pitiful with her lip poked out and was holding her belly. Shadow stared at her with curious eyes, and she didn't even have to hear his question.

"I'm hungry…"

The charcoal hedgehog rubbed his temples, and a rather large sweatdrop formed on his head. Maybe he shoulda left her for the wolves.

End of Chapter

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