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Don't Eat Chao Fruit

Shadow's detestation for the city was more than he could handle.

Of course that was putting it lightly since he, Shadow the Hedgehog, actually avoided Station Square more than what was considered normal. It was too hectic of a place to be summed up in a simple sentence. For one, the people were so ignorant; it made him disgusted. The terror evident in their course eyes and the hushed murmuring as he strolled down the street was enough to show him he wasn't wanted here, even if he didn't care what others thought. And then all the noise…well he didn't want to started on that.

To get straight to the point, to evade going to that forsaken city right away, he wouldn't walk nor use Chaos Control; he'd ride the train.


Shadow himself had never ridden on a train or any other vehicle before. Unless you count the time he was forced to be transported down to Earth in a capsule launched by Maria. However that was to save him for another hour before being locked away for 50 years. Perhaps he had ridden in a car when that transported him to Prison Island.

Speaking of cars, it was that time when he was traveling with Rouge and Omega that they had to "drive" the car. But that wasn't really riding in the automobile considering he had to serve as the wheel while Omega aimlessly drove around, and the bat just sat on the roof and laughed. Although he'd never admit it, the hedgehog was sore and avoided any spinning attacks for a week after that experience.

The train station wasn't heavily packed, but it was more people than he expected. Now with Westpolis out of commission, more people must be commuting between Station Square, Eastpolis, and the Mystic Ruins. Shadow just continued on his way through the station. He was already feeling eyes bore into his head and murmurs from other strangers. Chibi Rose was just gaping at the size of the building and all it contents.

"Ooh, wook at all the peoples, Mr. Shadow," she said in amazement.

Shadow thoughtfully absorbed this information. Maybe the city she came from was more rural than urban. The way Shadow liked it.

The raven hedgehog shook his head absentmindedly as he read the schedule for train arrivals. 'The next one for Station Square is at 1:17 pm,' he flicked his eyes to the digital clock above; it read 1:10. 'Seven minutes to board.' So they had made really good timing. The hedgehog proceeded to read the rest of the chart. 'Arrival time: 3:17 pm.'

Shadow's face faulted.

It's a two hour ride….'

He could keep still for longer than two hours but for a child to be put in such a position, was a cruel and unusual punishment. Maybe he should just suck it up and just teleport to the city.

"Oh!" Amy gasped in adoration as a sliver train sped its way into the station before making a hasty stop. "Mr. Shadow, does we gets to wide in the choo choo twain?! Can we goes?" Her eyes gazed into his so expectantly and bright, he couldn't even listen to the second thought raiding in his mind. Now he couldn't say no because the chibi was too excited to even pay attention if he declined the request.

'Great…' Shadow sighed before nodding to answer the child's pleading request.

"Yay!" she cheered merrily and started mimicking the train sounds as the male descended the stairs to the boarding station.

"Tickets please, sir," The man, who was obviously doing his job, asked formally with a fake friendly smile plastered on his face. Evidently, it was an unwanted job for the contrasting difference in the sound of his voice than on the look upon his face. Shadow cut his eyes in the direction of the man, who instantly froze in fear, as he saw who he was contending with.

Shadow scoffed smugly and kept going to the train. 'It seems people still know my name from the Westpolis incident a few months ago.' Although he had nothing to do with it, people always seemed to link his name with those black aliens and destruction.

Chibi Rose, oblivious to confrontation, peeked over her friend's shoulder and smiled warmly, "Bye Mister!" she called and waved as the black hedgehog proceeded to their destination.

As to duo stepped onto the train, Shadow sweatdropped at scene. The train was nearly crowded with people and there was only one seat left next to an elderly lady. Amy wiggled free from his grip and zoomed over to the empty seat with her chao, Bob, in tow.

"Here," she ordered as Shadow approached her side, "yous can sit right there." She pointed to the area beside her.

The Ultimate Lifeform raised an eyebrow at Amy's antics for about a quarter of a second before placing himself in his "reserved" area.

"The trip to Station Square will now begin," a voice on the intercom boomed. "Please remain seated and calm at all time. Thank you and enjoy your trip."

The train's doors closed shut, and it began to slowly set off. Shadow turned his gaze to the apprehensive eyes that bored into the back of his figure. The mixture of furries and human instantly glanced else where when he finally rotated to meet them.

"Idiots," he murmured as he turn back to face Amy who had planted herself and the neutral chao on his lap. He groaned. This was going to be a long trip.

"She's precious," the woman next to them spoke causing Amy and Shadow to both turn their attention to her. Evidently, she didn't know him of or didn't recognize him at her old age. "How old is she?"

The raven hedgehog wasn't in the mood for a conversation so he curtly answered, "Two."

"And an' a half of one," Amy added in a matter-of-factly fashion.

"Two and a half," he corrected, just so the infantile hedgehog would leave him alone about it.

The girl crossed her arms like she had seen him do many of times. "Of one," she finished smiling.

The older lady winkled her nose in delight, "And quite smart as well." She watched as Amy placed her face against the window and gasped at the ocean view below them.

"Wook Bob, wook at the pretty water!" the child gaped to her chao pet, who cooed in agreement.

The woman took one more peek at Amy before directing her full attention to the older male. "She's rather talkative, but you hardly say more than what's necessary."

Shadow lifted his eyebrow in bewilderment, 'What is she getting at?'

"She must take after her mother," The lady said causing him to merely nod. He didn't even know what Amy's mother looked like nor did he care. He just wished she'd shut up.

"First stop: Eastpolis," the intercom rung. "Please take all of your belonging and proceed to exit the train in a quick and orderly manner. Please come again."

The female stood and grabbed her belongings. "Well you and your daughter take care, sir," She called out over her shoulder as she exited the train. At hercomment, the disoriented hedgehog almost lost his reserved composure. Almost…

After a brief second of recovering, the train continued on with fewer passengers, making the train a quieter place. Shadow just glimpsed over toward his "daughter" and sighed. He and Amy looked nothing alike, but now he understood the mother comment. He really needed to find that blue hedgehog and soon. He didn't want people going around thinking he was a father because that would bring issues on his behalf. More than he needed anyway.

"Mr. Shadow," the girl called to him, "I'm sleepy."

The crimson streaked male nearly snorted at her words. She stayed up half of the night talking and then woke up who knows how earlier. He was beginning to wonder if she ever stayed rested for long.

"Then go to sleep." Although, he actually didn't have to reply since Amelia took it upon herself to lay her head back on his chest, a place he believed she was become quite fond of. His plushy fur was a nice pillow, yet he didn't want her to go around thinking she could lay on it.

Shadow turned his attention to the window and looked at the lush green meadows surrounded by sparkling blue water in the far off distance. It was relaxing enough for his to set his head back against the seat and enjoy the view.

"Mr. Shadow," Little Rose mumbled softly, "I'm wlad yous here with me…" She cut off her sentence as her mind slipped into her dream world.

The Ultimate Lifeform was taken back by this proclamation. Not because she had said it at this given moment, but almost in a déjà vu sense, when he saw he last at Cryptic Castle.

"Ah Shadow, I'm so glad you're here," she said running up to him after he had bust down the door behind her. He was on a mission to find the Chaos Emerald hidden amongst this base.

"Cream wandered somewhere into this creepy castle, and she hasn't come back yet. Can you please help me find her?"

Amy Rose. She hadn't changed since the last time he saw her. She had grown a little taller but still wore the same outfit. He was curious to why she was glad to see him of all people. They weren't friends and never held a conversation longer than a few seconds. Perhaps she saw him as one or maybe just an acquaintance.

Shadow merely brushed pasted her and continued to the other locked door in front of them. "I have no time for such things. I have to find the Chaos Emerald."

He was about to move on when a gloved hand shot out and grasped his forearm firmly but not enough that couldn't break free without much trouble. He turned to face her by peering over his shoulder.

"I know I'm not anyone's ideal choice of a companion because I'm not strong," she paused to slowly catch his gaze which she immediately regretted. His eyes were so cold; it was quite intimating but she proceeded, "like you. But I can help you find what you're looking for if you just help me…"

What use would she be by following him around? It was too troublesome but when he caught a glimpse into her eyes, he saw she was deeply distressed for her friend. He also noted how her free fist was balled tight as she spoke. She too was nervous to be around him. Like everyone else.

"Do what you want, but don't expect me to wait or watch over you. That's on you." Shadow jerked his arm away from her grip and proceeded to the nearest door.

Amy, taken back by the tone he had used, nodded to show she understood the harsh rule. Never had anyone spoken to her in that tone and it took a lot not to bark back at him to have some manners once in a while. But he was helping her so it wouldn't be right to do that.

Shadow bust opened the door with just a few attempts as Amy approached. She was rather flabbergasted at how easily the door fell at his mercy. Her Piko Piko Hammer had nothing on him.

"Wow," Amy breathed out but mainly to herself.

The Ultimate Lifeform nodded in satisfaction and took off into the infiltrated castle. The pink hedgehog noticed he wasn't going as fast as he could have and smiled at this. This was a luxury Sonic never cared to do when she was with him. She took off behind him finding it still difficult to run after him, but it wasn't too bad until they reached a dead end.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Amy cried in frustration. There were no wall to break or secret switches since the next part of the castle was quite to distance away. The only way to get across was to swing on the hand rail glider.

Shadow grabbed hold of the bar and was about to go when a screamed in protest.

"Wait, if you go, how will I get across?"

That was a good question because it never crossed his mind. He let go of the bar and turned to face her; his eyes traveling the ground in thought before looking at her.

"You'll have to ride on my back," Shadow finally said, although they both knew it would come to this neither one wanted to admit it.

"R-right," the rose hedgehog said before approaching him from behind.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and hopped onto his back. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist as did her arms to his neck. Shadow positioned his own hands near her upper thigh to shift her weight some; however, he was careful not to go too high up her leg. It was bad enough she was wearing a dress.

The hedgehog mumbled a 'Hold on tight,' before pushing off the ground and being propelled by the bar and gravity. As much as Amy wanted to scream, she compelled herself from doing it because Shadow probably wouldn't appreciate it very much, so she just buried her face in his neck and waited for the ride to end.

It was over as soon as it started to Amy's relief, but as soon as they reached the other side and Amy brought her head up, her eyes met face to face with yellow and crimson ones, sharp teeth, and a wicked smile The creature grinned even harder, if it was possible, and let out a sinister screech.

The pink hedgehog yelped in surprise and judging by how the black hedgehog stepped back showed that the creature had equally started him. The duo stumble back, almost falling over the ledge they had recently crossed.

"Ah! It's a ghost!" The rose hedgehog cried and clutched onto other hedgehog in front of her.

The mischievous ghost stuck its tongue out, feeling it did its duty to scare the intruders, before vanishing without a trace. The two hedgehogs looked at each other for a second dumbfounded by the ghost.

"Ugh, I can't stand ghost!" Amy exclaimed before adding a light giggle afterwards. "Your face was priceless, Shadow."

The Ultimate Lifeform scoffed at her remark, but he was smirking inwardly. "It was…unexpected," he said in his usual low voice after standing up from the ground.

Amy nodded and laughed a bit before standing up as well. "I guess we need to be a bit more alert, huh?"

Shadow merely looked at her and shrugged his shoulders not wanting to speak unless it was necessary. He began running to continue looking for the Chaos Emerald and whom ever the rose hedgehog was searching for as well.

The female just smiled before following suit behind him.

"Next stop: Station Square," the intercom boomed, snapping him out of his reverie.

He turned his head to peer out the window. The blue ocean was no longer visible since the city buildings now blocked the way. The hedgehog sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. They were here.


After unloading the vehicle, Shadow gazed around the city for a place to shop so he could exit the city as quickly as possible. He absentmindedly held Amy close to his upper half as she complained of still being tired. Now normally he would have protested, but for some reason, he felt complied to it anyway. Although he knew why, he'd never admit that he was growing more and more attached to the child every moment they spent together.

The city was bustling with life as usual; however, most people paid Shadow no attention with was fine with him. The streets weren't as packed as the last time he ventured in the city, yet they weren't that empty.

He aimlessly walked around trying to locate a store that he waltz right in and get what he needed, but judging by how Amy dressed as a teen, he'd have to spend a little more than what he'd ever consider necessary, especially on clothing.

Finally after 20 minutes of searching, he found a decent store that caught his attention and went into the building. The store was called 'Toddlers R We!' which he thought was completely ridiculous but then again, it was just a corner store owned by some average person…

"Welcome, welcome to 'Toddlers R We!" the man exclaimed as soon as they stepped though the door. It was enough to make the Ultimate Lifeform almost lose composure; however, it was enough to wake Amy up half startled. Shadow cut a annoyed look at the man as it when unnoticed.

"Is there anything I can help you with today, sir? The skinny man proceeded to start asking the friendly question just like instructed when he received the job.

Shadow's eyes wandered around the store while the man continued to rant about particular items on sell it and stuff. The shelves had a little bit more than average items on them, from casual jeans to the bright gaudy dresses that clashed with the soft cerulean wallpaper.

"I'm looking for some clothes for my…" Shadow stopped mid-sentence to deicide what he should call Amy. Certainly not his own. Maybe a friend's offspring…

"For your…daughter?" the man asked as he looked at the child with mild amusement. The child looked as if she just can off the streets with that oversized shirt on. He'd have to do something about that. "Of course right this way."

Shadow was about to protest as the skinny business man drug him to the back of the store but all he did was sigh. It wasn't worth the explanation. He could see now in it head, but would anyone actually believe him if he said he found wondering around the forest but she 10 years younger than the last time he saw her? Meh, probably not…

"Okay now she looks to be about a five or a six so here is a dress I think will look good on her. If it fits, I can gather some more things for you and you can be on your way, sir." The guy held out a white dress with crimson outlining and a matching heart on the bottom right. The hedgehog took the clothing articles and went into a fitting room. After a few moments, they reemerged with Amy fully dressed and like the store clerk said it look really cute on her. The rose hedgehog seemed to agree as well as she would spin around constantly to feel the air on her legs as her dress lifted in the air.

"Oh, that fits perfectly," the clerk mentioned as he reappeared with a bundle load of clothing in his arms. "Now, here are the shoes and socks that go with it and some other outfits I'm sure will be interested in as well. I even brought some accessories that go with each outfit. And if you need anything, I'll be at the front counter."

The male sighed feeling that this was more work than it was worth but seeing the look on the chibi's face made him feel warmth in his heart. He'd buy her a couple of things in then he'd drop her off to that blue hedgehog and be on his way. He returned his gaze back on the clothing and his eye began to twitch. He just wanted to get out of here.


The duo finally came out of the building with one looking extremely satisfied with her new outfit and the other rather frustrated with how much he had to spend on her. The girl jumped around in her new shiny red shoes and matching hair bow as she spun around in her white dress. She even had matching gold bracelet rings like Mr. Shadow did and new bouncy ball the guy gave her for being one of the better customers.

"Thank you, Mr. Shadow!" she beamed smiling at him with her eyes closed. He knew was a genuine smile that only she gave when she was truly happy.

Shadow merely nodded as he mentally checked off that task in his head.

Now that step one was out the way, it was time to find Sonic but that could be pretty hard to do. If it was one thing he new about the hedgehog, it was that he was a free spirit. He stopped walking when his eyes came across a map that could help him study a way to get out of here.

Preoccupied with his own thing, he forgot about Chibi Amy momentarily as she began to bounce the ball and catch it and continue this process until the ball accidentally hit her foot and bounced off in a completely different direction.

"Oh no!" the infantile hedgehog cried, and she instantly bounded after her ball.

The toy made good distance separating her from her guardian as she continued in pursuit. Every time she'd get to almost catching it, a random person would nonchalantly kick it out the way and go about their own business. Now others would see the child, they just didn't bother to find out whose kid it was.

"I gots you!" she said after traveling a good distance out the way; she caught her ball! But to her dismay someone roughly shoved her making her ball fly loose out of her hands and into the dangerous street.

"No come back!" she said as she got up and rushed into the street in front of her not thinking about the dangers that lay ahead.


'So if I head down this street and keep straight I can reach the outskirts of the…' Suddenly his mind stopped. He did hear any laughter or tiny footsteps or feel her presence anymore. He whipped his body around and found that she was gone.

Where could she have gone in such a short time? How did she get away? How could he let her slip away that easily? He was supposed to be the Ultimate Lifeform and he couldn't even keep his eye out on a child.

He was about to begin running after her but which way to go. She could have gone any direction and she was so tiny, it would be tough to find her in the crowd. He frantically scanned the area but to no avail did he see that mop of pink fur.

His heart was racing like GUN was on his tail of something. Like that time, Maria was killed. He couldn't lose her. He had to find her.

He had to, and he had to NOW!


Amy ran into the busy street her mind dead set on retrieving her ball. Luckily at the moment, no cars were in that area. Her toy finally slowed to where her tiny little legs could catch up to it and picked it up.

"Yous silly ball, I gots you again!" she giggled smiling. But her words were cut short as the sound of a speeding car shot her out of her talk with the ball as its horn blared for her to move out the way.

Her body froze up in an instant, and her mind told her to move but her body was paralyzed with fear and refused to move. She instinctively closed her eyes and screamed as she clenched onto her ball tighter.

The car slammed on brakes trying to avoid hitting the child. The sound of the brakes on the hard asphalt caught everyone's attention at the situation occurring. All the people gasped in horror as the car was just inch away from the chibi's body and then all of a sudden, she disappeared.

The sliver car came to a complete stop, and the driver, as were the people on the street, were baffled as to where the child went. But their answer was soon given to them as everyone spotted a familiar blue hedgehog standing on the side of the street with the trembling girl in the street. It was no one other than the world renowned hero: Sonic the Hedgehog.

The some of the crowd explored in cheers while other nodded in satiation before continuing in their way, back their own selfish lives. There were scattered 'GO SONIC!' calls and 'YOU THE MAN!' and as soon as it started, it was over.

The hedgehog smirked to himself seeing that he got here just in time or that could have been fatal.

"Hey, are you okay?" he asked the little girl in his arms.

The younger girl peaked her eye open and looked around, baffled about how she got out of the street. She looked up to meet the face of a young teen hedgehog about 15 or 16. He grinned at her cute features and she shyly returned it as well.

The cerulean hedgehog set her down gently and shook his head, "You need to be more careful. You shouldn't be playing around in the street like that." He said as he quoted what he usually says to most children who he ends up saving.

Amy bowed her head in guilt and mumbled, "I sorwy….um…," She looked up at him as that confused look came back into her green orbs, "what's your name?"

Sonic almost fell to the ground after hearing that. Everybody knew who he was…or at least he thought. There isn't but one blue hedgehog on this planet, that he knew of, that save the world and all. Maybe he wasn't all that famous. Oh well…

"Well, my name is Sonic the Hedgehog," he replied as he ran his fingers through his quills. "What's your name and where is your mother?"

"Um…my name is Amelia but…" The hedgehog stopped listening when he noticed she really, REALLY looked a lot like Amy Rose. They even had the same name…almost. But of course, that couldn't be Amy because she was only 10 years to young. But it was almost like looking at a splitting image of her. It was like one of those scientific movies, about clones in stuff…

"…and yous looks like Mr. Shadow. Is you his brother?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did you say Mr. Shadow?" He waited for the girl to nod in affirmative. "Is he a black hedgehog with red eyes?"

"Un uh. Does you know him?"

"Yeah, but how do you know him?"

"Well," she said slowly, "he's my angel, just like Mommy!"

"…" Sonic stared at her for the longest time to see if she was joking but her smile never faltered. Then he burst out laughing so hard he almost hit the floor. Amy just cocked her head to the side and wondered what was so funny.

'There's no way we're talking about the same person. Shadow the Hedgehog, an angel?! That's just too funny!'

"What are you laughing about Hedgehog?" a cold voice replied from in front of him.

And there in front of him was Shadow the Hedgehog. THE Shadow the Hedgehog. The one everyone knew about and apparently, the one little Amelia was talking about too. It was enough to make him choke on his laughter and stifle another that wanted to start.

"Mr. Shadow!" Amy cried, turning to run towards him. She tackled his legs into a hug and looked up at him smiling. "Mr. Sonic saved me!"

"It was nothing really," the blue hedgehog stepped in before the stoic Shadow said anything.

"So…," the Station Square hero started as he walked closer to the two hedgehogs, "what brings you here? I just got back myself."

Shadow merely grunted and pointed down to the infantile chibi on his leg. Sonic followed his gaze to the young girl and raised one eyebrow. "Who is she?"

The raven hedgehog opened his mouth to answer when Sonic cut him off, "Oh! Let me guess."

Shadow rolled his ruby orbs but allowed him to play his childish game. He smirked inwardly as he thought what his face would look like once found out who it truly was.

Sonic placed his gloved hand on his chin and looked up in thought. This allowed Shadow to study just what the blue hedgehog had on. He wore green sunshades on his head and his usual white gloved hands where replaced with fingerless brown gloves and matching brown shoes. He looked like he just came from the desert or something…

"I got it!" Sonic said, breaking Shadow out of his thoughts. "This is…your child!"

Shadow's eyebrow twitched and Sonic stood there nodding with his new found revelation. "But quite frankly, I didn't even know you could have children being an android and all. So who's the mother?"

"…This is not my child…"

Sonic merely disregarded his comment and kept on rambling. Maybe his question was rhetorical. "…but she looks like-" Sonic stopped in mid-sentence and smiled slyly. "You and Amy…did that?" he asked leaning closer.

Shadow backed up, his cheeks burning with this false accusation. One could not tell whether this was from embarrassment or anger, but in the next moment, Sonic was laying on the ground with a huge bump on his head.

'He deserved that…' Shadow though inwardly. 'He got too close.'

"Ah geez, what was that for?!" Sonic shouted, holding his bruised head.

Shadow just smirked and turned away. Amy was a little more kind to the situation.

"Is you okay, Mr. Sonic?" she said, rubbing his sore spot.

Sonic chuckled lightly before picking himself up, "Yeah, I got a hard head and besides, he didn't hit me that hard."

"It still hurt though…" he added under his breath.

Amy turned and crossed her arm at the black hedgehog, "Mr. Shadow, you gots to say sorwy to Mr. Sonic for hitting him."


"But that was mean!"


Sonic just stood back amused as this child ordered the Ultimate Lifeform around. Where was a camera when you needed it?

"But…but…yous gotta…or-" Amy said in between sniffles.

Shadow muttered something under his breath because he knew where this was going. He sighed before facing Sonic and mumbling, "…Sorry…"

The blue hedgehog's mouth dropped the ground. Never in his life did he ever think he would see Shadow the Hedgehog subject to anyone, but definitely not a little chibi!

Sonic instantly shot a hand out over his mouth before Shadow could see his grin but he knew it was in vain. The ebony hedgehog cut his eyes at him, daring him to make a sound, which he didn't. And it was hard not to!

Amy just smiled and continued, "Nows you gots to give him a big hug!" she threw her arms wide to emphasize she meant big.

Sonic looked at Shadow with amusement dancing his eyes as he looked at Little Rose with cold hate in his red orbs. The girl when unaffected by this though.

'She's pretty good…' Sonic thought smugly.

"Rose…" Shadow growled deeply.

But before he finished his sentence Sonic pounced on him with a quick hug before jumping back so Shadow couldn't kill him. "It's okay, Shadow. I'll forgive you this time." He had to resist the urge to laugh so bad his lungs were almost burning.

If looks could kill…

10 minutes later

Sonic cleared his throat with a smile plastered all over his face. "Okay, I'm sorry. I forget that I can't touch the great Shadow the Hedgehog. But who's the kid?"

Shadow still clearly upset about what just happened crossed him arms and answered, "Amy Rose."

"No, for real, who is it?"

"I'm not going to repeat myself," Shadow scuffed.

Sonic was at a lost of words. No way that could be…but it HAD to be because Shadow isn't the type to joke around.

"But how…? Why is she so little?"

"I found her like this yesterday in the forest south of the Mystic Ruins."

"But are you sure it her?" Sonic asked incredulously.

Sonic looked down at the girl and her pet in her arms that seemed to come out of no where. He hadn't noticed it before. "Hey, is that a chao?"

No one answered because they didn't know what he was talking about. He really had a short attention span to be 15. "Hey, I know you. You're Phooey, Amy's chao!"

The chao in question looked up and turned its head in confusion before nodding. So this was Amy.

"So…what are you going to do about it?" Sonic asked.

"I was hoping you knew."

The blue hedgehog shook his head and pondered for a moment. "I bet Tails will know what to do. He knows how to do this type of stuff. His workshop is in the Mystic Ruins. C'mon, let's go!"

Sonic was about to take off when a question rose in his mind. "Do you want me to get her?"

Shadow scooped Amy up in his arms and shook his head. Sonic chuckled as a joke came to his head but he quickly dismissed it.

"Then let's get going!"

End of Chapter

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