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Chapter 14: My Idiot. Your Idiot.

Temperance jumped and stiffened as she felt Pete slide to the floor behind her, she didn't look down at him, having no desire to find out exactly how badly his face had been blown apart.

On a Monday, I am waiting,

Tuesday, I am fading,

And by Wednesday I can't sleep,

Then the phone rings, I hear you,

And the darkness is a clear view,

'Coz you've come to rescue me,


With you I fall so fast,

I can hardly catch my breath,

I hope it lasts,

The ringing in the aftermath of the shot was all that could be heard as they just stood there, staring at each other.

"Where is he?" Jack jumped into view at the far end of the corridor behind Booth, gun aimed and looking almost comical "oh," he looked from Booth who was looking over his shoulder at him to Temperance who flashed him a small smile then to the very dead Pete on the ground. The gun he was holding was immediately tucked into his jacket as he gave them a sheepish look.

Booth glanced at Temperance and then back to Jack. Both gave a small chuckle and smiled at him once more.

Angela swung onto the gravelled area at the front of the warehouse at an alarming speed, spinning the wheels and kicking up dust.

Zack in the passenger seat seemed to be holding on for dear life, his eyes wide and a shocked expression on his face.

The engine was cut off immediately and Angela jumped out, walking pointedly past the milling police officers, the paramedics and the coroner.

She waved Mack off and stalked straight over to Booth who was by his SUV on the outskirts of the congregation of law enforcers taking off his shoulder holster, gun and bullet proof vest. He was just locking them all in the trunk when Angela arrived.

Standing there she waited until he turned to look at her before lashing out and slapping him straight across the face.

"Ow!" Booth exclaimed, rubbing his jaw "that hurt,"

Angela then threw her arms round his neck 'it was supposed to, idiot' she hugged him tightly, his arms slowly coming up to encircle her also 'you're an idiot. A stupid, stupid idiot' she said into his shoulder.

"Uh why?" Booth asked in confusion, flinching as she pulled away and so obviously contemplated slapping him again.


And it seems like I can finally rest,

My head on something real,

I like the way that feels,


And it seems like I can finally rest,

My head on something real,

I like the way that feels,

"You could have got yourself killed! And Jack, Bren too come to think of it!" she hugged him again "idiot. Idiot. A complete an utter idiot," she whispered, squeezing him with phenomenal strength for her size and stature.

"But he's my idiot," Temperance said softly, standing a few feet from the embracing duo.

Booth pulled away slightly, his hands on Angela's hips as she pushed away.

"I'll leave you two alone," Angela said, and then in a sudden display of cheekiness stood on her tiptoes, planted a kiss on Booth's cheek and whispered 'idiot' one more time before walking away.

She gave them a swift glance over her shoulder as she headed towards Jack and Zack who were stood behind some trees watching Booth and Temperance in fascination.

Checking too see that she wasn't being watched she slipped in too the hiding place also.

Temperance stepped forwards, the blanket around her shoulders given to her by the paramedics, coincidentally the same two that had taken Booth to the hospital the night Rebecca had died, was held in place by one fisted hand, the other played with the edge of it.

"She kissed you," she said playfully.

"She did," Booth nodded, unsure of how this conversation was going to go.

Temperance stepped forwards and felt a swell of warmth when his arms folded round her instantly, his hands settling on the small of her back. She leant up and kissed him in the same place Angela had "my idiot," she breathed into his neck as she rested her head against his shoulder.

"Your idiot," he agreed, embracing her completely.

Temperance let a small sigh escape, relaxed and content in his arms. Safe. Here she felt safe.

"I'm sorry," she said after a moment, when reality came filtering back, as if the rising dawn brought with it the memories of the past twenty four hours at an alarming pace.


It's as if you know me better than,

I ever knew myself, I love how you can tell,

All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me,

All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me,

"Shh," he stroked the back of her head, toying with the dishevelled auburn waves 'I'm sorry too'

She swallowed, suddenly feeling very conscious as to how completely he was surrounding her "I didn't-"

"You're forgiven." He kissed the top of her head "am I?"

She nodded against his chest.

"What're they doing?" Jack said, unable to see through the crack in the branches as Angela peered through and Zack glanced around nervously, looking too see if they were going to get caught.

"Hugging," Angela replied turning to look at Zack "relax sweetie, they're too busy to see us here,"

I am moody, messy,

I get restless,

And it's senseless,

How you never seem to care,

When I'm angry,

You listen,

Make me happy, it's your mission,

And you won't stop,

'Til I'm there,

Fall... Sometimes I fall so fast,

When I hit that bottom crash,

You're all I have,

He nodded as she went back to spying on the couple.

She appeared however to have jinxed it as Doctor Goodman and Mack appeared behind them.

"Good morning Miss Montenegro, Mr Addy," he nodded at Jack; he sounded entirely too cheerful and Mack was grinning as if trying to hold back a laugh.

"Good Morning Doctor Goodman," Angela said absently.

Goodman peered sideways "ahh, I see," he nodded "come on. I think they need some privacy," he turned and headed back to the warehouse with Mack on his heels not bothering to look and see if they were indeed following.

How do you know?

Everything I'm about to say,

Am I that obvious,

And if it's written on my face,

I hope it never goes away,

Reluctantly the trio turned to follow but they all, aside from Angela and Dr. Goodman stopped in their tracks as they heard the next words spoken.

A rustle of leaves behind her made Temperance jump and turn in Booth's arms, her eyes settled on Angela, Zack, Jack, Dr. Goodman and a man she'd been told was called Mack Winters.

"You okay?" Booth asked, turning her slightly, too look at him.

Tear filled eyes met his "I-"

"Shh…" he hushed her, hugging her again "you're okay. Pete's gone," he spoke as if he read her mind.


On a Monday I am waiting,

And by Tuesday I am fading,

Into your arms,

So I can breath...

"I d-didn't even know he was there… I didn't hear him… he was in my own h-home-" she trembled in his arms, pressing herself closer.

"It's okay," he soothed "its all right. You're okay. I'm here now baby; you're all right. Nothing's gonna happen,"


The magic word.

The feeling in her gut that was the knowledge that there was a person in there. A real person, inhaling the scent that she had long since labelled as 'Booth' of musky spice: the light scent of cologne and the smell of Birdie in his shirt. The feeling of safety, security.

The touch that made her feel like she could do everything and the voice that made her feel like an unworthy goddess. The mere sound making her tingle from head to toe.

"Why did you shoot him?" she asked quietly "why did you kill him?"

Stupid as the question seemed he could see the necessity to it, he could have gone another way about it. He could have tried to get her away from him then restrain him and get him sent to court, then prison then hopefully death row but that wasn't the point.

"Because he threatened you," Booth replied "because he aimed the gun at you. There was no reason to hesitate," he placed another chaste kiss on the top of her head.


And it seems like I can finally rest,

My head on something real,

I like the way that feels,


It's as if you know me better than,

I ever knew myself,

I love how you can tell,

His thumb had come to rest on the base of her neck and was rubbing soothing circles there, calming her and giving her the strength she needed to say this.

"Booth," she breathed after a few moments, fighting a loosing battle against the sleep that was washing over her in great waves now that the adrenaline rush was over.

"Yeah," he replied, swaying a little from side to side. The movement was sending her into a place of sleepy peace.

She was completely supported by him. She could go to sleep now and she would be fine because she was with him. He was there and everything was okay.


I love how you can tell,


I love you can tell,

All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me,

All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me

"Go on. I'm not going anywhere," he whispered into her hair "I promise. Sleep easy,"

"Have… have to t-tell you…" she yawned a little and he smiled at how innocent she looked.

"Okay," he didn't care what it was. She was here. Where she was supposed to be and that's all that mattered.

"I'm pregnant," she said before finally succumbing to exhaustion.

His jaw dropped.

The End

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