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Chapter 1

Cindy ran down the dark heated tunnel, the sound of her shoes slapping against the wet floor bouncing off the walls. Fear made her legs move with speed.

The air around her was hot, her lungs felt like they were burning with each intake of breath. The torches that hung from the tunnel's walls, the only source of light, began to flicker and go out.

Cindy stopped, trying to gather her bearing. Her head spun around, trying to find a way out. He is coming, her mind screamed.

"Why do you run Cindy?" his voice filled the hall, mocking her. Cindy could not suppress the shiver of fear that traveled along her body.

"It would be so much easier, if you gave in. There is nowhere you can go that I will not find you," he laughed.

Cindy moved backwards until her back hit the wall, the stones were hot; the clothes she wore stuck to her body; the heat was crushing her; sweat poured from her body.

Her instincts screamed RUN, her head turned and relief flooded her system as a hallway appeared and she took off. Her lungs were on fire. A ladder appeared on the wall and her arms reached for it.

A scream erupted from her throat, when she felt his hand close just above her wrist.

"I FOUND YOU," his voice boomed.

Cindy screamed as she sat up in bed, it took her a moment to realize she was awake. She sat there in the darkness of her room, breathing hard as tears burned her eyes.

"You're awake, just breathe, Cindy," she chanted to herself softly. She tossed back her covers and slipped out of bed, making her way to the bathroom. Cindy took deep breaths, trying to control the tremors that shook her body.

She did not bother with the light; the moonlight coming through the window gave her enough light to see. She turned on the shower and peeled off her oversized shirt.

Cindy stepped into the shower, sighing as the cool water soothed her heated flesh. Her hands were flat against the one side of the stall, her head lowered as the water beat off her head and shoulders.

Cindy lifted her head and let the water hit her face, she lifted her hands from the wall and moved her fingers into her hair to lift if off of her face. She could not hold back the cry of pain as the cool water hit her arm. Cindy slid out of the spray of water, nearly toppling over.

She pulled back the curtain and stepped out of the shower, her hand reaching for the light switch. Light filled the washroom. Tears flooded her eyes as she looked at her forearm.

Her skin was burned, bubbled and broken just above her wrist. Cindy bit her lip as her dream came back to her. She reached for a towel and wrapped her arm in it. She closed her eyes but she could not hide the truth, or block out the images of her wrist and the clear image of the fingers that were burned into her flesh.

Moving very slowly, she shut off the water and pulled on a robe. She walked down the hall and opened the door. A smile curled her lips seeing her sister sleeping soundly.

Down the rest of the way to the stairs, soon she was in her kitchen. It was only 3:30am. She walked over to the coffee machine and switched it on.

Cindy walked to the cupboard under the sink, pulled it open and reached for the first aid kit. She moved to the table, her injured arm tucked into her chest, the pain had moved into a dull throb.

She opened the case and pulled out what she would need. Her mind was racing. The man with the yellow eyes had never been able to hurt her before, and now this.

She slowly put her arm on the table and unwrapped the towel; the air caused her arm to sting.

Cindy lifted her arm to exam the wound. She could clearly see the finger marks encircling her wrist. The skin was red and enflamed, blisters angry and red, looking ready to burst.

Cindy could not stop the tears as she gently applied the anti bacterial cream to the burn; she then covered it with a sterile gauze pad. Then she wrapped it.

She reached for a bottle of aspirin, popping two, hoping they would help with the pain. She cleaned up her mess and made a coffee. Cindy made her way to the back porch and sat down, her mind racing.


Dean looked at his brother from across the table, waiting to ask until his brother had drunk from his mug.

"So are you gonna tell me about your dream or what?" he said, leaning his arms on the table.

Sam shook his head, these damn visions or daydreams were murder on his head. He had already taken four aspirin, trying to dull the drilling within his skull.

"Nothing new Dean: The demon is after this girl, she is afraid and running. The bottom line is that we have to find her and fast," Sam said, pushing his breakfast plate away from him.

Dean did not know what to say. They had not heard from their father in months. Sam's visions were getting worse and more accurate. He did not know what to do.

"Her name is Cindy. The demon called out to her," Sam said, reaching for his bag. Dean followed his little brother out into the morning sun. He tossed the keys to him.

"You drive," Dean said, getting into the passenger side of the Impala. He reached for his bag, pulling his father's notebook from it. Sam started the engine and took off.

They rode in silence. Sam looked at Dean as he flipped through his father's journal. He noticed Dean was reading an entry. He waited until his older brother lifted his head before speaking.

"What did you find?" he asked, pulling over on to the shoulder of the isolated road.

"I think I found her. I remember seeing the name Cindy referenced in one of these entries," Dean said, shifting in his seat to look at Sam.

"From what I can read, the demon killed her mother, her father Jim was friends with Dad. Jim was able to get Cindy and her sister out before the flames." Dean looked at the journal once more.

"The twist on this is that the younger sister is okay. It seems Cindy is the medium, she can sense evil or something. Dad noted the demon was able to touch her before the father got them out. They think that is why she has the gift of sight."

Sam listened, questions already forming in his head, "Where is her father now?" he asked.

"Dead. He was killed, but it does not say how," Dean said, looking at Sam. "We have an address, looks like we are going to Colorado."

Sam smiled and pulled out the map. Dean reached for his cell and dialed his father's number, hoping he would answer. He held back his frown, when he heard his father's familiar message. He left what details he could, asking him to call.


Cindy sat at her desk, reading the same sheet of paper for the third time that morning. She was exhausted. I should have listened to Jaxs and taken the day off. Cindy sighed and tried to focus.

"I heard that sigh and raise you one of my own," the short blond said as she rounded the corner, passing Cindy's cubicle.

"When does your vacation start?" Amy asked, stopping at the opening. Cindy smiled at the older woman. She had been a Godsend, giving Cindy this job and allowing her to attend school at the same time. Amy was the reason Cindy was a licensed Financial Advisor. Amy had been a mother figure to both her and Jaxs.

"Today is my last day," Cindy laughed, motioning her to sit, but the blond shook her head. She stepped into the office instead.

"You are taking your full three weeks right?" she asked, that motherly tone in her voice. "You need some R&R."

Cindy laughed it off and they chatted for a moment longer, but soon Cindy was left alone. Her eyes roamed over the floor. She had been working with the Towers Inc for over four years, managing client accounts.

It was a demanding job but she loved it. It made things easier not to have to worry about money any more. The days of working three jobs were over. Cindy had her normal office hours leaving time for Jaxs who was just getting ready to attend university.

The rest of the day ticked by and soon Cindy was hopping into her Black and Silver 1974 Mustang Mach and heading home. Her car was her one luxury; her father had seen it at a junkyard. Jim had brought it home and resorted to it. It was the only thing she had left that belonged to her father, minus the rings she wore around her neck. One belonged to her mother and the other her father. She had them melted together to form two never-ending bands.

Cindy pulled into her drive way and a shiver passed through her. Jaxs was home, the sound of music filtered out into the driveway. She gathered her purse and bag and walked to the front door and into her home.

Jaxs was in the kitchen, her hips bouncing to the beat of the music. Cindy stopped and watched her sister. She was the spitting image of their father, her hair was sandy blonde, the cut was short, almost boyish. Her pixie face softened the haircut. Her eyes were clear water blue, her lips were soft and inviting, a friendly smile always ready to make an appearance.

Cindy on the other hand took after her mother, with long curly brownish red hair; her body was curved and soft in all the right places, but a hidden strength laid beneath the surface.

"Honey I am home" she called out, seeing her sister turn and smile at her.

"Go get changed. Dinner will be ready in 10," Jaxs called out, blowing her a kiss.

Cindy went to her bedroom on the second floor and quickly changed into jeans and a t-shirt. Her choice of clothing. She might work in the city but she was a country girl at heart.

Cindy could not help but touch her wrapped forearm; she had made a promise to spend these three weeks she had off researching her father's old journals. She needed to find answers.

Cindy walked out to the patio and sat down. "Thank you," she said, looking at her sister.

"I love to cook," she said, cutting into her chicken. "Are you sure you will be okay when I am gone?" Jaxs asked, eyeing her arm. Both girls learned at a very tender age what lurked in the darkness.

Jaxs was talking a camping trip with some of her friends before school started. Cindy smiled and said, "I will be fine. I have decided to clean out the storage room," she offered, not saying any more, she had tried to shield Jaxs from their upbringing. She was determined her sister would have all the things she had missed out on.

Dinner was fun but soon Cindy was sitting by herself on the porch nursing a coffee while Jaxs was on the phone gabbing away.


Dean pulled up to the house that was listed to a Cindy Grammar. He cut the lights and looked at his brother.

"We will wait until it gets quiet and go in," he said to Sam who gave him a nod.


Cindy stretched out on her sofa. Her arm was pounding; she had just finished cleaning and changing the bandages. Jaxs had gone to bed hours ago, she was leaving first thing in the morning. The sound of the TV soon lulled Cindy into a gentle slumber.

Sam gently slid the window out of its slot; within moments they were both inside. They took a moment to find their bearing, before moving down the darkened hallway.

Dean gently tapped Sam on the shoulder, telling him to go upstairs and that he would scope out the main floor.

Dean slowly made his way into the living room. He stopped seeing the sleeping woman on the sofa. He was taken back by her beauty, the light from the TV danced around her, illuminating her, while shielding him in darkness.

Cindy forced herself to remain frozen; she needed to move when the time was right. Her senses were on alert; everything her father had taught her rang in her head.

Dean approached her, taking in the bandaged arm. He moved closer to her, his hand reaching out to gently touch her.

He was not prepared for her attack. Once his fingers touched her bandage, her hand shot out grabbing his. She pulled on his body knocking him off balance. She moved with speed, getting to her feet. Dean was getting back to his feet when she swung out, his hand caught her flying fist, he was not prepared for her leg, which connected with his stomach.

Cindy's hand slammed on the light switch, "Jaxs…RUN," she screamed, running for the stairs. Dean tackled her from behind, her elbow caught his chin.

"Stop it. We are here to help you," he grunted, tasting blood in his mouth.

Cindy was able to shake loose and barrel up the stairs. She heard her sister scream and all but broke the door down with her body. Cindy saw a man standing over Jaxs. Cindy picked her sister's desk chair and swung it at the man.

Dean was just entering the room when he saw his brother go down. Anger rushed through him and he grabbed the woman from behind and slammed her into the wall.

"Enough," he yelled. Cindy went still, her mind racing.

"Let my sister go," she said. Before anyone could answer Dean's cell phone rang.

Dean changed his position, still holding Cindy firmly to the wall with is body, while his hand reached for his phone.


Cindy did not understand, but she saw relief flooding the man's face, when he heard the voice on the other end.

"Yes, we are here right now," he said into the phone. Dean gave a quick run down of what had happened. Cindy took this opportunity to push him aside and go to her sister.

She was shocked when he handed her the phone. "What is going on here?" she demanded.

"Just take the damn phone," Dean growled, reaching down to help Sam get to his feet; his patience with this woman was running thin.

Cindy took the phone and all but whispered, "Hello." Her eyes never left the two men. Jaxs had wrapped herself around her sister. Cindy could feel the younger woman's body trembling.

Dean was once more taken back by her beauty. Her smile lit up her whole face.

"John Winchester, it is wonderful to hear from you," she said, forgetting everyone was looking at her.

Cindy listened, while he explained that these two men were his sons and they were there to help. She needed to work with them and they could be trusted.

Cindy looked at her sister. She asked John to hold for a moment and said, "Jaxs, please take these two downstairs. I will join you shortly." She stood up, allowing her sister room to move off her bed.

Sam made to follow, but Dean stood his ground. Cindy glared at him. He just smiled. Cindy turned her back to him and said, "I don't understand John, I mean I was planning to go through Dad's papers to see what I could find."

Cindy listened to John who explained as best as he could, but all he could offer was for her to trust Dean and Sam. They would help in any way they could. Cindy said her goodbyes and handed the phone back to Dean and left him alone.

Cindy went to join her sister and found her chatting away in the kitchen; she walked in and looked at Sam.

"I am sorry I hit you with a chair, I thought you were burglars," Cindy smiled. Jaxs was moving around the kitchen, warming up food.

She looked at Cindy and asked, "Can you make some coffee?" She slid the coffee can towards her older sister, who made herself busy.

Moments later Dean appeared, his eyes seeking out his brothers. Cindy found herself opening up her senses to them, and she let her mind travel over their bodies. Suddenly Sam lifted his head, sensing her. Their eyes connected and a flash of energy seemed to pass through them.

Dean noticed the change in both of them and reached for his brother, breaking the connection.

"What is going on?" he demanded. Sam shook his head. Dean got the message and let it drop.

Cindy sank back, watching her sister feed these two men. Dean looked like his father, and Sam must look like Mary. He had a kind, gentle face. A warm face. Dean on the other hand was hard around the edges. Life had been hard. She sensed great strength in him.

Once they were fed, Cindy stepped in, "I have a guest room upstairs. Your welcome to, there are two beds in the room," she said, looking at Dean, then at Sam.

Jaxs offered to take them up and then she was off to bed. Cindy cleaned up, a million thoughts running through her head.

She pulled the dishtowel from the drawer and began to dry the plates and to put them away.

"You really should change that," Dean said from the doorway. Cindy turned quickly, dropping the plate she was holding.

Dean moved with speed, catching the plate before it hit the ground. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he said.

Cindy had yet to say anything. She accepted the plate and said, "Thank you. There is food in the fridge, help yourself to anything." This man unsettled her, made her feel nervous.

"I would not mind another coffee," he said, watching her reach for two mugs.

"Could you make it a double, please?" Cindy asked, not looking at him as she wiped down the counter.

Cindy waited until he was done and followed him to the living room. She sat down and was a bit taken back when he sat next to her. She smiled as she accepted her coffee.

"Can you tell me why you are here?" she asked, looking at him. Just then Sam can down, holding a case.

"We will answer all questions once I get a look at that arm," he said, sitting at her feet, reaching for her arm.

Cindy did not like being told what to do.

"I will take care of my arm myself," she said, not allowing him to touch her arm.

Sam frowned and said, "You still don't trust us." His eyes held Cindy's gaze. "If we were going to hurt you in any way, you would have felt it by now." His fingers gently closed on her elbow.

Cindy knew in her heart his words were true, she had sensed nothing from them. But when you know the things that go bump in the night you tend to be on guard.

"Just because I have been given no reason to not trust you, does not mean I should," she said, allowing him to pull her arm towards him.

Cindy felt Dean's gaze on her, but she refused to look at him. Sam quickly unwrapped her arm. Her wrestling match with Dean had caused the wound to bleed.

"Does it hurt?" Sam asked, trying to be gentle as he cleaned the wound. Dean was watching her face intently, for any signs of pain or discomfort, but he found none.

"Only when you touch it," Cindy tried to joke. She bit her lip when he gently began to clean it.

"Did you get this checked out?" Dean finally asked. The burn was a nasty one and it looked like it hurt like hell.

"No, I haven't. When I figure out a way to answer the doctor's questions without being committed, I will go," she sighed.

"Somehow the man in my dreams is trying to kill me does not sound too sane," Cindy sighed, she was tired and in pain. She was not ready to deal with any of this right know.

Dean shook his head. This woman was beginning to annoy him in the worst kind of way. "Listen lady, we came here to help, now if you can't-," he started just to have her cut him off.

"No, you listen to me, Mr. I-like-to-bully-people," Cindy said, her voice rising, as she came a bit undone. "You break into my house and scare the living shit out of not just me but my sister, too. I don't know you from Jack! I have a man I hardly remember from childhood calling me, telling me to trust strangers," she yelled, pulling her arm from Sam.

Dean was taken back by her outburst. He got to his feet, "Hold up," he said, his voice rose to match hers.

"No, you hold up. I did not ask you to come here, whatever is happening, I will deal with it, I have been doing it on my own for a very very long time. I would appreciate it, if you were both gone by morning," she yelled as tears filled her eyes.

Cindy would be damned, if she allowed these two men to see her weak, so she turned on her heel and ran up her stairs.

Dean and Sam just starred after her. "That chick is crazy," Dean muttered, placing his hand on his hips.

Sam chuckled and said, "I think you have just met your match bro."