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Chapter 5

Dean sat back with a smile he was impressed at what she had done. Sam could not have done it better himself. Once they had gone through everything Cindy smiled and said.

"I think I have earned a huge piece of cake" She closed the file and looked at him "Would you like one?" she asked.

"Sure I will join you in the kitchen" he said wanting to see the file on her desk that had upset her.

Cindy left and Dean reached for the file, he opened it up and saw what was inside. Dean frowned he had looked through it earlier with Sam so he knew what was written. He treated her like piece of equipment more then a daughter was what he had said to Sam at the time.

Dean put the file away and went to join her, once they sat eating their cake, "Are you up for a little road trip?" Dean asked as he wiped his mouth with his napkin.

"What do you have in mind?" Cindy asked lifting her fork up to her mouth. Dean finished off his last bit of cake before responding,

"Now would be a great time to scope out that area on the map," he said getting up to bring his plate to the sink.

He was a bit surprised that she answered so quickly, "Sure let me go get changed," she said getting up.

Ten minutes later Cindy came down the stairs wearing a pair of well-worn jeans and turtleneck. The clingy material clung to her upper body.

"Do you have weapons with you or do I have to grab my own" She asked so casually as she opened the door to her front closet.

Dean smiled and said, "I have some, lets go," he said reaching for his coat.

Cindy pulled on a pair of hiking boots and her jean jacket following him out.


Dean drove his car while Cindy gave directions, they pulled onto the side of the road and he shut the car off.

Cindy followed him around to the trunk, he already had it open he pulled the secret slot out of place and Cindy could not stop her smile seeing his set up.

"That is very nice," she laughed taking the shotgun he passed her, "Do you have a shoulder strap for that?" she asked

Dean found it and passed it to her, he watched her load the barrel and snap on the strap. She quickly removed her jacket and slipped the strap on her shoulder and put her jacket on. She was able to keep one hand on the handle of the gun while it still was counseled within her rifle.

The light from the moon was bright but Dean still carried a flashlight. "You lead" Dean said falling into step with her.

They move with silence, Dean senses where on full alert. They approached a clearing and Cindy stopped. Dean watched her take a deep breath,

"What are you doing" he asked looking over his shoulder.

"Seeing what is out there" she breathed, Cindy felt Dean starring at her as her body relaxed and she opened her senses to seek out what they where looking for.

After a moment she opened her eyes, Dean was a bit taken back by the light amber glow to her eyes.

"This way" she said moving deeper into the forest, the closer they got to their destination he notice the changes in Cindy. He could feel the heat generating off her body, her breathing slightly labored and her body trembled.

They spotted a darkened cabin almost in the underbrush of a hill slope, "Inside" she breathed. Dean was afraid she would pass out but she moved with both speed and agility.

Dean was able to pry open a window and he climbed in and reached for Cindy.

The cabin was empty they searched the rooms, the smell inside was horrible,

"Do you know what it is?" he whispered.

Cindy shook her head "No whatever it is, is not here!" Cindy stopped "Did you hear that?" She whispered bring the rifle out.

Dean began to look at the floor and that is when he noticed the latch. He snapped his fingers and Cindy moved to cover him. He pulled the door up and slowly made his way down the stairs.

Cindy followed Dean once they reached the bottom Cindy could not stop the words that came from her mouth.

"Sweet God in heaven" she whispered as Dean's light caught what was making those noises,

Four large sacks hung from the ceiling, two of the girls had been cocooned within a slimy gel wrap. The only parts exposed where their mouth which where taped so they could not scream. The other two girls where in the process of being cocooned, the jelly substance had already encased their feet and run all the way up to their thighs. They too where bound and gagged.

Dean moved pulling out a knife "Hold on we are here to help" he said looking for something to stand on, he found a chair and pulled it over.

"Pass me the light" Dean said as he began to cut at the gel.

It only took him a moment to realize he could pull the goop apart with his hands. Cindy was talking to the girls trying to calm them as they whimpering increased.

Cindy caught movement out of the corner of her eye, and she swung around as the shadow behind her moved.

Cindy knew whatever was in the dark was human she her body relaxed. Just then the man in the shadows lunged at her, Dean raised his gun.

"No" Cindy cried as she rolled with the dark man. He was screaming as his fists tried to hit her. Cindy was prepared for the attack she managed to come out on top. Her fist connected with his face causing him to howl.

She quickly jumped to her feet, "Hurry Dean whatever did that is getting closer" she said her senses picking up the creature's vibrations.

Cindy fought the man off, blocking his punches. Dean jumped off his chair yelling, "Move" and tackled the man from behind,

Cindy went to work free the girls, after a few minutes Cindy eased the one girl on the floor and moved to the next. Dean managed to knock the man out he slowly stood up to his full height and took a deep breath.

A moment later all four girls where free and on their feet. "Lets go" Dean said passing her the flashlight. Once outside Cindy stopped her senses searching the area,

"Give me your cell phone," she said putting her hand out.

Dean fished it out and passed it to her Cindy dialed a number and waited. Dean motioned for them to keep walking.

"Yes can I speak to Sheriff Trevor Moore please?" Cindy said as she took up the rear.

Dean listened as she spoke to the sheriff after a moment she hung up and said "Trevor will meet us on the main road. He is a friend" was all she offered.

"It is a liter demon" Dean said as they moved, he smiled when Cindy confirmed this

"Right know we have to light up this forest" Dean said sighing as he spotted the car.

"Already happening Trevor has sent the chopper out, the demon will go underground and we can come back tomorrow while it sleeps to hunt it"

Cindy removed her jacket passing him the shotgun and asked "Do you have any blankets these girls are in shock" Cindy covered on of the girsl closets to her.

The four girls where sobbing, "Can you tell me what happened? Cindy asked as she accepted Dean's coat and the two small thermal blankets he found in the trunk.

All four girls began to wail at once of the man in the cabin took them, how he tied them up and this thing came every night to encase them in that goop. Cindy spoke softly to each girl she sent up a silent prayer when she saw the flashing lights and the roar of the copper.

Dean sat back and allowed her to handle the situation this was her town. Dean watched who he thought must be the sheriff walk up to Cindy.

He watched her easy smile at seeing him, Dean did not like the way the man wrapped his arm around her and walked her a few feet away.

Cindy told Trevor what he needed to know; she has helped Trevor out a few years back so he was aware of the darker side of life. It was an added bonus to have a lawman on your side should something ever happen.

"Dean" Cindy called out waving him over, "Trevor I would like you to mean Dean he is a good friend of the family. Dean this is Sheriff Trevor Moore, Dad and I helped Trevor out with a haunting a few years back" Cindy said trying to fill him in.

The two men shook hands and offered there hellos "You need to boot it up to that cabin I have no idea how long the guy will be out for" Dean said wanting to get this man away from Cindy. He was touching her way too much for his liking.

Trevor gave Dean a nod but spoke to Cindy, "You need to get out of here the media will be here soon enough. I will handle it from here, if I find anything I will call you."

Cindy reached out and slipped her hand into Deans, but reached out her other hand to place it on Trevor's shoulder "Thanks, we will be back tomorrow, to finish this" she said and he gave another nod.

Dean and Cindy walked over to the car and got it and drove off, it was just getting on 11:30pm. The ride home was a quiet one.

Once in the house they both went their separate way to shower and get into their pjs.

Sam called Dean to tell them they arrived softly, and he would talk to him tomorrow.

Cindy was already down stairs when Dean walked in to the kitchen, he found himself starring at her shapely bottom, which was sticking out of the fridge as she searched for something.

"Are you hungry?" Cindy asked not looking at him as she pulled out some cold meat.

"Yes I could eat something" Dean said his voice husky as his eyes ate up her legs, before he could stop himself his hand cupped her hips pulling her back. Cindy gasped and standing up straight and turning to face him taken by surprise.

Before she could react Deans hands slid up her hips to wrap around her back pulling her towards him.

His mouth found her, in a kiss full of passion; explosions went off in Cindy's head her arms snaked around him to pull him closer.

Dean's mouth glided over hers coaxing a response when her lips gave away to allow him full access to her mouth he dove in. His tongue came out to gently trace her full lower lip. He gently sucked it into his mouth; he swallowed the moan that came from her.

Cindy's tongue came out to taste his; her body was on fire as her skin cried his name. Dean's hand traveled back down to her thigh he pulled her leg up so it rested on his hip. Her body fit into his and Cindy felt his arousal throbbing against her navel.

Dean pulled his mouth away things where going to fast for both of them, he was not use to feeling this much for one woman.

Cindy ragged breathing filled the kitchen, as she struggled to get her heated body under control.

"You know this is going to happen right?" he said softly his voice heavy with desire as his eyes sought out hers.

"I have never wanted a woman so badly before" he said as he brushed his lips against her once more before stepping away.

All Cindy could do was nod, if she tried to move her would end up on the floor in a heap.

"You go sit down and I will join you in a minute" Cindy all but whispered. Dean left her alone needing some time to himself.

"What are you doing?" Cindy whispered to herself as her placed her hands on the cool counter top. "He is not the kind of man to stay in one place"

Dean sat down having grabbed the maps from her office; his mind was racing as well.

Cindy was just finishing her sandwich when she felt her body shiver, Cindy stopped as fear sliced through her. She took a deep breath and shook it off; she lifted the plate and turned to leave the kitchen when pain sliced through her.

Pain crashed into her skull, the plate fell from her hands as they reached up to clutch her head, her knees gave away and she fell to the floor with a cry of pain.

Dean raced into the kitchen having heard her cry out. He found her on the floor clutching her head.

"What is wrong" Dean yelled grabbing her shoulders.

Cindy was lost in her mind, the demon was close her eyes a flame, she saw flashes of him moving towards a dark house.

"Talk to me" Dean yelled as she struggled to get loose. Cindy heard Dean calling to her from very far away.

Suddenly in her mind the demon turned to look at her his yellow eyes glowing "Come to me and it will stop" he taunted his hands reaching for her.

Cindy moved with speed, fear giving her the strength she needed. She flung her self back scurrying across the floor; her back slammed into the cupboard having nowhere else to go.

"Don't touch me," she screamed, Dean stopped cold. He knew she was not seeing him, but he stopped all the same.

The demon softly blew her a kiss and returned to the task at hand. That is when Cindy saw it, the house he walked right into. AMY her mind cried the demons hold on her suddenly let up.

Cindy was back in the kitchen and starring at Dean. Her body flew into action she pushed him away and got to her feet running.

"Amy he is at her house" she cried fumbling with her front door.

Dean was hot on her trail, he was not too sure who Amy was but he was not about to let her go out there on her own. Cindy grabbed her keys and flung open the door racing to her car, she was in her pjs, a pair of men's boxers and a men's t-shirt. Her feet slapped the pavement.

Dean followed after grabbing her shoes. "What is going on?" he demanded as the car screeched out of the driveway he had barely closed the door.

"He is at Amy's house" she said her voice had a dead calm to it. Dean remained silent not wanting to distract her as she roared down the road.

Twenty minutes later they pulled onto a street, there was an officer who was directing traffic. Dean looked at the fire trucks that lined the street. Cindy sat frozen in her seat as her eyes saw the flames licking at the trees.

"We are too late" she said her voice cold. Dean looked at her then his eyes fell to her hands; the knuckles here white as they clutched the steering wheel. Cindy drove slowly down the street and stopped the car and got out when she could go no further.

The firemen worked quickly trying to put out the flames as they kissed the trees that surrounded the house. Dean walked over and spoke to several people trying to get some information. Cindy hardly heard Dean when he said he was sorry but they thought her friend did not get out.

Cindy sat there frozen anger, guilt and fear where rushing through her all at once. Dean reached over and took her arm gently pulling her towards the car.

"Come on lets go, there is nothing we can do here," he said reaching for her keys. Cindy shook her head and said nothing.

He watched her get in and started the car; her eyes found his he saw her pain and anger in the dark pools. He got into the passenger side remaining silent.

Once they arrived Cindy walked into her house dropped the keys on the table and walked upstairs. Dean was not sure what to do so he followed; half way up the stairs he heard her bedroom door close.

Down the hallway he went stopping at the door he listened waiting to hear some kind of sound, when he heard nothing he opened the door.

Cindy was standing at her window, her hands on either side of the frame her head bent, and her breathing was deep and slow.

"She was my friend she gave me a chance when no one else cared" Cindy said her voice cracked.

He walked up behind her and touched her shoulder; he did not expect her to turn on him.

"WHY IS HE DOING THIS?" she yelled shoving him "What does he want from me? This is all your fault things where quiet until you came here" she screamed hitting him.

Dean knew this was grief, so he grabbed her arms and pulled her to his chest saying, "Let it go Cindy"

Cindy struggled against him for a moment and then the dam burst, she collapsed into his arms. Her hands clutching his shoulders and her legs gave at.

Great sobs rushed from her body, Dean scooped her up and walked over to the bed and sat down. He held her close and her tears poured out.

Cindy let the pain come, she cried for her friend and herself and what she had to face, she allowed herself the luxury of feeling her pain.

It was ok this time, she was not alone she had no one to protect or keep safe, it was ok because she was safely tucked in Deans arms and she knew as long as she stayed there no one or nothing could hurt her. So she cried her pain away, she let the tears sooth her battered soul cleaning her and making her whole once more.

Cindy cried until she was spent, she allowed sleep to come and claim her but not before she softly whispered into Dean's tear stained chest "Thank you".

Dean waiting until he was sure she was asleep before gently putting her down on the bed. He quickly made his way down the stairs and made sure the house was locked up tight. Shutting off the lights he went up stairs removed his clothing leaving just his shorts on and climbed into bed. Dean pulled Cindy close kissing the top of her head.


Sam walked out of the cabin he was sharing with Jaxs and saw her sitting by the fire. He approached quietly not wanting to startle her. He reached out and touched her shoulder before sitting down.

Jaxs turned and smiled at him before going turning back to gaze at the flames.

"Sam I feel so guilty" she whispered leaning forward to pick up her mug of hot chocolate.

"Why" he asked getting comfortable in his seat, he propped his feet up on one of the stones that surrounded the fire pit.

"Here I am having a good old time and she is at home dealing with God knows what. I am selfish" Jaxs whispered.

From where Sam sat he saw her eyes glaze over, "Jaxs Cindy wanted you to come out here and have a good time, don't be so hard on yourself" he said starring up at the sky.

"What will happen when this is all over?" she asked dropping the subject. Jaxs leaned her head back to following Sam's lead.

The sky was velvet black with stars twinkling like little diamonds. Sam thought for a moment, and finally said. "I would like to go back to school, but I worry about Dean"

Jaxs turned her head and looked at him, "Tell me about her your girlfriend" she said softly.

Sam let him eyes roam over the dark sky "Jess was a wonderful woman" he started as he spoke about his lost love.

Jaxs listens quietly smiling at the right times and crying without shame as she heard Sam's pain at having lost her, once he was done she stood up and gently kissed his check.

"Thank you, I am going to bed" she turned and walked towards the cabin leaving him to his thoughts.