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Chapter 20: Obstacle

They went to a club.

A club, Ryan thought bitterly.

He was sitting in an overcrowded club with his pregnant 17 year old girlfriend. She sat next to him in a booth as Trey grinded on the floor with girl after girl. Ryan looked across the table to see Alex and Marissa canoodling.

"Where did Seth go?" Summer asked suddenly, rubbing her stomach. Ryan glanced at her.

"He went to go get drinks, remember?"

Summer shifted uncomfortably and nodded.

"Right, right."

Ryan looked at her in concern, but suddenly turned away when his brother came back over.

"Come on, bro! The chicks are hot!" Trey said breathing hard.

Ryan gave him an incredulous look.

"Girlfriend, right here." Ryan said gesturing to his girlfriend.

Trey looked at her too and smirked.

"You wanna dance?"

Summer laughed darkly, "no. But I gotta go to the bathroom. Marissa? Will you come with me?"

Marissa looked at her girlfriend who nodded and Marissa and Summer wondered to the bathroom.

"What's up?" Marissa asked when they reached the dirty bathroom.

Summer continued to rub her large stomach.

"My...my stomach hurts." Summer said quietly wincing.

"What?" Marissa asked alarmed.

"It hurts, Coop. Like, really bad."

Marissa's eyes widened in horror.

"W-what should we do?"

"I—" Summer interrupted herself by a loud splash of water hitting the ground.

"M-Marissa!" Summer yelled tears springing to her eyes.

"My water just broke!" Summer cried leaning against the wall.

"But—But your not even 9 months! Your 7 months! That's not good! Are you sure?"

"Yes! Yes I'm sure! I'm...OmiGod! It hurts! This isn't happening. This isn't happening. I'm not ready to be a mother! I'm 17! 17, Marissa!" Summer cried tears running down her face.

"We, we have to go, right? That's what you do! You go to the hospital. We...come on." Marissa rambled taking Summer's arm and leading her out the bathroom door.

"What's the matter?" Ryan asked seeing Marissa leading his pregnant girlfriend through the crowd.

"Her water broke! Her water broke!" Marissa said shaking Summer's arm.

Ryan stood up immediately.

"Where's Seth? We have to go!" He said taking Summer's other arm.

"Stop! That hurts!" Summer said glaring at her boyfriend.

Ryan let go a little then looked at Alex.

"Can you get Seth?"

Alex nodded fervently and got up to go look for Seth.

"The books say that it'll take awhile especially if it's your first kid." Ryan said more for his benefit not Summer's.

"I'm not even 9 months, Ryan!" Summer cried as people bumped into her.

They were walking out of the club and it seemed to be taking forever.

"I know, I know." Ryan said quietly glancing at Marissa, wondering what this was going to mean.

It couldn't be good that Summer was only 7 months and her water had broke. They got her to the car and helped her into the backseat. Marissa sat in the back and held her hand as Ryan got in the drivers seat.

"Where the hell is Seth and Alex!" He yelled angrily.

Seth had driven them there and he had the keys. They couldn't go anywhere if Seth wasn't there.

"We don't have a name!" Summer cried suddenly.

"I'm so not ready for this! Marissa! Make it stop! Please!" Summer cried whipping at her tears.

"I can't do this! I can't do this!" she repeated gripping Marissa's hand harder.

"Um...breathe! Breathe!" Marissa said taking in her own deep breaths.

"I'm here! I'm here!" Seth said running to the car and swinging the door open.

"So glad I forgot to lock the doors." Seth muttered handed the keys over to Ryan.

Alex hopped in the back and they took off to the hospital completely forgetting about Trey.

"I need you to fill out these papers."

Ryan looked at the nurse incredulously.

"Are you serious? My girlfriend is going into labor! She's only 7 months pregnant! This isn't healthy!" Ryan yelled slamming his fist down.

Summer jumped next to him and gripped his hand harder.

"I'm sorry sir, but we need you to fill out these papers. We are doing all we can."

Ryan rolled his eyes angrily and sat down next to Seth and Marissa.

"Fill these out, and I'll fill thee out." Ryan said splitting to pile into 3 piles.

He looked at Summer who sat next to Marissa. Ryan hurriedly filled the papers out then through them at the nurse.

Almost a half hour later Summer had her own room and was freaking out again. The ride to the hospital she had been unnaturally quiet, inside the hospital her attitude was the same. Now as she had her own room she was crying and holding Ryan's and Marissa's hands.

"We'll stay out here!" Seth yelled gesturing to him and Alex.

No one bothered to answer him.

"Only one can go into the delivery room." A nurse said coming in with Summer's charts.

Ryan and Marissa exchanged looks.

"I want Ryan to go in." Summer said quietly then moaned as another contraction came.

"Crap." she muttered squeezing her eyes shut.

Marissa nodded and looked at Ryan.

"Ok." Marissa said and got up kissed Summer on the forehead and went to go wait with Seth and Alex in the waiting room.

It felt like forever, in reality it was only 19 hours of labor. Marissa woke up to a tapping on her shoulder. She jerked awake and accidently tipped the coke next to her over and onto her jeans.

"Crap." she muttered exhausted.

"Hey." Ryan said quietly sitting next to her.

"What happened?"

Ryan was quiet and looked over at Seth and Alex sleeping. He saw a few seats down that Sandy and Kirsten were sleeping too and he noticed how tired they really looked.

"It...was intense. There was a lot of screaming. Summer...she's ok. There was a lot of blood. But...we have a son. Although not all of his organs are fully developed so he's in a machine to help him breath. He'll probably be in there for a few weeks." Ryan said quietly and Marissa finally noticed the tracks of tears on his face.

"Oh. Ryan, I'm sorry. Can we see him though? And Summer?"

Ryan nodded and stood up.

"Let's wake Seth."

Marissa nodded and went to shake Seth.

All three of them walked down the hall to Summer's room.

"Hey." Marissa and Seth said in unison.

Summer smiled weakly, "hey."

"How are you?"

Summer nodded, "tired and fat."

Marissa sighed, "how...how's the baby?"

"The doctors say they don't know how long it'll be till he can be removed from the machines. But he seems healthy enough, no brain damage or anything." Summer said quietly.

"He's really cute." she added smiling.

Seth and Marissa smiled back at her.

"We named in." Ryan added scratching his head awkwardly.

"Oh! What did you name him?"

"Hayden Seth Atwood." Ryan said smiling at his 'brother.'

Seth smiled sheepishly and nodded.

"Thanks, man." Seth said too touched to say anything else.

"You wanna see him?" Ryan asked aprubtly.

Marissa and Seth nodded eagerly.

"Ok, the NICU is a couple rooms away just look for Hayden."

"Aren't you coming?"

"I wanna talk to Summer." Ryan said looking at his girlfriend.

They nodded then left the room. Summer finally dropped her facade and looked at him.

"What if he doesn't make it?"

Ryan smiled sadly, "he'll make it. Like you said, we've made it through worse. We've made it through Seth wanting to kill me, Lindsey wanting to kill you—and almost did—your psycho parents, Sandy and Kirsten finding out, and finally my con brother." Ryan said sitting next to her.

"And we can—and he can—make it through this." he said quietly kissing her on the mouth.

She reciprocated the kiss and finally they pulled away smiling.

"Ok, we can do this." Summer said taking his hand and kissing him again.

"I love you." she said softly.

"I love you, too." Ryan said smiling.

"We can do this." Summer said again thinking of their son.

He would be fine, it was just another obstacle.

The End