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I will not make the same mistakes you did.

I will not let myself

cause my heart so much misery.

I will not break the way you did;

You fell so hard.

I've learned the hard way

to never let it get that far.

--Kelly Clarkson, "Because of You"


Thunder shook the manor, and lightning lit it brighter than usual. Rain hit heavily upon all of its windows as Maria Renard-Rockly gave a final push. Then, a cry louder than the thunder filled the house. Maria sighed happily and laid back to rest.

The midwife took Maria's newborn daughter and cleaned her up. Her assistant went and informed Lord Rockly that his wife had just given birth. The lord--tall, dark, and handsome--rushed into the room, beaming from ear to ear. Maria looked up, her smile true, but faltering. Rockly entered and took his wife's hands in his. He kissed both.

"Let us not think on it, Maria. For now, this is a happy time," he said.

Maria sighed, out of tiredness not frustration, and looked over at her daughter. The baby looked to be perfectly healthy. The infant girl was still squalling against the efforts of the midwife to clean her, but the midwife managed just as well. Maria turned to her husband.

"How can I not think on it? The time approaches…as well as the danger. Can you not feel it?" she said, trying to push herself up into a sitting position.

Rockly put his hands on his wife's shoulders and kept her lying down. "You need to rest, dearest. Yes, I can feel it. But this is our daughter, regardless. We will not see her after. Let us be with her and her alone now."

Maria nodded, and the midwife placed her daughter in her arms. The baby's tears finally stopped, and she fell quickly to sleep. Tears welled up in the mother's eyes and she gently rocked her baby back and forth. Unable to stem the flow, the tears fell onto her daughter's forehead. Rockly lightly and lovingly placed a hand on his daughter's head. His eyes had not welled up with tears, but the sadness was still there.

A knock on the bedroom door caused the husband and wife to look up.

"Enter," Rockly said.

The midwife's assistant stepped in and gave a little curtsey.

"I'm so sorry to interrupt, but…your guest is here," she said.

"Send him in. I am unable to stand at this moment…but I will be with my daughter for this," Maria said.

The young servant curtsied again, turned, and seemed to talk to someone just behind her. She moved and a man with long, flowing white-blond hair and clear eyes entered. He held a supernatural grace about him, and, though he appeared young, age was in his eyes. He spoke in a deep voice, that of a nobleman.

"I do not understand why I was summoned. In fact, I do not even understand how you managed it," the man said.

He stepped in, sweeping his black cloak out of the way as the servant closed the door behind him. He wore black armor that appeared to be of the heaviest, toughest variety. However, he moved as if it were weightless.

"The how is not important, Alucard," Maria said, now managing to sit up. Her husband gave a small sigh of disapproval.

"I don't want you strain yourself, darling," he whispered to her.

"I will be fine," she said to him. Then, to Alucard, she added, "As for why you are here…I must ask you to do something of the greatest importance to me…and others."

"What is it?" he asked, showing no emotion.

His eyes glanced briefly over the baby girl. He said nothing, however.

"Evil…wants my baby girl, Alucard. Orlox, Dracula's vampire…puppet," Maria hissed the last word, "wants to sacrifice my baby to him."

"Why?" Alucard inquired.

"Our girl was predicted to be an…ultimate, incorruptible good. He thinks that if he were to sacrifice her to your father," Rockly said, "they your father would become indestructible."

Alucard said nothing. He seemed to just stare between Maria, Rockly, and the baby. Finally, he asked, "And what is the proposed solution?"

"We want you to take her, Alucard. Raise her…as your own. Tell her nothing of this place…of us. Give her a clean slate somewhere far, far away from here," Maria said, her voice steady but her face wet with tears.

"I cannot do this."

"You must!" Rockly burst out. "She will be killed if she is left with us! You can protect her!"

"Can you, her parents, not surely do a better job at that than I?" Alucard asked.

"No. They will come for us first. With myself just having given birth, I will be useless to fight them. Rockly has never had any training in fighting against Hell's minions either," Maria said. Then, her eyes full of pleading, she said, "Please, Alucard. Just keep her safe. Give her a happy life…away from vampires, werewolves, and the like. Please…"

Alucard looked away from them. Then, looking back, he said, "Very well. I will take her. What is her name?"

Rockly placed a hand on his wife's shoulders. Smiling proudly, he said, "We will name her after Maria's mother. Her name is Daniella."

Maria smiled gratefully up at him. Then, sadly, she kissed her baby on the forehead. Rockly took Daniella from Maria and gave her his own kiss. Then, after a few moments of holding his daughter, he handed her to Alucard.

"Be as her father. Please," Rockly said, sitting down and holding his sobbing wife.

Alucard looked down upon the baby, who had woken for a moment only to sleep again. Looking back up at the couple, he nodded. Then, without another word, he swept from the house.

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