A/N: Written for Speedrent on LJ. It won third place!

Set Pre-Rent. Mark/Maureen.

Warnings: Teenage!Sex scene, but features dialogue only.

He needed to buy condoms.

And because of said fact, he also needed to drive almost half an hour away so that no one would see him and somehow spread word back to his parents. He'd already sat through one extremely awkward explanation of sex with his father; he wasn't about to start another. And honestly, hearing the word "sex" come out of either of his parents' mouths was not good, since that immediately made him realize they had sex and that was just plain wrong.

And gross. Definitely gross.


He spun around and found Maureen behind him, hand on her hip, foot tapping, and one hand twirling a piece of hair. Maureen had no patience.

"Maureen, I told you to wait in the car."

She pouted, lip slightly out. "You're taking too long."

"I am not."

"You've been in here for twenty minutes! Just pick one."

Just pick one. Like life was ever that easy when there were what seemed like dozens of choices in front of him. His palms were just sweating thinking about it. As much as he wanted sex -- hell, he'd practically jumped for joy when Maureen came up behind him at his locker and whispered in his ear "let's do it tonight" -- it scared the crap out of him. Would choosing the wrong brand of condoms sour the experience? Or enhance it?

His head was spinning.

It didn't help that Maureen had a book with more positions in it then he thought his body would ever be capable off and wanted to try every single one. Maureen was one kinky seventeen-year-old virgin that obviously had way more faith in him that she should. Talk about pressure.

He swallowed. "There's so many choices."

Maureen yanked one off the shelf and thrust it into his hands. "Not anymore. Come on. My parents will only be gone till midnight."


"You're biting your lip, Maureen."

"It hurts."

"It hurts? Is it supposed to hurt?"

"How the hell am I supposed to know? Just, like, move or something."

"I am moving."

"Oh. This isn't like page twelve."

"No kidding. Does it really hurt?"

"It really fucking hurts. But I heard it's supposed to at first. Keep moving."

"Moving where?"

"Just moving. I don't know. Do something. Head to the left."


"Just do...fuck!"

"What? Do I do something else wrong?"

"No...keep doing it."

"Keep doing what?"

"That...okay, now you stopped."

"Stopped what?"


"How the hell I am supposed to know what I stopped when I'm not sure what I started?"

"You just...gah! Where's the book?"


"Okay." Mark sat on the edge of Maureen's bed, zipping up his jeans and not wanting to make eye contact.

"Okay what? Do you think we're done? It's only nine o'clock."

Mark spun around to find a still naked Maureen relaxing on her pillow and looking every bit the teenage boy's fantasy and knowing it.

"Maureen, we both have to agree that sucked." Everything good he'd ever heard about sex had just been thrown out the window. Or maybe it was just him - maybe he just sucked. Why did Maureen pick him, out of the every other guy at school?

"The first time isn't supposed to be good. It's like a law or something, according to my sister. Her first time totally blew. And not in the good way, either. She says it gets awesome with practice. Why do you think she gave me the book?"

He frowned. "Huh?"

Maureen just rolled her eyes. "Take your pants back off. I don't give up that easily."