Reunion of a Family

By: Original Dark Angel

"Silver Eyes are a Malfoy trait, Ginny. Family legend says that they were a gift from a dragon. Hence my name."

-Draco Malfoy, A Moment with the Dragon

Prologue: The Battle

Dumbledore smiled sadly at the gathered troops. Diminished and wounded, only sixteen remained present, and were not in a hospital bed at St. Mungo's. Less than half were over twenty. Only an hour earlier, they had pulled Harry and Mrs. Weasley from the ruins of the Burrow. Harry now slept upstairs and Mrs. Weasley in the hospital. Fred now was in the hands of Voldemort. Tomorrow they would march on the Riddle House and hopefully rescue him. Tomorrow according to Professor Trelawney would be the last battle. "I won't lie to you, making grand speeches about how we'll all live through this, because you know as well as I do that we won't. We've already lost so many, friends, family, and tonight may be the very last night you spend alive. Live it well, because at eleven tomorrow, we take the fight to Voldemort." His gaze lingers on Ginny's face for a moment, the youngest here by a full year, and the one who had faced the most loss, before he disapparated. Only time will tell.

Ginny sat motionless on the couch as people started to file out of the room, going out to enjoy themselves. Ron and Hermione hugged her good bye, as they left for some expensive Muggle hotel. Harry was still asleep upstairs, and finally Ginny was left alone. She stood and studied the wall of names the war had cost them, carved haphazardly, randomly across the wall by different people. "Bertha Jorkins, Sirius Black, Cedric Digory, Alastor (Mad Eye) Moody, Rubeus Hagrid, Cho Chang, Colin Creevey, Dennis Creevey, Percy Weasley, Charlie Weasley, George Weasley, Arthur Weasley," she had read these particular names so often that she could now do it without a single tear. "Bartamaius Crouch Sr., Luna Lovegood . . ." here Ginny's voice cracked. The newest name, her best friend, a sixteen-year-old girl, slaughtered by Lord Voldemort. She struggled to continue. "Paravati Patil, Viktor Krum, Dean Thomas." Here she couldn't continue. Her boyfriend had died a year ago last week. Tears started to weep through her mask or not caring.

She felt a firm hand on her shoulder, turning her away. Someone had stayed behind. "Don't, Ginny. Don't do that to yourself."

"I'm not finished!" she cried, struggling blindly.

"Thank goodness." She recognized the voice now. Draco Malfoy. When he had turned on his father to save Hermione, the Golden Trio had accepted him with out question. He had earned their trust a million times over since then, as well as winning Ginny's. "That wall's a bloody cemetery," he continued. "Too morbid for us mere mortals."

She turned to face him, tears flowing freely now. "Someone's got to remember."

"We all will. Together." He held her close while she cried. "Don't take the whole burden on your shoulders, Ginny. They are not big enough to carry this wall." He stared at the wall, unconsciously reading the names to himself until he finds the two he carved. Irene Malfoy, and Blaise Zambini. Both his cousin and his girlfriend had died defending him from his father although a year apart. Irene had died to save him from a beating. Blaise had died, when she backed up his decision to disobey his father. Draco had been the one to pull Ginny away from first Dean's body, then Luna's, though she didn't remember it. He knew how she felt. It was the same way he had felt after kneeling beside Blaise's lifeless form, hopeless and broken inside.

"Tonight is the last, you know. Whether we win or lose, the world is going to change tomorrow."

"You'll make it, Ginny. There isn't a person here who wouldn't die to save you."

"That's just it. My worst nightmare is that they'll all die and I'll be the only one left. Alone."

"Oh, Ginny," he whispered.

She pulled away. "I'm being stupid. This could be your last night alive, and you're wasting it comforting me."

"No where else, I'd rather be." She laughed at him. "I'm serious Ginny."

"Your options are rather limited." Wasn't that true, what with his girlfriend dead, parents shunning him, friends off shagging, and the hero upstairs asleep. Sitting next to a beautiful girl was more than he thought he'd get. He forced himself to listen as Ginny continued, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be, Ginny. The big battle is tomorrow. You should probably get some sleep."

"Who could sleep on a night like this?"

"Potter." Ginny laughed, and then leaned against his chest. He swallowed and looked down at her. "Ginny?"

She looked up and kissed him. "I don't want to be alone anymore." He nodded, and pulled her into his lap for a deeper kiss.

Ginny woke up in her bed. Draco must have carried her upstairs. She pulled on her clothes, brushed her hair and hurried downstairs. Hermione was already cooking breakfast, trying desperately to fill Mrs. Weasley's shoes while the woman was in the hospital. People were gathered around, sitting in every corner and talking in hushed voices. Ginny sneaked a look at the sofa. There was no sign of last night's activity. Well, what did you expect, Ginny? A flashing neon sign? She mentally chided herself. She looked around for Draco, but didn't see him. When asked, Hermione told her that Draco had gone with Dumbledore and Harry. Ginny helped serve breakfast to the gathering troops, and pretended that nothing had changed.

Hours later in the midst of battle, she saw him again. He was dueling with his father and didn't see the snake flung at his back. She cried out, "Draco, duck!" He flattened and the snake's fangs buried themselves in Mr. Malfoy's neck instead of his. Uninterested in the older man's death throes, the snake turned back to Draco, spitting something in his face. With a harsh cry, he jerked back, a hand wiping away the fluid. The snake lunged at him, but Ginny's wand was faster. "Avada Kedavra!" The snake fell inches away from Draco. Ginny kicked it out of her way as she hurried to his side. "Draco?" His fingers reached out for her. She grabbed his hand and knelt next to him, resting her head against his chest. She had seen his eyes. The snake's venom had blinded him. "I'm right here," she reassured him. "I'm right here." She held onto him, watching the battle go on around them. Ten minutes later, Harry killed Voldemort and the deatheaters began to flee. "Draco, we won," she whispered. His hold on her tightened and Ginny knew that everything would be okay.

Ginny handed the house-elf her cloak. She had to see Draco and after the doctors had told Draco that he would never see again, he had banned her from his hospital room. He was home now, a month later and he had to see her now, so she could tell him. She followed the elf down the hall into the sitting room. Draco stood in front of the fire seemingly staring into the flames. "Draco?" she whispered tentatively.

"Go away, Ginny."

Now her temper flamed as bright as her hair. "No! I won't! You can't avoid me forever!"

"Watch me." His tone was the same collected cool as when she had first entered.

"What's wrong with you!"

"I'm blind!" He shouted, as he spun around, face livid. Ginny had never seen him so visibly angry before. His eyes had always spoken for him, but now they were empty and his face flushed with anger.

"I don't care!"

"Well, maybe you should!" He started advancing towards her, but tripped over a footstool. He kicked it away from him, and just sat on the floor, face buried in his hands. She hurried to him, but he turned away. "I don't want your pity," came the muffled voice.

"Well, you have it, not because you're blind, but because you're pushing everyone away."

"And it's clearly not working with you. Why?" He turned his face up to her, tears still making tracks down his face.

"I love you."

He had to lie. "That night meant nothing to me, Ginny. Now will you please go away," he pleaded.

"Meant everything to me."

"I'll pay you to go away! Just go!" he cried desperately. She had to leave, before he broke his resolve and pulled her into his lap again.

Her hand came up so fast; it surprised both of them, leaving a red mark across his cheek. "I never wanted the Malfoy money!" She got to her feet and walked to the door, turning back to look at him one last time. "I just wanted the man," she whispered softly. His head jerked up in surprise, but she had already left.

For the next six months, Ginny hung on Harry's every word about Draco. She learned that Draco was having the mansion cleaned out, leading teams of aurorers through the mansion, pointing out secret passages, and replacing passwords. When the twins were born, she sent him another enchanted letter to tell him the truth. But it was returned unopened. So Ginny, put her thoughts of Draco Malfoy away, concentrated on her children, the NEWTS, and then a job at the Dailey Prophet. Her peace lasted four years, before silver eyes changed it yet again.