Yello, peoples! Blu Rose here, with my second Tales of Legendia oneshot! I don't know whether or not this pairing can exist, but I like the thought of it! If you don't guess what the pairing is, you'll find out at the end. Yet again, very short and somewhat weird.




It was so...odd.


"Shhh! Someone might hear us." He whispered to her.

He usually came off as cold at first, but with her...

She couldn't help but giggle. "Tee-hee-hee! It tickles!"

He was so gentle.

"You like that, don't you?" He blew softly into her ear.

She started to moan. "Ohhhh... Senel..."

She was a little surprised at first. She thought that he had loved Stella. Or maybe Shirley. But he must've loved Shirley like a sister, and as much as he loved Stella, she was gone. She was here, though.

He chuckled softly as his hands began to move up and down her body. She started to giggle softly and tried to hold it in. She couldn't help it--she was ticklish!


He made her feel so...

The door to his bedroom opened and someone walked in. "Hey, Senny! I was looking for... WHAT? S-senny? G-girl? What are doing?"

She smiles and waves at the other girl. "Hello, Norma!"

He blushes until his face looks as red as a tomatoe. "D-dammit! Norma, don't you know how to knock?" He shouted at the yellow-clad girl.

"Um...!" The girl covered her eyes and ran out the room. (Senny and G-girl? And here I thought me and Teach getting together was weird!)


Blu: Tada! I bet you never saw THAT coming! ...Well, maybe one or two of you did. I don't know why, but Senel seems to be pairable with ANY of the girls in the party. I got especially interested in this pairing when xSPOILER!xGrune kisses Senel. Twice I think!xSPOILER!x I think my next oneshot for the ToL series will be SenelxStella ('Cuz I like that more than SenelxShirley). Please review. Thank you!